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Trouble Finding 22" Opening Escape Hatch Replacement Roof Vent


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If anyone has ideas about replacing my roof vent please read on. We sure appreciate the help. We have a 1986 Travelmaster Savannah motorhome. The Roof vent was cracked and broken. I purchased a Hengs 66621-C2 hoping it would fit. My rough opening is 22" and the inside drop down area of the Heng escape hatch is smaller than that, about 21 1/4 inch so it does not meet up with the edges of the opening to help make everything water tight. Worse yet the entire excape hatch falls down through my 22" opening.  Yes, the lid covers the opening but there is not way for me to screw in the bottom galvanized frame. All of the holes for the screws are resting on air right at the edge of the frame and will not allow me to screw the hatch into the wood on the rough.  Does anyone have any ideas or another brand they might suggest please?  I thought perhaps I might be able to have a auto bsody place make a metal frame that could go over the one on the vent frame and be riveted to it. The holes for the screws could be farther out on the new frame? 

PS we have decided to sell the motor home as my husband is 6'-8" and it has been fun to have at our home as a camper for guests but does not fit him well for a road trip across the country. IF anyone is interested please let me know. I plan to post it in the classifieds soon.  It is  a 1986 with 65,000 original miles, lots of mechanics updated and is the model with the original duel wheels and is in good condition.

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Those Hengs vents warn they are not correct for OEM replacements.  A little too small.  If it was mine - I'd just make an adapter plate.  A cheap way is to just cut one out of a flat galvanized sheet metal (any heating supply sells square sheets).  Cut it out with a hand-held circular saw and a metal-cutting blade, like a Diablo.  Or, if there is room - just cut the hole out a bit and put in a 26" square vent.

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