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  1. candace

    Mold in the ceiling

    Thanks for checking in with me about this. It's definitely mold. The little black things pictured I believe are spores. The actual mold is a very light brown color. It covered the the foam board insulation. It covered the only unpainted wall of the closet. And when I tore out the 2' X 2' section of thin ceiling wood it covered the unpainted up-facing side. The mold is best seen in the first picture and last picture in my original post. It was also on the underside of the of the closet's "floor". It's a thin piece of wood just like the ceiling wood that can be easily removed when everything is out of the closet. I sprayed everything down with concrobium. Tried to remove the mold but it's really stuck on the surfaces. I read that the concrobium kills the mold, renders it harmless and prevents mold from growing. I cleaned off the little black spores easily. I bought a piece of thin hardboard at Home Depot, painted it white, like the rest of the ceiling, and replaced the wood I removed in the closet with it. I removed the trim surrounding the vent above the bed over the cab and found lots of those little black things. So I think the mold is all over the non-visible side of the ceiling wood. I'm sure it's been this way since I bought the motorhome last July because when sweeping and cleaning in the motorhome I've always noticed the little black sediment (spores). I just though it was dirt. It's disconcerting but I have never been ill because of it so I'm not too worried about it.
  2. candace

    Mold in the ceiling

    I have just repaired a leak in my roof. Water intruded from the hole in the roof for the black water tank vent located in the closet. This hole has become unsealed in the past and caused a small portion of the ceiling (maybe 4" X 4") to rot. It was painted over (before I owned it). I decided to tear out the small portion of visibly rotted wood. After removing the section with the saw on my leatherman, I saw what appears to be mold on the insulation foam and the rafter. So, I got a little carried away and ripped out all of the ceiling wood above the closet. The whole thing has mold. I am thinking that it's probably spread to the entire rv. But I'm not sure. Ignorance was bliss. I sprayed the the moldy areas with Concrobium http://www.homedepot.com/p/Concrobium-32-oz-Mold-Control-025326/100654126 And scrubbed with a scotch pad, but I cant get it off. Can you folks tell me how dangerous this mold is? Have you seen this before? It's not like any mold I've ever seen. I started to think maybe it was an adhesive to connect the thin ceiling wood to the insulation and rafter. But that wouldn't explain why it's covering the only unpainted wall in the closet. Must be mold. Also pictured are tiny black "pebbles" mixed in with the mold. They are hard little granules. What are these things? What do you think I should do? I don't want to tear out the entire ceiling. Maybe I have to. But I'm on the road right now. No time for that. I was thinking I should just try my best clean it and then paint a new piece of particle board with anti-mold something or other to replace the wood I removed.
  3. candace

    How do I tighten AC drive belt

    Thank you. I put a bolt in there and was able to tighten the bolt in the slot. But that rusty slotted bar is cracked in the middle on one side. So the belt loosened again. I need a new one of those slotted bars. Is it a tension bar?
  4. candace

    Where to put solar panel

    I ran the wires from the panel down the fridge vent, along the side of the fridge then drilled two holes for the wires to go down into the cabinet below the fridge. From there I had easy access to run the wires through the lower cabinetry to the battery box. It's working great!
  5. 1984 22r the belt that is connected to the AC compressor is loose. I can't figure out how to tighten it. Can someone help? Thanks
  6. candace

    AC/Heat Blower in the cab stopped working

    I put the blower back in and it's working. However, on the lowest setting it makes a noise like the sound of a playing card in the spokes a bicycle wheel and I smell burning. On the medium and on the highest setting it works fine. ?
  7. candace

    AC/Heat Blower in the cab stopped working

    AC compressor works as do the wipers. I get positive voltage reading when I put the lead on the relay as pictured but not from the 20 amp heater fuse or 10 amp AC fuse. So replace the relay?
  8. candace

    AC/Heat Blower in the cab stopped working

    Blower doesn't work at all. I used a multi meter to check voltage on the relay (i think the relay is the piece with piece above the AC and heater fuses) and got a 12 volt reading. But I had no voltage when I put the needle where the AC and heater fuses are located. Does this mean there's a short in the wiring?
  9. candace

    AC/Heat Blower in the cab stopped working

    Here's my blower fan aka mouse house. i checked the two fuses left of the glovebox marked "AC 10" and "Heater 20". They look fine. The relay below the fuses makes a noise when I move the Ac/Heater fan switch. I only hear it click when I move it from on to off, not the other way around. Are there any other fuses or relays I am not seeing?
  10. 1984 Huntsman - Worked perfectly fine yesterday. Today, the blower doesn't work at all. Could this be a fuse? Anyone know the amps and location of the fuse I'd be looking for? I assume it's in the fuse panel on the lower left driver side by my left leg.
  11. candace

    Where to put solar panel

    My plan is to just connect the solar to my deep cycle battery. I need a new deep cycle battery as mine is shot. Is there a special battery I should buy considering I'll now be using the solar panel as well?
  12. candace

    Where to put solar panel

    Yes, controller came with the kit. Here's a pic of it and the screws. Screws have an iridescent/rainbow shine to them. Not sure what they're made of. Online manual doesn't say. Were you able to screw solar panel brackets into he roof without the screws being visible inside the rv? What size screws? Looks like you drilled a hole through the side of the rv where you upper cabinets are located. I like that idea. I already have a hole for the tv's coaxial cable which I never use. Could run it through the there. how do I find the rafters? with a stud finder?
  13. Now I know I have some rotted wood in the closet ceiling. Seems like a big job to replace that wood. It seems to me that it's not absolutely necessary I replace the wood right now. Am I wrong?
  14. Looks like tears, but they are deep scratches. thanks for your help!