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Found 27 results

  1. Hey , I recently bought a 1986 Travel Master which doesn't have a generator. Trying to figure out the BTU on ac unit and and what generator should I buy. Does any one know how many BTU this unit has and if the Ryobi 2300 generator will be enough?
  2. With hose attached to the bottom nipple no gas drains from hose. Gas only drains from the screw hole if screw is Totally removed. Should it drain from the hose at the nipple?. I may have to install a valve, on off for gas line.
  3. I am looking to purchase a generator that will power the rooftop ac, fridge, cpap machine, small tv and some electronics. I have installed a new bumper shelf to hold the generator, but I need some advice since I am not in the market to get an Onan (too expensive). I was hoping to plug in the 30 amp cord into the generator thanks, Jon
  4. Hi All, New to the Forum and i would have posted in the classifieds, but that section isn't loading for me. Apologies if i violated a forum rule. I purchased my 1990 Toyota Americana in March of 2019. It had a water leak in the back where the fiberglass and subfloor separated and let water in. This was hidden by the carpet under the bathroom sink when we purchased it. Upon repairing, I had disconnected the generator, removed it and began on repairs to generator box as well. The fuel line to the generator leaked overnight and when I returned to the rig the next day and opened the generator box, the fuel/vapors sparked and the RV burned to the ground. Sadly, we only drove the rig about 150 miles from where we purchased it to our home. That being said, we had some parts that were pulled out of the rig before it burned and some others that the fire didn't appear to damage. See below of items for sale: 2.8 Onan Microlite gasoline generator. It had less than 30 hours run time according to the rig before it went up in smoke. My uncle was able to get the generator to run. It was not in the rig when it burned. $1,000 OBO Aqua Magic IV RV toilet. $30 OBO Horizontal Propane Tank. Visual Requalification completed 8/16 (See pic). Manual is toast, but I believe it is a 20#/ 5 Gallon tank. $70 OBO 1990 Toyota 3.0 3VZ-E with Approximately 60,XXX miles I purchased it at 59,XXX. The fire was put out before it got through the firewall. I have service records from Toyota 2015 and 2016 for most of the work that was done including, Oil and oil filter, engine coolant flush/fill, Fuel system Service (EFI Kit), Spark plugs, wires, (R&R (Standard) not sure what R&R is...), Brake system flush, timing belt replaced, drive belt replaced, water pump replaced, distributor cap replaced, all done in 2015. 2016 the fuel pump was replaced, along with oil and oil filter and air filter being changed in March 2019 by me before I bought it. The rig would start on first try and wasn't smoking. It ran very smoothly and given the low mileage and being able to verify these services, this is why I decided to purchase it. $1,500 OBO. If I had the cash on hand to purchase an old Toyota pickup, I'd swap the motor and put it in there. Transmission can be sold as well if needed with the motor. We can negotiate a deal for both. 1 ton axle: I believe it is a full floating 1 ton and the Duallys with 6 lug. To my knowledge, they are OEMa and not aftermarket or swap. The tires on it are also in good shape from what I can tell. I don't see any physical signs of stress from the fire or melt on them. I'm asking $650 OBO for the axle. Feel free to ask me questions. The rig is in North Central Arkansas on the Arkansas/Missouri border. I've included some pics of the parts I listed. It would of made a great rig and my wife and child were looking forward to getting it on the road this month....
  5. Hi, I recently got an 18' Sunrader from 1984 and I'm wondering if it would be possible to build in a rooftop AC that is powered by an internal generator. Does anyone know where the generator could be located on the inside? Are there any alternatives? I'm not sure I want to have a rack on the back bumper with an external generator chained to it. I understood that there is not enough space on the roof to power the AC with solar panels? I'm totally new to motorhomes and travelling in a RV. I had initially planned to drive from San Francisco to Chicago, going through the South Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee in August. I know it will get insanely hot and humid and I'm wondering even if I would install an AC, would the generator shut off in that heat? And would the AC even be able to cool down the Sunrader? Thanks a lot for your advise upfront. Raul
  6. I've recently read some reviews of new(er) Propane Inverter Generators, but haven't seen much written about use in RVs. It seems like something that with a little bit of gas fitting work can be a easier, cleaner, and quieter solution that the traditional gas generator. This isn't an imminent project, I'm just curious if anyone has any experience with this yet.
  7. I hope this hasn't been covered already, if so I apologize...Trying to narrow down the value of add-ons, in looking for a Sunrader I'm not finding any with generators. Did any get built with a generator? If so, what is a figure I should use for the value of a generator on a Sunrader? Is a generator really worth it (used a lot), if so can I get a portable that's worthwhile or should I try to get one built into the RV? Thanks!
  8. Saw the honda-refit give me the idea to move forward and here is my little project. http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9948-honda-genset-refit/ Just drove my warrior back from welding shop and my 92 Warrior now could fit the Honda EU2000i which should able to power my Roof AC (9200 BTU) But welding shop did not enlarge it big enough so I will need to find different way to put additional fuel tank somewhere Also got the exhaust extension from ebay and welded to the back of the hondaEU2000i. See some Before and After pictures and the exhaust extension. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Honda-EU2000i-EU1000i-Generator-3-4-exhaust-extension-hardware-only-/141866958267 My plan is to redirect the exhaust pipe outside the box so I could run it while driving the Warrior. (Figure crossed, have not tested yet) Welder run out the steel plate so end up not closed out the box totally. Maybe it good for the air flow while running the generator. Any advise and suggestion are welcome.
  9. anyone have good or bad things to say about: https://www.costco.com/Firman-1050W-Running--1300W-Peak-Gas-Generator.product.100367461.html or https://www.costco.com/A-IPower-1600W-Running--2000W-Peak-Yamaha-Powered-Gas-Inverter-Generator.product.100343958.html
  10. Hey everyone, I recently bought a 1986 Travel Master which doesn't have a generator. I'd like to have electricity while on the road so I'm wanting to install a generator but have no idea about generators in the slightest. What do I need to know about choosing/installing a generator?
  11. Hi everyone. My last post was me about to get a dolphin toy, well I'm the pround owner of a 1984 stick toyota dolphin in decent shape. I did the true 1 ton 6 lugs sucessfuly, thanks to you, appreciate the help! The generator I have in it still works, but I'm changing it's oil, fuel filter, air filter and sparkplug. I have it's original manual and I've looked everywhere on the web and still waiting dometic for a answer. Any ideas where can I get a air filter ( # 007-42766) or a DIY filter that I could just remove the old cloth filter and use it's metal casing. I think it must be fireproof, any idea of material and is there a fireproof spray that won't clog a new filter? I heard the generator could maybe be made by onan or generac (more chances). On my manual it's written SB 86990-103 AND PART nO. 007-60991. If you need photos of the filter, let me know! Thanks a lot!
  12. Hey everybody! New to this forum and loving all the information on here! My boyfriend and I recently bought an 89' Toyota Dolphin and we've been doing some serious renovations. So our main problem now is that our generator won't run the ac unit (which is a concern for us because we have a long haired hyperactive dog). Anyways, so the thing is it starts up the ac, runs for maybe 5 minutes and then the ac kicks off but the generator continues to run. I've been reading something about a hard start capacitor working but would like to get some opinions/suggestions/what worked for you, anything really! I believe the ac is the original and is 13,500 btu. Our generator is a Coleman powermate with a 1800 running watts and a 2250 max watts, which we are looking to upgrade to the Honda eu2000i. Looking forward to hearing from you guys! Thanks!
  13. Good Evening, I bought a 1985 Toyota dolphin and I am terrified of propane and get extreme anxiety being around it. I do not want to run it at all. I bought a suburban 6 gal h20 heater and seen a hybrid get that I bought as well so when it arrives and gets installed I can run it through using electricity. my question is can I run it off the battery only? I am also shopping around for a generator so when I'm parked outside a campground I can power it as well as my tv and laptop, microwave. My fridge also can run on battery and, I do not plan on using the stove at all I have a two burner hot plate for cooking. what wattage is necessary to run these items? The converter box that came with it is small really old and small .what is the best current one to use for a tv, dvd, phone charge?.
  14. Bought my 94 Warrior without a generator. Thought my home generator (Honda EU2000i) would work, but it's too big to fit in the Toyota compartment. Any suggestions for the best generator to buy?
  15. When I got the 1990 Itasca 321RB, it had the old roof top AC. That winter it leaked, so I removed it and installed a powered roof vent with fan instead. Years gone by, I feel like having the AC again. Here are my concerns: the Coleman Mach 1 PS (power saver) 11k BTU fits the bill as my Honda eu2000i can run it reliably (total cost ~800). Issue is the roof sagged a little bit after bearing the old AC on top of it for over 20 years. I could raise the lips of the roof around the 14"x14" opening so water won't get in but water will be standing around the AC when it rains. Any idea how to mitigate this?
  16. So.... RV repairman says our Onan Microlite 2.8 GENSET needs a new carb. Generator runs but has a pattern of fast then slow then fast then slow. Anything we can do about it instead of buying a new carb? We have it in our 1986 Toyota Odyssey we love!
  17. Hi all, First post here, although I've been a guest lurker for a while. Finally picked up my 'new' 87 Odyssey today, so first time proud owner and newly fledged member of the Toy motorhome family. I've spent a while researching the vehicle and it certainly fits the bill for my requirements - I feel comfortable with the purchase, price and condition. And so on to the list of changes, desires and general time-vampire projects... First up is the need for a generator. The vehicle did at one time have an onan, it has the starter switch / setup inside the home and everything 'pre-plumbed'. Just no generator in the bay, which is located at the back of the cabin (rear bath / shower set up in the home). Now, there are two onan 4.0 rv gensets available locally - one an '82 and another later model emerald electric start. Both apparently in good running order, and for about the same price ($500 ish). First question, - will these fit / work for the vehicle, or are they too big / heavy and overkill? I have been able to get specs but no dimensions - the genset is also quite heavy at 215lbs. Anyone put such a large genset in? Most of the threads mention the lighter 2.8 units, and despite quite a bit of searching, I can't find anything on a 4.0 I really do need a generator, as quite a few of our proposed destinations require self containment, and TX summers require A/C. I'd prefer to use the bay rather than an external unit set up. Any and all help would be most appreciated, along with your patience in dealing with yet another newbie and the anticipated plethora of questions to follow. (Having said that, I promise to commit to doing my bit of 'thread searching' before posting questions - the wealth of info here is awe-inspiring!) Many thanks again for your help, one & all - I'm looking forward to participating!
  18. The bathroom door on my 1991 Micro Minnie is an accordian door that looks like small parquet sections. It is in excellent condition. However it is very noisy to use at night and limits leg room when sitting. I installed a towel rod, actually a toilet paper holder with the tube discarded and a 30 inch long oak 3/8 dowel put in its place to make a shower curtain rod across the front top of the door opening (outside wall to the bathroom) to the bathroom. This gave privacy and quiet operation at night. I left the accordian door in place for when I sell the MH. I had to cut about 6 inches off the bottom of the shower curtain so it would not drag on the floor. I would send a picture but MH is now in storage. I lined the area under the oven area that provides access to the back of the HW heater with carpet extending up the back wall tank area and we store pans there. I removed the microwave oven that was under the cook top (the original unit, not working right) and was going to replace it but decided a small Microwave oven could be in that place plus enough storage for a toaster in this area. The storage is more important than a 21 inch wide microwave we would rarely use. We do not have a roof AC or a generator and find neither have been needed. The Fantastic Fan is enough and we usually stay in RV parks or every few days a hotel. On the note of staying in a hotel. Disable the motor home if you do that (battery cut off, security arm) . There are cases of thefts from Motel parking lots of MHs. Thieves think there are valuables in the MH and steal them. A word of warning. This did happen to a friend years ago. That's all folks. I have had a # of class c and class a MHs. I wish I had bought the Toyota new and bagged all the others. Alaskadac
  19. http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/rvs/4355722468.html guy says starts but won't stay running might be a good steal if you want to take a chance with fixing carb.. also was remote switch w/ harness that's a plus for the $$$ Im thinking of buying to fix and resale if I can see it run/stall in person....
  20. COLD START http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_AJugVDX0g WARMED UP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfMJV2jUCwE&feature=youtu.be TRADED MY ONAN 2400 HOMESITE AND A 8'X2' INFTABLE BOAT AND A 12VOLT TROLLING ENGINE 30 THRUST THIS WAS A GREAT DEAL FOR ME SPENT UNDER $500 FOR EVERYTHING TRADED.....
  21. Hi, I have a 1987 Toyota dolphin. When I bought it the generator had been removed but the fuel line and electrical connections are still in the compartment. Does anyone know what model generator came with this 1987 Toyota dolphin?
  22. Hi! I'm Andy and I just bought my 1990 Sea-Breeze. I paid $4400 for a 1990 with 73k miles and other than some water damage that needs to be repaired, I think I did OK. I'd like to know what you think too so I started a blog. Please visit and weigh in on this. I've never taken on a project of this size but the cost savings seem to be worth it. I hope so. I think this is the kind of project you hate to do - until it is all done and you can reap the rewards. Here is a link to my new blog page: 90seabreeze.wordpress.com I've already replaced all the tires, done the differential and transmission flush and fill, oil change and all new belt as well as registering the vehicle and getting my tag. I'm sooo ready to go camping but now I have a roof to repair.. What is anyone's opinion about the following: ROOFING REPAIR I see there are a couple EPDM liquid / self leveling products and after I remove and replace whatever is in poor shape I will want as maintenance free a roof as possible. Has anyone had any experiences they can share or recommendations as to products they would recommend? What about Liquid Roof? I saw this guy's roof repair video and he has given me some confidence to do the same. Thoughts? Where do I start rebuilding the affected walls and ceiling? Rebuild the sides of the cab-over first? Thoughts? HEAD GASKET There is a sticker on my fan blade shroud that says "timing belt replaced at 55k miles." Any way to tell if the head-gasket was replaced or if it needs to be? How can I determine this? POWER and AC and A/C IN TRANSIT There doesn't appear to be very many AC outlets around the cabin. Besides under the dinette, I don't know that I saw a second one. I guess most people get by with inverters while they drive if they are needed? Any recommendations as to which ones are good and where to install them in the cabin? Should I run a dedicated line from under the hood of the cab? I have a 400 watt one. Maybe I will install it up front. Can I install one in the front and one in the back? What do you use/do? What about cooling the cabin during a warm summer drive? I am sure the dash A/C does little for the people in the back... AC/DC TVs There is an abundance of 12V HDTVs now (albeit generic names) in the small - 24" form factors. Seems since the cabin is mostly DC that this would be handy. Anyone have any recommendations? LEAKY EXHAUST / MANIFOLD? I have what sounds like a little exhaust/manifold leak. Is this common? Are there certain areas that fail more than others and is this a costly repair? Thanks for looking! Andy
  23. Hi Everyone, I have a 92 Toyota spirit, getting ready for the summer, my generator will not turn over. it has been sitting for about 2 years. the rv starts no problem, lights all work though out, I have replaced both batteries. when I press the on button for the generator I get a click and nothing else. I have checked the oil and it seems fine, I can do that again to make sure. I have a 1/2 tank of gas. just looking for someone to point me in the right direction. thanks for your help!! Steve
  24. Ok my 92' dolphin 900 has the factory Generator and I was told it "used to run but won't" so I haven't even bothered trying it knowing it needs at least fresh oil and a new plug. So, if you've dealt with a 20 year old generator that's sat unused for a couple years at least, can you give me a primer on what other items I might want to look at? Carb rebuild? Etc. Thanks in advance!
  25. So I posted before about my generator cutting out, and we've eliminated everything except a relay that we can't seem to find. Unfortunately, this part isn't available, though I think we can rewire the thing to work with an existing relay. But... in the meantime, I bought an external, and two things started to happen. One is that the deep cycle battery died, and running the engine won't charge it. It does charge on shore power, but only slightly and dies within an hour. The second issue is that when it's hooked up to shore power, there's a metallic click around the heater that happens every 45 seconds or so. So, any ideas on the new issues? And where's a good source for a operating used generator that will fit in that hole? (any idea what model would work) I really want an onboard generator. Don't want to hassle with gas cans, etc. Thanks!
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