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  1. TheGrayOutdoors

    Window screen frame replacement

    Thank you!!
  2. TheGrayOutdoors

    Window screen frame replacement

    Hi folks, We’ve been missing our driver’s side rear slider window screen frame since I bought the rv. Now summer cometh and it’s hot without air conditioning. Need maximum ventilation! I remember there being some information on how to remake these screen frames with a kit, but I just can’t find it. Could you help me out please? thanks, rob
  3. TheGrayOutdoors

    How much propane do you actually need?

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll plan on using this system to dump the shower water only when boon-docking. If we're staying at a campground I imagine it won't be too hard to dump our blackwater every couple of days. Good to know though as I would have done it and been screwed. Still a newbie. Thanks.
  4. TheGrayOutdoors

    How much propane do you actually need?

    Linda, I'm going to be putting a bypass valve on our drain from the shower which splits off into a bucket to save space on our black water tank. I've experienced the overflow of blackwater when cleaning out the black water tank the first time. I filled it up with water from the toilet while the valve was closed on the outside and it started coming through the shower drain. I went into full on panic mode, haha. We're going to be living full-time in the Sunrader for at least the next year, so I'm trying to keep the weight down and only bring essentials. Two 5lb (sorry, not 5 gallon) tanks seem excessive, maybe I'll start with one. We'll be using the fridge constantly, but traveling with the weather, so I don't see a big need for the heater and the water heater. Although, we will be cooking ALOT. Thanks for the help everyone!
  5. TheGrayOutdoors

    How much propane do you actually need?

    Thanks for the replies. Linda, do you have pictures of your tank? Where did you get it from? I'm getting ready to install solar and things are getting heavy and really tight with two batteries and potentially two 20 gallon tanks. Thanks
  6. I have space for 2 tanks in my 1985 Sunrader 18 footer, but do I really need two heavy tanks? How long does one tank get you when you're full timing? any ideas? Normal water heater, stove with oven, and refrigerator setup.
  7. TheGrayOutdoors

    Locking gasket for Sunrader wrap around windows

    Ohhh, I see! Ordered the gasket with lock. Thanks!!
  8. Hi Everyone, Finally getting to the front windows and I ordered a Trim Lok locking gasket, but the width of the gasket is less than the old one I pulled off. I feel like this will be a problem with compression. Do you have any thoughts? Here is the Link to the one I ordered. Thanks, Rob
  9. TheGrayOutdoors

    Sunrader Water Damaged Floors and Cabover

    Thanks for all the responses everyone! Linda, I have boards there because we're glassing in ribs to support the front end sag. Also have main coach sag and am trying to figure out the best way to fix that, because that was truly a big project (mess) for the cabover. I have two questions? What type of 1/2 inch ply should I use? I've heard marine grade mentioned on here. I have resin for the fiberglassing project, will this work for the floors?
  10. TheGrayOutdoors

    Sunrader Water Damaged Floors and Cabover

    Thanks for the response, here are links to the videos in Youtube. Sunrader damaged Floor Sunrader Cabover Damage
  11. TheGrayOutdoors

    Sunrader Water Damaged Floors and Cabover

    The videos are of the damaged cabover and floor. Sorry, never posted videos before and I didn't realize that you have to download them to view.
  12. Hello everyone, Cabover Should I cut out the old platform and then fiberglass in a new piece of ply? Or, could I impregnate the damaged platform with resin and then fiberglass mat over the old piece of wood? Coach Floor I've heard cutting out the old floor is a nightmare, however, I have some pretty severe damage right behind my driver's side wheel well where the aluminum sheeting is ripped off and it goes all the way through to the coach! I found the previous owner just put an old car floor mat between the coach and the road (bless their heart). Is it possible to cut out that severely damaged piece of the floor, patch in some ply, impregnate everything with resin, then fiberglass mat over the entire floor? Is this the best way? I'd like to limit the loss of headroom and addition of weight. Thanks, Rob MVI_6623.MOV MVI_6627.MOV MVI_6630.MOV
  13. TheGrayOutdoors

    1985 Sunrader 22RE 18ft Remodel

    I reached out to a few local Toyota specialty shops, rv places, and a handful of reputable local mechanic shops. As soon as I said rv, they stopped me and said they couldn't accommodate. I haven't tried a 4 x 4 shop yet. Thanks for the recommendation.
  14. TheGrayOutdoors

    1985 Sunrader 22RE 18ft Remodel

    Hi Everyone, I've been cleaning up the Sunrader while searching for a mechanic who will even discuss putting in a rear axle. I'm having a real hard time finding someone who is willing to help me. Is this the norm here in Los Angeles? Should I just 100% plan on doing this axle swap myself? Anybody know a good mechanic here? Pictures of progress soon to follow...
  15. TheGrayOutdoors

    1985 Sunrader 22RE 18ft Remodel

    As I search for an axle, I'm working on some of the new owner checklist. I ordered the vacuum hose replacement kit from LCE Performance and am going to flush the radiator and change the transmission fluid this week. Do you suggest that I change other rubber components in the engine as well? Do you have resources for where I might be able to find those parts? Thanks