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  1. Yes, very straight and to the point. Make sure you take your time with each step as you will be glad you did later. You can basically follow these instructions by username WME for anything that requires putting holes in the roof. 1. Removal of ALL old material, clean with alcohol. 2. Heavy and complete coverage with butyl tape. 3. Screw down and heavy complete coverage with self leveling lap sealant, around every edge and screw head.
  2. I have the same Kohler it's loud and stinks but will run the AC and some other things, where the HF inverter generator couldn't keep up with the AC alone. It would start it but trip the breaker after a couple minutes. My muffler needs replacing I'm curious to see what you find? I'm trying to add pics but my uploads have begun failing... -200!
  3. Check these badboys out that I found on etrailer.com. They are a perfect fit to replace my 91 warriors broken crusty old tail lights. I know these are used on the majority of yotahomes also!!
  4. Who built the slide out? I'd love to pick his brain. That's all im missing imo. That would give us the little added space that would mean so much to me the girl and our pug.!
  5. Turbo 4x4! I'm gonna have to insist you post some pics... One day I will boost mine also but not the 3vz- 5vz swap then turbo😀
  6. Speaking of our Winnebago Warriors check out these decals I had made up! I've got 2 sets up for grabs if anyone is interested pm me. Thís is just the proof but the dimensions are listed.
  7. I have the same year Warrior, 91 and I can tell you forsure since the previous owner had some sort of mishap that resulted in the awning being torn off. Underneath it right at the edge where roof meets side exists a factory metal studs frame that runs the length of the coach, I know the frame is not entirely made of metal but that part does forsure so I'd guess the same for the other side. That would give you sóme good anchor points and piece of mind holding your panels.
  8. That would be great. I had 2x100Watt Renogy Panels on the 87 Oddysey and I was less than impressed with it, but I only had 70ah of battery back then so maybe that's why?
  9. So here it is... I had just got on Boulder Highway in Las Vegas headed for the KOA at Sam's Town Casino towing a small trailer with a 500lb motorcycle on it. So I'm cruising at about 45mph in fairly heavy traffic when all of a sudden it feels as I've got more power than usual, it takes off with just a small push on the pedal. I thought wow, the power button and overdrive off really did the trick, as this was the first time driving with those engaged or unengaged. So just after I notice this new power I see the next light up ahead turn red and cars braking, naturally I want to creep up to the light as usual due to the marginal breaking in the toyotahome. I go to pump the brakes and it's as if I pumped it then immediately floored it! The next 5 seconds many things happened. I realized that my gas pedal is to the floor but not literally. The automatic transmission is in gear and the throttle is wide open, pedal is fine, I start to sweat, I pump the pedal again and the braking seems to work even worse, a small amount of my life flashes before my eyes, the red tail lights are close now, oh shit I think about that trailer and how nobody agrees towing is a good idea in one of these, I stand on the brake pedal, butt off the seat clutching the wheel with both hands I STAND ON THAT PEDAL WITH ALL MY STRENGTH. Islow massively but as soon as I release JERK it accelerates as if it's floored now I'm used to manual transmission this is the first auto I've owned. Now I've got one more move bang it in neutral, vroom gang gang gang the tach needle bounces of the peg. I swove onto the shoulder and stand on the pedal and kill the engine.... Fwewww! Wipe the sweat off my brow. WTF happened, that's not supposed to be possible, we we're lucky to not be killed. Turns out a chunk of the intake boot cracked off and lodged itself in the throttle body which pinned the valve wide open as if it was floored. To make matters worse the pumping of the brakes made things worse due to the loss of power assist, when the throttle is wide open the vacuum doesn't work with the brake assist once you used what was already available since there's no vacuum at w.o.t. So that put me in basically unasisted braking which we all know is worthless, all the while the throttle is pushing me harder and harder!!! What a bunch of BS, I can't believe that happened and we are walking away unscaved!
  10. I also picked up these 2 12volt AGM batteries to replace the one Oriellys RV/marine deep cycle that it came with. These bad boys wiegh in at 100pds. each and have a combined amp hour rating of 280. It's gonna require so major custom work to get these mounted but they should give me a ton of time off grid. The enclosure I'm modifying has just enough room for a third but the cost combined with the weight made me decide to go with only 2. Plus 280 ah is more than most yotahomes have.
  11. My converter wasn't supplying power to the aplliances or air-conditioning when hooked up to shore power so that's a perfect time to upgrade from the dinosaur converter that takes 24 hrs. to charge my batteries to a new Progressive Dynamics 45 amp smart charger that will correctly charge my AGM deep cycle bank and float charge them until they're needed. This upgrade is an essential one and first on my list. Now my batteries charge in 2-3 hrs. So if I wanna dry camp I just use the deep cycles until they're low and run the generator for 2-3 hrs. And I'm good to go. With the old converter I would've had to run the generator for 24 hrs. Which just isn't fuel efficient or realistic at all consider the amount of fuel it would take to run the genny for 24hrs. just to charge a battery!
  12. Well folks the 87 Oddy is no more! My gf and I set out on a tour of the lower 48 and we left Seattle headed straight for Las Vegas, just as we could see the lights of the Las Vegas strip coming into town on I95 I noticed the temp guage was pegged! Immediately pulled over and as I was coming to a stop the engine died...that was the last time it would work for us at least. The head gasket blew so badly that I had 0 compression in all cylinders. Then while on the side of the highway someone vandalized it and when I came back with a towtruck the NHP had already towed it. Now I've got a blown motor with noplace to work on it and a tow bill for a vandalized motorhome...so fast forward a year and we are still here in Vegas when I come across this 1991 Winnebago Warrior v6. I leave a note on the guys window and as it turns out he's only asking 4000 for it! Jumped right on that and here we are, so now the thread is 91 Warrior Remodel!!
  13. I just purchased my first RV which is a 87 Odyssey with the 22re. 4speed automatic...105k miles. It needs a good amount of work and I'm ready to get at it!
  14. I decided to use some wood grain vinyl I had lying around to give the interior cabinet doors, closet doors, refrigerator, and dinette table top some new life!
  15. I need some advice on how to go about replacing the bottom wood at the torn seam in the headliner?
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