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Found 2 results

  1. My wife and I prefer to avoid the interstates and travel at a more leisurely pace whenever possible. Years ago we discovered a pretty neat feature on our old TomTom GPS - by setting "maximum planning speed" for 45 mph, we discovered a wealth of back roads and small towns we would have otherwise missed. Unfortunately, TomTom quit supporting our unit so we started looking for a replacement that had the same feature. Around that time, TomTom decided to remove maximum speed from their entry-level units and now only has it on their RV and truck units (read more $$). Garmin also has it in their RV and truck offerings, but they're pretty expensive, as well. We've been looking (albeit not too hard) for a cost-effective solution ever since. A few years ago, we started searching for apps and found that CoPilot GPS had maximum speed (and offline maps), so we bought it for $10 with lifetime map updates, IIRC. Then CoPilot decided to move the feature to their truckers app which is only available via subscription. So we still own our original non-subscription copy and use it sometimes for off-line route planning when we don't have a cell signal, but we really miss the slow routes it used to give us. I tried Sygic a little over month ago, but it failed to load the maps during install on my Pixel phone, so I was unable to test it out. I contacted Sygic and was told "we are aware of the problem". So, in the hope that they'd fixed it, I tried again last week and got "your free trial has expired". That being not very helpful, I wrote off Sygic. Then, just yesterday, I found MapFactor Navigator. It has maximum speed in the vehicle profiles and is free when used with Open Street Maps. Or for $18 each you can buy TomTom car maps for the US, Canada, and Mexico or for around $50 each TomTom truck and RV maps (not that our Toyota MHs need to worry overmuch about most of the things semis and Class A RVs do). It's ad supported, but you can turn ads off for $2. Other "premium" features available for a few bucks each include heads-up display, online search, and alternative routes. The jury's still out, but it seems to do what we want during testing. I find the interface a bit kludgey, but expect that will improve as I get used to it. I was wondering if anyone else out there uses "maximum speed" like we do, and, if so, what software and/or hardware you use?
  2. Hi All We're new to the forum. We recently picked up a 93 Dolphin that we're almost finished remodelling for a 9 month tour of N. America (starting from the Yukon) with our 5 month old baby girl. My question is regarding GPS. Seeing as the unit is mounted on the dash or windshield under the overhang for the master bed, is there any problems with satellite reception? Is an external antannae needed to mount on the roof? If anybody has any reviews of GPS units they've been happy or frustrated with (or any other tips in general) we'd love to hear about it. Thanks!
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