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Found 7 results

  1. I am in need of an outer rim to the 14inch, 5 lug 1/2 ton dually system. Anyone know where I can find one or have any ideas of where to look. I have gone to trailer tire places and a bunch of the local used tire places as well as the new tire places. The rim I have has gotten a crack in it and will not hold air. Please respond with any brilliant or backyard ideas.
  2. Hi all, hoping someone can help. I have a 1984 18' Sunrader with really saggy springs, 5 lug dually/foolies and a slow leaking inner dually. I'm exploring best options... can anyone tell me: 1, Would a 1986-1988 proper 6 lug / 1 ton axle off a Toyota Sun Breeze fit my 1984 rig? 2, Would the leaf springs on the 1 ton Sun Breeze axle fit/line up with my 1984 rig? 3, Anybody know the ratio of this 1984 1/2 ton axle on my automatic trans, 22R Sunrader? 4, Would I expect issues with the parking brake if I'm to swap out the axle?
  3. Okay, so I decided not to go with the 1978 Chinook. Too high of price for the work that would be needed. I am now looking at a 1976 Scat. It has dual tires in the rear with 5 lugs. I have been reading about them on the discussion board. I do not know yet if the rims are welded together. The seller said the Scat was not included in the recall, but I saw someone mention the recall was for ALL RVs. The seller is not the original owner. Can someone tell me if they know where I can go to verify whether or not I would need to swap out the axel? Could I simply change it to single wheels? If so, would the size of the tires be the same as those on the front or should they be wider? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  4. I need to fill the tires but just noticed that I can't access the valve on the inside dually's. A couple questions, please... 1) Shouldn't I be able to access the inner dually tire by lining up the valves so both can be accessed without removing the outer wheel? 2) I'm still rebuilding this Sunrader and haven't gotten around to buying a bottle jack yet. Is it possible to remove the outer dually wheels WITHOUT A JACK by letting all of the air out of them > then take them off and align them so the inner and outer valves can be accessed? Thanks
  5. So forever I have used the Viair air compressor system. It has traveled with me in very many states in my travels over the past few years. As I am getting ready to be full time in the Toy I had to modify my system just a tad. This is a very dependable system. This is a link showing the system I have from Viair: Viair 400p
  6. Hi everyone! I'm new here but not new to old Japanese vehicles. I currently have a Datsun 510 wagon and 620 pickup and have owned my share of classic Toyotas. I have always pined for a Toyota camper of some sort to customize but the timing of an acceptable camper (or my project load) was never quite aligned. I own an electric bicycle store and one day an idea popped into my head: I need an old Toyota box truck, like a U-haul. I could customize it up and use it for deliveries. I started looking locally and immediately found a good deal on an 87 dually flat bed. I rationalized that a flat bed would be better than a box truck and picked it up within a week of my idea. I move fast apparently My question is just the opposite of what you're used to. I'm a customizer so I'd like to swap the front dual settup back to 1/2 ton so I can run deep non dually rims, either 5 or 6 lug. I don't plan to ever carry maximum weight on this thing. It's just going to hold a bunch of bicycles and look good doing it. I plan to lower it and augment the rear suspension with airbags. I've read Totem's great thread on converting 1/2 ton front suspension to dually, but I want to go the other way around. I plan to run drop spindles to lower the truck but keep the ride. It sounds like if I swap the hubs, brakes and rotors, everything else is the same, correct? It would be great if I could use the larger dually front calipers and just get rid of the dually adapters. I'd like to do it as simple as possible but I'm not opposed to getting creative and dirty. I'd even run 6 lug 4wd hubs if they would bolt right up. Does anyone have a 1/2 ton suspension they'd want to trade me? I'm in Salt Lake City. I'm still researching but any advice you can give me is appreciated. Thank you! -Duane
  7. Hello to all new to forum Questions rear disc breaks (full float dually) large six lug adaptors larger wheels for large six lug front end conversion to large six lug rear axel swap to match standard six lug (6 x 139.7) and maintain dual wheels my truck is an 1986 4x4 extra cab flatbed with an 6 lug full float dually rear out of a dolphine with the dolphine springs and ive done a perch flip to maintain level ride 4.10 gears front and rear so i have read mulitple treads on convertion the old 2wd five lug to a six lug front end i am assuming this is the 6 x139.7 not the 6 x184.15 I have a ifs 4x4 frontend with six lug (6x139.7) all ready im looking to be able to use the large pattern (6x 184.5 is this correct ive found multipl listings) dually wheel in the front for obvious reasons ive called many adapter places with no luck so any input would be great i would rather not use the adapter plates if at all possilble i have a 2econd full float 6 lug dually axel for parts can i use some of these parts for the front end? if so Im just not seeing it , how to mount rotors etc the second thing is ive been looking for bigger wheels for the rear ive seen stockton wheels but a little steep for some blanc steel wheels any one found a diffrent route (I did read about sprinter wheels but was unclear on what exactly this entails) this is my material hauling truck for those particully messy muddy jobsites shes had 3000 pounds of basalt on her to date takes it like a champ just not a race horse but after 4bt swap that should be better the truck is built and on the road i just want to match tires without using the punny 14s i would like to get some mud and snows it very limited in a 14in tire especally at the load rating i need and be able to use all of the same rims any input would be great I under stand that this is a weird rare truck and its not a motorhome but it has motorhome parts and these mhome forums are the only place that it gets into depth with the rear axels and such. ALSO i assure you it does exist ( ive been heckeled about the truth of this truck on other forums) I built it i am a fabricator by trade lookup accumar.com and check out what i build pretty cool Thanks in advance for your help
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