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  1. The air bags on my 1988 Dolphin have finally rotted out. I need to replace them. I plan on doing the work myself and need a recommendation on air bags that some of you no doubt have used. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I drive a 88 Dolphin with a 22RE and A43D auto. I found a 4:88 third member at a local yank a park. $125 out the door. Did the install myself. I have put 15K miles on the vehicle since the swap. The photo shows my my typical highway cruising conditions. Added gauges which help overall driving. Pleased with the result. But I am holding on to the original third member.
  3. I have these three numbers for the coolant hoses that sit under the manifold of a 1988 Toyota 22RE engine. For those of you who have replaced these hoses do this number appear correct. Gates 18222 Gates 18223 Gates 18400
  4. I no misunderstand about what you are saying. Most of my climbing is with the shifter locked in 2nd gear and I apply RPM's to match the grade.
  5. WME have kind of developed this lower RPM driving style. But next time out in the hills I will remember your thoughts and put on a few more RPM’s and see how it feels. I admit the hill climbing with 4:88 gears is more comfortable than 4:10. AtlantaCamper look for source vehicles to supply you with a third member in your area auto yards. This will help a bit. https://www.roundforge.com/articles/cheap-488-gears-488s-straight-toyota/
  6. I followed your suggestion looked for official Toyota factory horsepower and torque curves and again struck out. If that information exists i can not find it. What I did find was numerous websites that posted two differing sets of numbers concerning where the top of the torque curve. The 2800 RPM for earlier engines and 3800 RPM for 1985 and later engines. I have an 88 so that would include me. I will continue to search on this and may eventually find an official Toyota number. But i freely agree that I could bump up the RPM level on this hill climbs and in the end the number that you posted may be closer to reality than mine. I agree that 4:88 gears would be a mistake/ It does really clip your top speed. A 4:56 third member would be a better fit if indeed you indeed want to do the swap to different gears. You do more flat land driving on ground that it much closer to sea level. I live in Western Washington State there and have wandered out a bit and find that the combination of mountain driving and high altitude flat driving is much more comfortable gear at 4:88. The higher elevations saps the engine of horsepower and steep grades do the rest. So it is important to play with those online gear calculators to make the correct choice. I found the actual swap to be quite simple. Lots of online assistance. Sourcing the third member took more time than the swap itself. If you can pull the third member yourself you can save big time. Plus it gives you insight into the reinstall process. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. I am very pleased with the 4:10 to 4:88 swap. Due to my concerns about pushing the 22RE engine and A43D transmission to hard due to using OD significantly more I installed a tachometer, a radiator coolant temp gauge, and a ATF temp gauge to I can closely monitor what the engine and transmission is doing. I have an app on my phone where I monitor elevation changes, ambient temperature and prevailing wind speed and direction. This just helps me to verify what when I feel and hear when working engine and RPM's start to drop. So when RPM's do start to drop towards 2600 RPM I will back off on the gas and lock out OD and let the RPM's climb back up to 2900 RPM. Once back at 2900 RPM i will go back into OD. I know that on the flats with no headwinds I can hold 56 to 58 MPH running at 2800 - 2900 RPM. I rarely ever exceed 3200 RPM. I work it at the top of the torque curve, 2850 RPM, for the 22 RE engine. I find that with 4:88 gears and the gauges that I have installed I am more comfortable on hills. I seem to maintain a higher average speed. I soon found that the high altitude OD lock out relay was not my friend so disabled the relay and installed a a rocker switch on the shifter handle to control the OD solenoid. It seems that when I bypassed the high altitude relay the installed OD lockout switch stopped working. Something I will address at a later date. I climb hills at 2800 to 2900 RPM. I will select what ever gear that gives me 2800- 2900 RPM. I to tend to avoid the sound of a screaming 22 RE engine. so I freely admit I drive slow and do not push the engine hard. This photo was taken in southern Idaho, running on flat ground at 3800 feet in elevation with an ambient temperature of 70 degrees. The numbers on the gauges pretty much tell the story. engine temp is a perfect 185 degrees, ATF fluid nice and cool at 170 degrees, 2800 RPM at 58 MPH. Transmission fluid stays ruby red. I did drop gas mileage a bit. I average 13.2 to 13.5 over long distances. Prior to the gearing change I got 13.8 to 14 on average. One last thing I learned with all the gauges is the limitations of these campers and that there are times you must slow way down or even better just get off the road. If you are trying run at 65 MPH into a head wind on a hot day with the AC on the gauges climb quickly and A43D's fade and die. I plan on maintaining this vehicle long term. I recently refreshed this engine with a DOA stock line head that flows about a third more air than the stock head, new Aisin oil & water pump, a new single row timing chain kit with metal backed guides, new head bolts and an OEM head gasket kit. Runs strong.
  8. I just put a new head on the engine and in the process I no longer have a stalling issue. So I guess I will now know what the issue was but I will get over it.
  9. Replacing all hoses on my 1988/22re/Dolphin. I can not find Gates part numbers for the throttle body hoses. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  10. So, to close out this post. I sourced and pulled a third member with 4:88 gears, paid $175. Installed it, got the speedometer adapter from Sacramento speedometer, paid $85. Very happy with the result.
  11. So a bit of weather chased me into Weed early in the afternoon of Jan 5. Got 6-8 inches before it got cold and had to hunker down. Spent the night at the Pilot Travel Center in Weed. There was a break in the weather so I followed the trucks as they started south just before sun-up. Roads were a snowy mess. RV felt stable and well behaved. Used engine breaking and maintained my distance. I followed the truck ahead of me and just stayed in his wheel tracks. Took 4 hours to make the 128 miles to Redding. I do not think I would do that again. But that being said, with care you could drive to a safe place to wait it out. E028E5E6-E5F4-49AD-9BC0-307544858A11.MOV E028E5E6-E5F4-49AD-9BC0-307544858A11.MOV 4C439AEF-718C-4132-9FE8-54A2461D7D81.MOV
  12. Head at the shop and reading up on reassembly. The factory service manual states that I should assemble the head, exhaust manifold and intake manifold as a single unit them throw out my back lifting it in place and dropping in the two alignment pins on the block. Is it ok to bolt it back in one part at a time?
  13. That is exactly what I did. After I unbolted and looked it over I realized dropping it was good enough. I will make another attempt to get that tooth out. It may have shattered, but a good wash with a solvent sounds wise. The magnet too. Thanks.
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