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  1. 1988dolphin

    Roadside Assistance Recommendations

    I use progressive, which is partnered with AAA to handle their RV work. When I signed up, 3 years ago, I was told they would tow 100 miles. I may have changed since then. They pulled me to this place, Georges Auto-Electric and Diesel at 1020 Northcrest Dr, in Crescent City, CA 95531. They were great. They could not get me in because it was late in the day so they told me to plug in and and spend the night on the lot.
  2. 1988dolphin

    1988 Shasta Revere Camper

    Here is another winner for rebuilding https://skagit.craigslist.org/rvd/d/1982-sunraider-1817/6385491237.html
  3. 1988dolphin

    1988 Shasta Revere Camper

    I am looking at a 1988 Shasta Revere Motor Home. It has the rear kitchen and two large windows on each side rather than just one. I am trying to figure what model it is . The man is selling it at an estate sale and knows very little about it. Is it possibly an 18 footer? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. 1988dolphin

    Exterior Painting Question

    I painted my 1988 Dolphin with gloss white and hunter green Rustoleum. I used the brush and tip method, see how to do it on youtube. The gloss white has been on for several years and is holding up great. Just put the green on recently, not sure how that will hold up yet. Lots of prep time. There are some runs, but the over all improvement is profound. I get lots of comments.
  5. 1988dolphin

    Depth of rear inner axle seal placement

    You have a good point. I make a tool out of a soft material and I will keep the tool camper toolbox. I want to be able to do a seal on job the side of the road if necessary. I am getting to know this rear axle quite well. Already I have done full rear brakes, including new brake cylinders. Next job will rear bushings I think. Thanks
  6. 1988dolphin

    Depth of rear inner axle seal placement

    Thanks for your feedback. I need to go back and properly seat the seal. When I drove in the seal i did not drive it all the way in to the shoulder because of the tool I was using to drive it in. So I guess that I will pull the axle and drive in the seal to the point where is touches the shoulder. I often have to go back in and correct my previous work but I do not mind really. In the scope of things it is a simple fix and will give me piece of mind when I am back out on the road. Again Thanks
  7. 1988dolphin

    Depth of rear inner axle seal placement

    Perfect, the seal in my toyota has the same placement. Thanks
  8. Just need to check on how deep the rear inner axle seal needs to be driven into the axle. I found a thread where the question was asked but no answer was given. Right now the seal, with the spring placed inbroard, is driven in to the point where the end of the axle and seal are flush. The reason the previous seal failed was because it worked out of the axle. So I guess two questions. First how deep should the seal go, and second question what tool did you use to drive it in deeper. Thanks.