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Found 5 results

  1. Sorry if this an absurd question, or if it’s been asked before. What exactly does it mean “get the Full-Float“? Will any dually full float axle work? I feel like I’ve looked at every forum post and can’t come up with a clear answer. I’m pretty sure my rig is a 2wd 1980 18’ Sunrader. I know I have the bad axle, but not what will work to replace it. Any help getting pointed in the right direction is appreciated.
  2. Hi all New member but a long time lurker & first time poster to this site. With everything that's been going on and effectively being stuck at home for 3+ months we're looking to get a family RV and wanted to see if any members are in/around the Portland metro area and would allow my wife and I to check out your Sunrader or Winnie Warrior. Happy to be talked into other models as well. We're a family of 4+. Also a little bit about myself/hobbies: I am an avid fan of Toyota, own older Toyota LandCruisers and am A) very familiar with the older Toyota platform - mechanical & electrical, B.) Do my own work and C) know what I'm getting myself into with a 30+ yr old vehicle (albeit a bit more to bite off with a moving home strapped to a Toyota Chassis 😂). Cheers Kent
  3. I have been cleaning out the inside of my 1990 Sunrader. I pulled up the 1/4 plywood on the floor because it was starting to lift. Turns out it only had a few staple and was topped with vinyl. When I got the plywood out I discover a patch in the floor. It is right over the gas tank. So, I am guessing when the put the new tank in there must have been a problem and the cut hole in the floor. They did a really bad job of patching it and the patch was soft. Looks like they used regular drywall screws and they all rusted and broke. I put in a picture below. My floor is all OSB. According to the Sunrader brochures it is suppose to have a foam filling and and aluminum bottom. Mine was built in California and has wrap around windows. Did they do something different at some point or was my floor replaced? If it was I wish they had at least used plywood. The did a really good job around the edges as it is all glassed about a foot from the perimeter. As you can see where the patch is the floor has swelled. The hole looks like a pain to fix right with its location above the gas tank.
  4. Good afternoon folks, I have an '86 Sunrader which because I haven't ever owned and RV before has been basically a tent on wheels for me and my three dogs. I'd really like to put the RV to full use but I can't figure out a way to get to know how to use all the appliances and such all. What website, YouTube channel, other resource would you suggest that I use to educate myself? Thanks in advance! Jen dog_logic@yahoo.com
  5. Hello fellow motorhomies. So, I have a 1984 Sunradar and a 1988 Winnebago. I am transferring the 88 engine/tranny/axles into my 84. That will be a 22RE where my 22R is now. Questions: Will I need to transfer fuel tanks as well? Can I just install a fuel pump somewhere? Or will I have to get creative and modify my current tank? THANK YOU for sharing any knowledge you have. I am a passionate homely motor man and completely dedicated to my Sunradar.
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