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Found 8 results

  1. I started using a fuel additive on my 87 R22-e and wondering if anybody has used any additives and found it useful or a waste of money. Reason: I was having intermittent loss of power; no rhyme or reason to when it happened; sometimes when I started up other times, just on the road. I did some googling and saw something about injector cleaners. Especially Texaco Techron which had their patented "Techron is a detergent based on PEA, polyeter amine. It is a complex synthetic molecule that will basically 'loosen' and 'solve' deposits in your fuel system. " Being in the great northland I couldn't find it but in my local CTC store I found something with that PEA in it and started using it. Whether it is a placebo effect or not, I haven't had the power loss and it seems peppier and better gas mileage. I have not really calculated these things and as I said it could be just anecdotal or placebo effect (not that I am worried- it it works by some dark magic I am happy.) AT this point I am assuming it is like viagra for my 130,000 mile rig! Thoughts?
  2. 22re EFI Dolphin - 1987? It says May 86 in the door panel. Just got new gas tank, sending unit, pump, the works - and now my check engine light is flashing spasmodically, and it takes forever to fill the gas tank. It goes a few dribbles and then shuts off. If I try to continue, it will splash out. Going really slow doesn't work. The weird part is I put 12 gallons in no problem right after picking it up. So now I'm considering that the fuel hose vent may be blocked or not connected right. The mechanic was in a hella hurry to finish by 5 pm and get out of there. I don't know what to call that hose that is parallel to the filler hose so I'm at a loss as to how to look up where it is supposed to come out. There is no exterior venting visible anywhere around the fuel cap area. I'm traveling, and at the moment am at Elephant Butte NM. That just begs for jokes, doesn't it?
  3. Hey everyone, I took my Travelmaster to get a tune up and my mechanic said the fuel tank sublet hose was deteriorating pretty bad. Sure enough, after I filled the tank all the way up I noticed about 1/4 of the tank had leaked overnight. I've called around my town to see if anyone has the replacement part but the part has been discontinued by Toyota and I'm having trouble trying to find it online. Any suggestions as to how I can find the part? It's a fuel tank sublet hose for a 1986 Travelmaster. The part number is 7721335110. Thanks!
  4. Does anyone have any figures or experience with the effect of additional weight on fuel mileage? I'm trying to figure out if a recent loss of a couple of mpg could be due to weight added (water, food, equipment, etc) or whether I need to hunt down a possible engine issue. Not burning oil, no suspicious sounds, but earlier in our four month trip we were getting 18-19 mpg, now we're getting 16-17. We have added "stuff" along the way, maybe 2-300 lbs worth.
  5. I recently purchased a 1986 Travel Master and noticed a faint smell of gasoline in the cab while driving the other day. Once I was home I checked to make sure the gas cap was good and for any noticeable leaks and didn't see any, but I noticed a pretty strong smell of gas coming out of the exhaust pipe. What could be causing this? Does it require immediate attention or am I okay to drive?
  6. A buddy of mine suggested i look up something he's seen done on other mid 80's trucks (not sure if its been done on toyota motorhome). I have a 89 itasca with dual fuel tanks. I have to pull over, open lids and flip switches and it transfers gas in rear backup tank to front tank in case of emergency. I was wondering if there was a way to bypass the pump and just have the truck pull fuel from both tanks at the same time? I'm not even sure if this is possible. Thanks for any input.
  7. Hello fellow motorhomies. So, I have a 1984 Sunradar and a 1988 Winnebago. I am transferring the 88 engine/tranny/axles into my 84. That will be a 22RE where my 22R is now. Questions: Will I need to transfer fuel tanks as well? Can I just install a fuel pump somewhere? Or will I have to get creative and modify my current tank? THANK YOU for sharing any knowledge you have. I am a passionate homely motor man and completely dedicated to my Sunradar.
  8. my first post! (and most probably not my last!)..here's my situation: 1993, 21' Conquest, 53,000 miles, third owner - bought from a friend of a friend last fall. Sold off house and all my belongings and hit the road to full time it in January...yep escaped most of those 'polar vortexes' of last winter - and have had some trials and tribulations that would be expected driving a 20 yro vehicle..that is actually in pretty darn good shape... had the truck 'once overed' before i hit the road and replaced all the hoses etc... i am not a mechanic at all, but have a few friends who are real motorheads and for the most part anyone who stuck their head under the hood all said the same thing...what a great little engine (V6), well maintained and all good...(lucky me!!) now for my problem: while in the san antonio area last march i decided to have the tail pipe and muffler replaced (didn't like the sound the exhaust was making - though it had passed new york states emissions for inspection a couple months earlier)..brought it to ahem, a nationwide chain, and yes they had to do a little extra on the tailpipe - but managed to replace the muffler and tailpipe..i drove away liking the new purring sound of my new exhaust. about 50 miles west of san antonio (heading out to big bend..btw...highly recommend this remote national park!) i notice the floor boards in cab getting hot..i mean HOT..could feel the heat coming through my shoes! pull over and as i am getting out of the vehicle it was like stepping through a sauna of HOT HOT air just outside the drivers door. the hood of the engine? WAY HOT to the touch: btw the temperature gauge showed the internal temp of the engine to be perfectly fine. there was also no noticeable change in the way the rv was driving...just really hot. had a local mechanic take a look see (mostly because i was petrified the whole thing was just going to go up in flames at any given moment) he determined the cat converter was needing replacement, and assured me as long as i pulled over and let the whole thing cool down once in a while i would be able to safely get back to san antonio..aka 'civilization'..which i did: brought the rig back to the AHEM, national chain, to replace the catalytic converter (all pretty costly - but hey...this is my HOME now!). at the time i thought it coincidental that right after they replaced the tail pipe and muffler (and had obviously checked the cat converter which was fine) the cc went on me..but okay..lets move on...next day i find out have to get back to long island pronto...head out on the road in a new york state of mind...this is early may and the weather was warming up. the ride back was brutal...outside the wildflowers were blooming and all was well with the world..but inside the vehicle it was still HOT HOT HOT (again, not only a bit concerned with safety issues...but, me and my two labs were miserable...yeah, i could keep the A/C on directed at the floorboards all the way home from texas...but my mileage which seems to be no where near as good as everyone else's on this forum (i will post that another day) drops even lower with that a/c going...so windows open..nearly naked, and two panting labs ... we got back safely... have had several different mechanics look at this issue from the local shop of the 'nationwide chain' who told me this had nothing to do with the exhaust (hmmm..even though it all seemed to happen right after the tail pipe and muffler were replaced)..and that my engine was running lean...to a transmission guy (btw...not overweight...had the rig weighed, and though i am just about at GVWR...i am NOT overweight (like my new lifestyle of less is more!! - plus i think driving in this ^%$&* sauna has even made ME lose some pounds!))...transmission guy installed the largest aftermarket cooler he could fit in (umm, yeah at new york hourly rates)...then desperate...i turned to toyota dealership (ny dealership hourly rates...ugh)..they actually were pretty helpful...and determined that yes, engine running 'lean' due to 02 sensor located on downpipe leading from engine right before cat converter...downpipe has small cracks in it (yeah, its old and probably got cracked up when lugheads were working on exhaust down in texas)...heat escaping from cracks, 02 sensor making engine run lean, all heating up...seriously heating up...here's my dilemma: they couldn't find a pipe to replace my cracked up one (the service guy at dealership fell in love with my rig and sincerely trying to help me...way beyond normal dealership service...again, lucky me!)...decided to try to buy me some years of driving by using some sort of special nascar high heat wrap..and basically wrapped up my cracked downpipe to stop the exhaust leaks and prevent the 02 sensor from messing up my fuel ratio...okey dokey:...well maybe it helped, but not really...i am at a loss??? the heat shields are all in place and are in good shape..don't even know if this is an exhaust issue or not (just know that the problem arose right after the initial tailpipe/muffler replacement)...has anyone else had anything like this happen? please help me...i love my new nomadic life in my little ole' toyota (and so do the dogs)...and i am just about finished with my long island stay and am itching to get back out on the road...but not if it means at the worst having my rig on fire on the side of the road (the engine reads around 385 degrees (externally) after driving for about a half hour..) or at best, having to drive with panting dogs and me naked...oh, and the best part: i originally had the tailpipe and muffler replaced because i didn't like the rumble sound from the exhaust...sounded too...i don't know, masculine, but now, because of all of this heat whatever 'insulation' or whatever that is in the exhaust has been 'burned out...my nice purring exhaust sound is back to that offensive rumbly sound....UGH!!!
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