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    The mountains and ocean are favorites of mine. I have 3 daughters and 9 grandkids. I am an animal person, having dogs, a cat, and two doves. I have worked at a Home Health agency for 33 years. I recently (Feb 2012) bought my first ever Toyota RV, after wishing I had one for about 12 years!!

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    1992 Toyota Itasca - 21 ft
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    Sacramento, CA
  1. I just wanted to thank everyone who gave suggestions about my A/C and generator problem. I especially wanted to say thank you to WME because he was right on the money. I found the generator receptical and it just needed an adaptor. Once I bought the adaptor, put it on, and set the generator switch for 25 amp, I turned it on, the A/C worked and the TV also, all at the same time!! Great suggestion, WME...It worked!!!

  2. The ac power cord that you use to run the A/C must be plugged into the generator. There should be a receptacle near the genset.

  3. Hi,

    Can you go into more detail? The RV A/C works great when the it's hooked up to electricity. Tell me more about your suggestion...There is a electrical box in a small compartment by the generator..Is that what you are referring to in your comment? Sorry I am so new in the world of great Toyota RVs, but it's a learning work in progress. Thank you for your time...LLS

  4. Hi LindaLou,

    I suspect that there is a safety lock out (an electrical switch) which keeps the Air Conditioner off, probably due to the amount of electricity needed to run it and the generator is not sufficient big enough to run it.

  5. I recently bought a 1992 Toyota Itasca and it has an Onan 2.8 generator, but I can't get the A/C to run with the generator going. I am new to having a RV so any thoughts are appreciated. The previous owner had run the A/C once with the generator on, in the year he owned it.

    1. Maineah


      I would have some one check the gen. output first.

    2. WME


      Is the RV power cord plugged into the genset

    3. 90toydolphin


      check breaker to air conditioner, on mine it's a separate breaker.

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