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  1. wow - yeah, that would be fantastic @lansisco, thanks! I actually ended up ordering some sleeve bearings from McMaster-Carr that I seem to line up with my measurements, but I would be curious to see how they compare with the real thing. I can post the comparison here in case it might be useful to other folks.
  2. Wondering if anyone else has found the solution here: I've just pulled off my old leaf springs and am ready to replace them with the CS010R springs, but I'm struggling to figure out how to use the old hardware with these new bushings. I ordered the OMESB6 bushing kit with the springs, but the center holes are far too large for the bolts and the kit didn't come with any of the metals sleeves I would've expected. My shackles are in good shape, so I'm hoping to not have to order the OME greasable shackle kit (which might solve the sizing issue on the back of the spring, but would still leave me needing sleeves for the front). I know a few people have installed these kits before (@akwcanoe, @AtlantaCamper, @mpanzar), so I'm wondering what I'm missing.... Bolts seem to be 1/2" and the bushing hole is at 11/16", so as best I can figure, I'm needing some metal sleeves 1/2"ID x 11/16"OD x 2 11/16"L - all my web searches are turning up nothing, and I haven't seen anything from OME that meantions sleeves.
  3. @akwcanoe did you end up going with the CS010R or the CS020R constant load set in your upgrade? I found this suspension parts reference chart which seems to suggest the CS020R is for 1989-94 pickups, but it's hard to know what will actually fit on some of these rigs.
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