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  1. Pretty Interstate Machine

    I probably need a seal overhaul, but how

    I think it's this model...sorry it's not exactly a perfect image:
  2. Pretty Interstate Machine

    I probably need a seal overhaul, but how

    It is indeed. I did not get an owners manual with it and was not able to find anything when googling around. Currently chatting with @zaddylonglegs who seems to have the same model and some literature. Would definitely like to get a repository of info online for us travelmaster folks if at all possible.
  3. Pretty Interstate Machine

    I probably need a seal overhaul, but how

    Okay, so I see the 4"x50' roll of eternabond on ebay and amazon and such for 50 bucks, but glancing over at the eternabond site I see: EternaBond RoofSeal EternaBond AlumiBond EternaBond Seam Repair Kit EternaBond RoofSeal Plus All of them claim to be an application for my seam situation. Has anyone tried the other stuff and can they speak to the efficacy of one over another? I want to do this right so that I can alleviate worry and not have to deal with it for awhile. Thanks for all your suggestions, everyone. Also @fiddlindan, we should talk! Do you have the M-501-RD? I am definitely looking to meet folks that have my model and compare notes! Send me a PM if you like.
  4. Pretty Interstate Machine

    Has anyone just blapped solar on the front of their cabover / overcab?

    Definitely planning on roof units, I just thought that hey, maybe I could just have an extra there for a little bit of extra juice, perhaps even put it on a prop bar that I could lift while parked.
  5. Pretty Interstate Machine

    I probably need a seal overhaul, but how

    Quick update, From what I can tell I have an aluminum roof. Thanks for the eternabond advice. I'll see about picking some up. Is there a good source? Places to avoid buying from? Just grab some on Amazon?
  6. So on the front of most toyhomes you've got that clear window which in theory could let a lot of light in, but my thought was that it's prime real estate for a nice solar panel. On a dolphin I know it's a little bit curved and on a sunrader I know it aims forward more than out, but on the travelmaster it seems like the angle might be juuuuuust right....... anyone done this? have thoughts on this?
  7. Pretty Interstate Machine

    I probably need a seal overhaul, but how

    Thanks @DanAatTheCape but @FredNewell, thanks again for the continued advice. I do intend to keep this around for awhile so I do want to take care of it. right now my primary concern is that I have about two weeks until I go full time and I need things to be dry and serviceable (everything needs to work). I'm putting in my new toilet this weekend, I need to figure out what to do with my fridge and the leaks and then I'm at least mostly good to go. for the upholstery, I'll look that up. thanks. as for the rubber roof question, I actually don't know how to tell if it is a rubber roof. my hand doesn't bounce off of it and it doesn't move. it feels hard, like wood. I can walk on it and knock on it. it does not sag and is stable on the inside as well. will eternabond work no matter what kind of roof it is? if that's the case, I'll just get some of that for my seam up top. I am not necessarily skilled but I intend to learn what I can and do my best!
  8. Pretty Interstate Machine

    I probably need a seal overhaul, but how

    Thanks for all the advice. I guess the thing that has me flummoxed is that there are tons of "experts" and while some of them sound very much like a "bonehead", many of them also sound like they know what they're doing, and everyone has a different opinion. There are people that sound completely confident that silicone is the way to go, and there are people that I wouldn't trust near my RV that suggest dicor. There are two friends of mine that know something about RVs and they both suggest complete polar opposite solutions. It's overwhelming. For the back window, sometimes it seems like it's on the left, sometimes it seems like it's on the right. It gets my bench wet (rear dining model) and there is definitely water in the window well. I'll probably need to replace my bench cushions or re-upholster them or who knows. maybe just a good soak in bleach and a hot air dry? I dunno what people do with them. For the overcab leak, we've replaced and re-sealed my top marker lights already so I really don't think it's those. The leak is from the ceiling, not from the window area. Here's a shot of my roof. I circled the place I think my leak is: The place(s) I'm thinking about adding solar are on either side of that front popup (hopefully both). The TV antenna is coming off and I'll run my solar wires through there unless anyone pops in with a "NOOOOOOOOOOO DON'T DO THAT" Eager to listen to everyone's thoughts.
  9. Pretty Interstate Machine

    I probably need a seal overhaul, but how

    I have a rear window leak. I've heard all I need to do is pull apart the rear window, clean around put in some butyl tape and maybe add some extra silicone, and put it back together. I also have an overcab leak, it seems to be lined up with the seam over my overcab, so I guess I can pull off the bar that goes over it, clean it up, apply some butyl tape there, and put it back on? Is Dicor still the best thing to pour onto my roof? The thing is, my entire toyhome seems to have tape that uh... is probably well over 10 years old. Should I just take my toy to someone and have them re-seal the whole thing? Or is it better to not mess with an area until it leaks? If I'm thinking about mounting solar cells to my roof, should I seal before I do that, after, or both? If I should take it to someone, who? I'm in the mid-atlantic near DC right now.
  10. Pretty Interstate Machine

    Would anyone want this camper for parts?

    talk to me about which fridge you have? I can get to virginia pretty easily. which wire harness are you pulling out? the ECU or others?
  11. Pretty Interstate Machine

    Nerd buys Travelmaster, now the fun/repairs begin

    aaaaaaaaaaand the verdict is: yup, you're right.
  12. Pretty Interstate Machine

    Nerd buys Travelmaster, now the fun/repairs begin

    OOH. So for a second there I thought you meant I needed 3 adapters and uh, obviously I just figured it out. I didn't get to check out my spare today but I will do it ASAP. Nice junkyard tip. I'll definitely take a look next time I'm near a yard. Nicer brakes seem like a good thing to have. I temporarily considered asking if anyone had done an ABS conversion on a toyhome but decided most might not be terribly amused with the question.
  13. Pretty Interstate Machine

    Nerd buys Travelmaster, now the fun/repairs begin

    Thanks for the tips, @WME and @Derek up North! So, I have a spare, and that's a really good point that I should figure out which one it is so I can figure out what I need to do. Potential noob questions follow: Are you suggesting I find a "friend" that can get truck things, or might work in the industry? Just to make sure I catch your drift... (maybe that's not the best term to use since there will be no drifting in my toyhome ?) Are adapters safe/reliable? Do they put extra wear on the axle? A cursory google search shows me a bunch of people that are like "of course it's safe!" and then you realise they're selling them, and surprisingly performance plus tire is like "5 to 6? pretty much out of the question" - I don't want to start a debate/holy war, just curious if there are any reports of one vs the other. I know all about the debacle and recall with replacing the rear axle and how much of a pain in the behind it was, but that's because the toyota is RWD, right? would it be easier to just swap out my front axle with a 6-lug axle? Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check out my spare and report back on that tomorrow.
  14. Hi everyone, I'm a musician, museum curator+docent, and huge nerd, and I'm the new owner of a 1986 travelmaster savannah. I plan to take it on tons of adventures and do other fun stuff with it, like weird upgrades. I've got some weird ideas, and also I thought someone might be interested in following a noob's adventures or hearing about my hopes and dreams for the thing, so kablam, here I am. Oh, whenever I use "we", you can pretend I'm using the royal we (as long as you don't say it all snooty-like), but that's something that I've deduced with the help of a mechanic as I am technically-minded but at best I am beginner-to-intermediate in car/RV skill. Hopefully that improves with time! Things I know about my RV: It's mostly (?) original Engine is amazing, and low (32k! couldn't believe it until we drove it) miles Transmission was swapped out a year ago (unsure what was wrong with the last one), now it's 4spd OD auto. Tanks seem to be in good condition! (though my dump valves seem to leak slightly?) Water pump and sinks are good. Propane works. Water Heater works. Roof A/C is cold (yay!) and needs some of the rotatey bits tightened up We think the regular heat works. We are pretty sure my generator works. "Major" repairs required: Fridge - it's a dometic 2-way, we are guessing it's a control board but there is a bit of a smell, could be suffering the ammonia angle issue thing Toilet (Aqua Magic IV) valve needs forcing open and/or shut. Perhaps a spring or a catch? Toilet itself is in one piece, rinses ok, etc. Leak in the top driver side corner overcab, and rear window on the left. We're gonna make with the sealant like whoa. Things done so far: Replaced all marker lights up top (5 front, 5 back, 2 side) with LEDs. Replaced interior lights with some very nice soft white 1141 LEDs I found, will report back on how they fare since I hear lots of stories. A/C - my compressor was fine but a hose exploded. Got some guy to fashion a new hose+clamp that will hopefully work for years to come. Speakers were factory and the previous owner upgraded the stereo but not the speakers. Fixed! Picked up a brand new water pressure regulator, freshwater hose, water filter, Uninstalled clock face in storage cabinets, not sure what to put there, though My todo list, in no particular order: Solar. Low flow shower head (this one looks nice) Low flow sink aerator (perhaps this one?) finish LED'ing everything-else: dome light en route. brake, back-up, parking lights, maaaaybe headlights? cell booster (which one? seems wilson weboost 4g-x is the best?) wifi booster (which one?) low-power always-on file server for music&movies, I will probably have to build this from scratch integrate aforementioned fileserver into dash for music on the go possibly overhaul entire dash into something completely customizable, think prius information display sensors, sensors everywhere (proximity, gravity, altimeter, level, weather/temp/humidity, etc) front/back/side cameras for the road and security logging all of the data that I possibly can from dash+sensors fashion a better rear bumper mount thing for my generator, perhaps something with some storage remove TV antenna, probably run solar/booster cables through that hole Stuff I'd like to figure out: If my tank meters work How should I log my places travelled? lots of people get bumper stickers and stick them to their wall/door/plaster their vehicle in them.... maybe I should get a removable sheet that I hang from the wall? I want to be able to take that with me... Paint job for the RV? What's the deal with interior lights (or is it interior 12V perhaps?) only going on when I have ignition on Do I have an inverter? I don't think I do. I should probably set one up. Should I upgrade my house battery? Should I get a sewer solution? Routes I'd like to travel: Entire length of US-1 Entire length of US-101 Entire length of Interstate 10 As much as possible of at least one Trans-Canada route Anyhow, this isn't yet a project log so I figured it belonged more in here than that forum (feel free to link me to good threads about my questions)! Aside from figuring out all of my stuff and things, I'd love to meet some folks, especially nerds and toyhome owners. I'll be full-timing once it's fixed, though! Hope to chat meet some of you soon!