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Found 7 results

  1. Looking to replace the original radiator in my 83 Sunrader. It's a stock 22R two core copper/brass rad. I am considering a similar 3 core. The folks at Roundforge https://www.roundforge.com recommend a CSF 2314 but admit for an 83 there issue with bolts for the fan shroud. Has anyone here made this swap and if so how much of a pain was it?
  2. Looking to replace the original radiator in my 83 Sunrader. It's a stock 22R two core copper/brass rad. I am considering a similar 3 core. The folks at Roundforge https://www.roundforge.com recommend a CSF 2314 but admit for an 83 there issue with bolts for the fan shroud. Has anyone here made this swap and if so how much of a pain was it?
  3. I just bought a 1992 Dolphin and have quite a few projects in my future. I have some marker lights that need replacement right away, so I figure instead of replacing with the same lights, I should think about upgrading to LED. I'm trying to be cost efficient and not invest in anything I want to replace later, even though the cost is minimal. My question is, if I were to swap out all of the marker lights in the rear with LED instead, is there anything I would need to do other than simply connect the wires and attach? Eventually, I would want to replace the headlamps and interior lights too. I have read that the headlights would require a new wiring harness and that for an RV, LED lights should have a voltage regulator. I'm not sure what to look for or avoid, or if swapping even the marker lights to LED could involve more than I realize. I'm a newbie, both to owning an RV and also doing this work, so I would appreciate input that explains this in simple terms. Links to low cost lights also appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a musician, museum curator+docent, and huge nerd, and I'm the new owner of a 1986 travelmaster savannah. I plan to take it on tons of adventures and do other fun stuff with it, like weird upgrades. I've got some weird ideas, and also I thought someone might be interested in following a noob's adventures or hearing about my hopes and dreams for the thing, so kablam, here I am. Oh, whenever I use "we", you can pretend I'm using the royal we (as long as you don't say it all snooty-like), but that's something that I've deduced with the help of a mechanic as I am technically-minded but at best I am beginner-to-intermediate in car/RV skill. Hopefully that improves with time! Things I know about my RV: It's mostly (?) original Engine is amazing, and low (32k! couldn't believe it until we drove it) miles Transmission was swapped out a year ago (unsure what was wrong with the last one), now it's 4spd OD auto. Tanks seem to be in good condition! (though my dump valves seem to leak slightly?) Water pump and sinks are good. Propane works. Water Heater works. Roof A/C is cold (yay!) and needs some of the rotatey bits tightened up We think the regular heat works. We are pretty sure my generator works. "Major" repairs required: Fridge - it's a dometic 2-way, we are guessing it's a control board but there is a bit of a smell, could be suffering the ammonia angle issue thing Toilet (Aqua Magic IV) valve needs forcing open and/or shut. Perhaps a spring or a catch? Toilet itself is in one piece, rinses ok, etc. Leak in the top driver side corner overcab, and rear window on the left. We're gonna make with the sealant like whoa. Things done so far: Replaced all marker lights up top (5 front, 5 back, 2 side) with LEDs. Replaced interior lights with some very nice soft white 1141 LEDs I found, will report back on how they fare since I hear lots of stories. A/C - my compressor was fine but a hose exploded. Got some guy to fashion a new hose+clamp that will hopefully work for years to come. Speakers were factory and the previous owner upgraded the stereo but not the speakers. Fixed! Picked up a brand new water pressure regulator, freshwater hose, water filter, Uninstalled clock face in storage cabinets, not sure what to put there, though My todo list, in no particular order: Solar. Low flow shower head (this one looks nice) Low flow sink aerator (perhaps this one?) finish LED'ing everything-else: dome light en route. brake, back-up, parking lights, maaaaybe headlights? cell booster (which one? seems wilson weboost 4g-x is the best?) wifi booster (which one?) low-power always-on file server for music&movies, I will probably have to build this from scratch integrate aforementioned fileserver into dash for music on the go possibly overhaul entire dash into something completely customizable, think prius information display sensors, sensors everywhere (proximity, gravity, altimeter, level, weather/temp/humidity, etc) front/back/side cameras for the road and security logging all of the data that I possibly can from dash+sensors fashion a better rear bumper mount thing for my generator, perhaps something with some storage remove TV antenna, probably run solar/booster cables through that hole Stuff I'd like to figure out: If my tank meters work How should I log my places travelled? lots of people get bumper stickers and stick them to their wall/door/plaster their vehicle in them.... maybe I should get a removable sheet that I hang from the wall? I want to be able to take that with me... Paint job for the RV? What's the deal with interior lights (or is it interior 12V perhaps?) only going on when I have ignition on Do I have an inverter? I don't think I do. I should probably set one up. Should I upgrade my house battery? Should I get a sewer solution? Routes I'd like to travel: Entire length of US-1 Entire length of US-101 Entire length of Interstate 10 As much as possible of at least one Trans-Canada route Anyhow, this isn't yet a project log so I figured it belonged more in here than that forum (feel free to link me to good threads about my questions)! Aside from figuring out all of my stuff and things, I'd love to meet some folks, especially nerds and toyhome owners. I'll be full-timing once it's fixed, though! Hope to chat meet some of you soon!
  5. Last month I bought my first rv, a 1985 Toyota dolphin. i managed to get a really great price on a account that it has the 5 lug axle. For the past month I have been searching for a 6 lug in north California area. I have found a ff one ton close by from a Nissan Uhaul truck, the owner has two dolphins himself and tells me it will fit. I was wondering if any one can confirm if it will be a straight bolt in fit with no mods ? I’m not a mechanic but I’m considering taking on the job myself. Any advice or links to info about doing the work would also be appreciate. ?
  6. I have a 1990 Toyota Odyssey 6cyl Auto V-6. The Progressive Dynamics Coverter PD 7231 just seems it's getting ready for being upgraded... What is the best upgrade for this? And/or should I just keep doctoring up the old one? thanks! I have a good Solar Power 150watt panel now also with controler...
  7. Hi ALL! First I'd like to say THANK YOU to all of the forum members who have contributed to this awesome site, creating a wealth of knowledge, experience, and information for us Toyota Motor Home owners. I'm a new member - both here and to the Toyota Motorhome owner scene. I purchased my first Toyhome, a 1983 Toyota Sunrader (18ft w/ "death axle"....we'll get to that later), after MUCH research on these great, fuel efficient, reliable RVs. The Sunrader (who is as of yet unnamed) we found had only has 35k original miles and the interior was completely original and in great shape (considering the vintage) with only a small amount of water damage from a leaking window. All appliances still in working order without water/gas leaks. Only surface rust on the undercarriage from sitting over unpaved/ungraveled parking for years, AND the "death axle" (however thanks to this site I was aware of this going into the deal and was able to bargain accordingly). SO all-in-all we were very happy with our new Toyhome! Then the search began for the 1-ton full-floating 6 lug rear end....car-parts.com, partshotlines.com, Ebay motors, cold calling local (and less-than-local) salvage yards one-by-one, and craigslist. Craigslist. AND MORE CRAIGSLIST!!!....until......Magic. Fate. Prayer. Planets in alignment. The ending of the Myan Calendar. Whatever the case may have been, a late-night search on craigslist with the paltry term: Sunrader (one of hundreds of keyword searches I had been doing religiously for a month) returned a 1984 21ft Toyota Sunrader in water damage decay 35 miles from our home selling "camper only, chassis is NOT for sale" HOW COULD THIS BE!!! SO CLOSE, YET SO FAR AWAY. I decided I'd try, I HAD TO! After not-so-negative email exchanges with the seller, I arranged to go and see this magnificent pile of scrap RV. There it was in all its glory, taunting me with its perfection...THE 1-ton full-floating 6 lug rear end....the words "Again, Chassis is NOT for sale" spinning through my mind. I picked my jaw up from the ground and began fuddling about the camper looking for any spare bits I might find useful while I explained my scenario to the fine gentleman who was selling her off piece by piece.......I bought a fan motor for the vent, eyed the propane tanks, looked at little fixtures here and there....THEN the clouds parted and a voice sang out to me "I'll tell you what...." My heart leapt, my knees buckled. "Yes, yes, that sounds good. I'll talk to you tomorrow!" IT. WAS. MINE!!!! And delivered to boot! EVERYTHING, axle, springs, shackles, he gave me the ENTIRE frame section! Only shy one upper shock mount (***any help here is appreciated**). Once it was sitting in my garage, I realized that EVERYTHING is going to fit...just bolt right up!!! The driveshaft holes are the same, the spring mounts are the same, the torsion bar!!!!!!!!! The Toyhome gods have smiled upon me....I must repay this debt! Sooooo, I will try to document in this thread my axle upgrade as best I can, pictures and all, for those that find themselves in similar circumstances. Thanks again for everyone's help & contribution (past, present, and future), Patrick Here she sat with her "death axle" waiting... And here is her new pair of shoes...
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