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  1. Maineah, I’m in the same boat. I don’t want to go changin’ parts that don’t need to be changed and this truck ain’t no spring chicken. I figure the water pump while I’m in there, because I’m sure it’s ancient. I have a feeling the timing chain cover isn’t beat up because the guide rails are still in there to protect the chain from slapping the sides, but won’t know until I get in there. Oil pan gasket for sure, new belts, and we’ll see. I just wish I knew what kit to get. The prices vary wildly. I’ve found kits on Amazon for $81 that could or could not be any better than LC engineering.
  2. 104,000 on the engine. I can see that the guide has broken off from the bolts, so it’s just flapping. So, when I do this I should probably change the chain, guides, tensioner, water pump, oil pump, timing chain cover, sprockets, and seals? Anything else I’m not thinking of? I found a kit off eBay that has it all. Anybody know if it’s any good? Here’s the link to the kit: Timing chain kit
  3. Does this look like a broken guide? My engine has been stumbling and I've had excessive noise coming from what I thought was valves. Adjusted the valves and the engine runs quieter, but now I think I hear slop in the timing chain. Appreciate some help. Thanks!! IMG_2164.mov
  4. Hi folks, We’ve been missing our driver’s side rear slider window screen frame since I bought the rv. Now summer cometh and it’s hot without air conditioning. Need maximum ventilation! I remember there being some information on how to remake these screen frames with a kit, but I just can’t find it. Could you help me out please? thanks, rob
  5. WME, you're correct. Mostly idiot resistant haha. I managed to bang my way through replacing an axle with little to no idea what I was doing. A lot of information in the FSM gave me pause, but I found that when I was actually working on it it made a lot more sense. I did buy a special tool for the bearing nut and torqued it to the specifications and then backed it off and all that. I don't know how it could not seat properly if you use the tool and a torque wrench. The tool was $10 at O'reillys. If I was able to get it done, you will too. Just take your time
  6. It's just showing you that the bearing lock nut has to be seated correctly on the lock nut place or it will protrude too far out on the end of the axle housing and cause rub. Correct me if I'm wrong here ya'll.
  7. Hi, I just replaced the rear axle with a 1 ton dually and I placed the inner seal just inside the axle housing almost flush. Honestly, I don't think it matters as long as it makes contact with the axle shaft. Also, I had two broken studs and I was able to find generic replacements from orchard supply hardware. Also found suitable replacements at O'Reillys. The best thing to do is measure the space in between the two stud ends, because that is the most important part. If you can find something with the same spacing in the center, the outer parts of the stud can be a little longer and it will function perfectly fine. Cheers, Rob
  8. Okay, I've been cleaning up the axle for days and painting it. The bearings are near flawless as are the races, so I'm just going to repack. The brakes are shot, I need to replace all of the lug studs on one hub, and I've got a couple of the small studs that hold the axle shaft in that are stripped on the nut side. Does anybody know if this is the right stud for the axle shaft? stud for axle shaft Also, should I be able to find the nut at Home Depot? I know that these are the correct lug studs for the hub, but does anybody know where I can find the nuts that go onto the back of the hub? Thanks so much, Rob This side was mucho disgusting: Other photos show after cleaning up the axle housing, painting, and bending a new brake line because I smashed the old one by dropping a leaf spring on it.
  9. Going to be cleaning the axle up on Tuesday and hoping to get it opened up and repack the bearings. Does anyone have a service manual for the dually axle or any information regarding service? I've just been looking on Youtube and what not.
  10. I double checked just now, they are reverse thread and different studs on the passenger side. Weird. I was told this axle was from an 88.
  11. Yes, those leaf springs are insane. Don't know if I need to throw them on my sunrader, plus they are missing the straps. I might just sell them. I've run into a snag already. The passenger side of the dually is a different lug thread than the driver's side. Is this normal? Are they reverse threaded on the passenger side?
  12. What are the best shock options for this setup. Bilstein? I'm going to replace them all around. Anybody have a part number?
  13. Picked up the rear axle and got a wheel thrown in. I drove three hours to pick it up and the mechanic removing it from the truck quit in the middle of the job. So, I got a lesson in removing it myself. Going to pick up all the parts needed to convert the front wheels to 6 lug today. Now I just need 4 wheels for the back and I'm good to go:) Will post progress picks as I go. Thanks to everyone for your help.
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