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    Just bought my first motorhome ever at 63 years old, and it needs allot of tlc and repairs. I am overwhelmed, but determined! So right now my main interest is in learning steps to do this!

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    1985 Toyota new horizon
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    Portland oregon

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  1. Someone in the past repaired a portion of the ceiling with a shiny material and wide moldings. The original portion has narrow moldings and flat sheen. I am looking for suggestions on how I might pull it all together for a more consistent appearance. Thank you!
  2. 👋 I need to find a porch light lens cover for my 1985 Toyota new horizon. The porch light is non working, I just want it to look better, as I am giving the whole thing a new lease on life! Can anyone help me to figure out what I need to buy. It’s only about 3” with a handle underneath. Thankyfor any assistance so I don’t have to buy a bunch that won’t work!
  3. Thankyou so much for your help. I didn’t even know about this stuff!
  4. This thread was posted in 2015 but I have a similar problem with my dolphin bubble window. The plastic on the plexiglass is cracked and taped and sealed with ugly black stuff. It does not leak now but looks bad. I am currently repairing and painting the exterior but I don’t know what I can do (anything) to make the bubble window “look” better. I thought of painting the frame and randomly putting on some stickers or something. Any ideas or suggestions?
  5. I have a 85 new horizon I am trying to restore. Thank you for your inspiration. I am a 65 year old woman with a couple of helpers when there’s something I just can’t do. But this is my project inside and out!
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