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    BFG 27x8.5x14.

    If the issue is the 3 tires, it seems that I should look into a solution that switches the front to 6 lug and put on new rims (I saw another post with adapters for the front). Then all I would need to do is make sure I don't run on three. The places we go are far and it could be a 50 mile dirt road limp to town as it is. I just as soon get a spare for the dullies. Are dullies easy to change. As for the dullies "kissing" as the tire guys put it, I wonder if you can get a spacer like they make for bigger dullies when people add big tires.
  2. Trav's 86' Sunrader

    BFG 27x8.5x14.

    Well I am fresh from the scale 6020lbs. That is with no people, most camping gear, minimal food, and all tanks at around 1/2 capacity. My rig is a 1986 21' Toyota Sunrader Auto Trans. LT195's are rated at 1900 load range D and 1500 in C. Estimate of wight loaded, 7,000lbs/4 = 1750lbs per wheel wheel; I am assuming that if one tire on the dully blows she still needs to stand thus divide by 4. So there you have it, I should get load range D, damn my vanity of not having an all terrain tire.
  3. Trav's 86' Sunrader

    BFG 27x8.5x14.

    It looks like the only option on that site is Yokohama Y356 - Load Range D. Why do you need load range D (8ply)? The tires that were on the rig when I bought and are dated to 92' are LT195 Cooper Discovery Load Range C. These must not be manufacture recommended?
  4. Trav's 86' Sunrader

    BFG 27x8.5x14.

    It will probably be close, I spent the morning calling tire shops and they just don't make a many LT195's with All Terrain tread. A local shop suggested General Grabbers in 28's and was willing to try them on to see if they rubbed. I will get back to everyone and let you know how it goes.
  5. Trav's 86' Sunrader

    BFG 27x8.5x14.

    Has anyone tried to run these? I have an 86 sunrader and was looking for a more aggressive tire.
  6. Trav's 86' Sunrader

    Packed to the Brim!!

    Well it was only for about 10 miles across the coastal bottoms...dint record the burn.
  7. Trav's 86' Sunrader

    What an adventure - Broke Down!

    Well it was quite an adventure today, I was on daddy duty and the only car seat available was in the 86 Rader what better excuse than to hop in and take the little girl for a cruise in my other baby. Things were great and we headed up the coast to the beach went for a walk and then hoped back in for the cruise home about 30 mi. Now she was almost asleep so I decided tohead north a little further. On the way back all of a sudden the brake light comes on and the battery light, and within seconds she starts to over heat. So I pull over...baby crying....dog pacing....cars zipping bye....steam billowing out of the radiator over flow. When I finaly look under the hood the fan belt is in peices... So I make up to a rest stop about 100 yards ahead... Sure enough my cell phone is dead...the baby pooops and the only one that comes to my rescue is none other than a fellow 78 Chinook...what are the odds...I couldnt work on it there holding a baby so I got it towed home...price $...Priceless...
  8. Trav's 86' Sunrader

    Packed to the Brim!!

    Beat this, 8 People, 4 Dogs, 1 good time. Amazingly we all had seatbelt in the 86' only 2 of us had to double up on the bench seat. I love these rigs. Once we got to the beach it was grilled cheese sando's and PBR's.
  9. Trav's 86' Sunrader

    How to haul a kayak?

    Cool, I am in the same "Boat" ha ha, I have two Ocean Kayaks (13' and 15") and need to figure out how to cary them on the 1986 Sunrader. One thought I had but have yet to build would be to Attach Cross bars to the factory rack and then add Yakima rollers or HullRaiser? I too would like some feedback on this plan.
  10. Trav's 86' Sunrader

    Sunrader Offroad

    Hey Thanks for the great reply, I will look into all your sugestions. Lucky for me the camper does have the Six Lug rear axel, so now all I need to focus on is adding extra springs and/or air bags to have a great little dirt road camper. Thanks, Trav
  11. Trav's 86' Sunrader

    Sunrader Offroad

    Hello, I have just purchased a 1986 Sunrrader 2wd, does anyone have any experince driving these on mild back country dirt roads? Does anyone know what kind of differential is in the rear end? This is the 21' model which has the obvious disadvantage over the 18' of a longer rear overhang. Would air bags help this? Thanks