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  1. Hi can you tell me where you obtained the aluminum plates for your Sunrader tail lights?  Thank you

  2. No i'm not sure where to find a wiring diagram. There isn't a ton of info out there on these machines, but searching thru this forum and you can learn alot from what others have done. Seems to be mostly trial and error and getting advice from others that have tackled some of the same problems.
  3. I don't have any more right now. I was gonna get more cut, but haven't gotten around to it. Nothing new really. Just been using the camper all summer. Got some camping in last weekend also.. This winter i'd like to do the floor and hopefully recover the cushions and some other small things. I'll update if i do.
  4. Never seen this done before. Looks like a good alternative to tearing up all the wood though.
  5. sounds like an epic trip. have fun!
  6. Nice, i probably should have gone a little more aggressive but he recommended this one. Did it affect fuel mileage?
  7. Thanks, if you can build a house though you can rebuild a toyota motor. Just need the basic tools, time, and patience. I forgot to add i did put a slightly more aggressive cam in it. Its the RV cam so i'm hoping that'll help with power too.
  8. Haha, sure, i work for food and lodging I enjoy getting away from my normal day of working on vw's and tinkering with this instead. Different kind of challenge.
  9. Back in and running. Took it out to do the initial break in and runs really well. Just need to adjust the valves and put some miles on it.
  10. Resurfaced flywheel and new clutch is on. Pretty much ready to set back in at this point.
  11. Coming along better now, i plan to put the motor back in next week. Head was resurfaced with new valve guides and seals, New water pump, fuel pump, gaskets, clutch, turned flywheel, cap, rotor, plugs etc. Anxious to start it up.
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