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  1. hi everyone! TOTAL newbie here: I am going to apologize in advance for anything obtuse I say as I am not just learning about my rig from the ground up, but most vehicles in general (was never interested in the details until I got my rig.) SO- my issue is this: my Dolphin DRAGS so low that I scrape over every speedbump, every driveway, no matter how slowly or carefully I handle it/angle it. I would really love a little LIFT in my system so I can not only overcome this annoyance, but also feel more confident on uneven terrains and more longevity for everything on my undercarriage! Any suggestions on what would be the most affordable long term solution? Preferably not DIY at this point, as I would probably screw it up. Maybe after I learn a bit more, I will take on those projects!
  2. I found this dolphin for sale and it is in great condition, however it is listed for pretty cheap. After doing some research I found some things about recalls on the axles of 1984 and prior and some of the 1985’s. This one is a 1985 and I was wondering if anyone could tell from the looks of it if it’s a recall or not. If so, would it be a bad decision to buy and is there any way it could be fixed?
  3. Hey forum friends! Just got myself a 1980 Dolphin with the dually and tag axle, with 84,000 miles. I'm very excited, as it's my first Toyota Motorhome, and my second Toyota truck (I have a 94 pickup with the 22re, which I just rebuilt). I have some questions that maybe y'all could help me out with. First, this appears to be one with a recall axle (has the 5 lug extra deep rim with two wheels on it). I'm assuming I should replace it. Any advice on how to go about either replacing or getting it replaced? Do both the dually and the tag axle need to be replaced, or just the dually? Does National RV still honor the recall? If not I would do it myself, but I'd need to know what axles would work for a replacement. I've heard that axles from the v6 4runner work, is that true? Second, the roof is in need of repair, specifically in the back corner by the kitchen. At one point someone scabbed some boards up and replaced the ceiling panels with some white plastic/fiberglass sheet material. It's alright, but the sheets have started to bubble a bit with time. I'd rather see some nicer paneling. I was thinking I might redo the whole roof by peeling back the tin and reframing it, as I've done it before on a 77 dodge honey motorhome. It was a big project, and a learning experience, lol, but in the end I was so happy to have done it the right way! So my question is, has anyone taken this on in a dolphin? Any advice? Looks like I'd have to peel the tin back from the middle of the cabover window to the back of the back window. Looks like the OEM materials used are not much, 1x2" for framing and 1/8"-1/4" ply for sheathing, not much eh? Are you even supposed to store anything on top ever? They have the rails but I'm skeptical... Last question, anyone know where to source other parts? Specifically I'm looking for the outside vent door for the fridge. I'll put up some pics later when I get a chance. It's already a great rig, all the systems work and run great, a little wear on the upholstery, 20r runs great, but I'd like to do a nice restore and have everything excellent. Any help is appreciated! Thank you Steven
  4. I just got myself into a '91 Dolphin and am looking into scooters/mopeds/motorcycles to haul on a rear platform. I'm having a hard time finding any specific information on how much weight these rigs can handle without affecting the overall balance of the vehicle. And, although I don't expect the overall weight of the scooter/platform will exceed 300-400 lbs, I also plan on doing some custom mods to the interior which will add some additional weight; so I would eventually be concerned about putting too much of a strain on the 1-ton axle. I can't seem to find anything that can definitively tell me how much the coach weighs, or, alternatively, how much the chassis weighs so that I can just get the vehicle weighed and then do the math. If anyone has access to this information, I'd appreciate pointing me in the right direction.
  5. Hi! im new here and i am looking for the right side axle shaft for my one ton rear axle i just installed in my 1981 Toyota huntsman after i found out i had the bad axle. i had my uncle pic up an axle down in Texas and when i got it i noticed somebody had sheared off the studs on the hub and welded the axle shaft to the hub.
  6. Hi All, New to the Forum and i would have posted in the classifieds, but that section isn't loading for me. Apologies if i violated a forum rule. I purchased my 1990 Toyota Americana in March of 2019. It had a water leak in the back where the fiberglass and subfloor separated and let water in. This was hidden by the carpet under the bathroom sink when we purchased it. Upon repairing, I had disconnected the generator, removed it and began on repairs to generator box as well. The fuel line to the generator leaked overnight and when I returned to the rig the next day and opened the generator box, the fuel/vapors sparked and the RV burned to the ground. Sadly, we only drove the rig about 150 miles from where we purchased it to our home. That being said, we had some parts that were pulled out of the rig before it burned and some others that the fire didn't appear to damage. See below of items for sale: 2.8 Onan Microlite gasoline generator. It had less than 30 hours run time according to the rig before it went up in smoke. My uncle was able to get the generator to run. It was not in the rig when it burned. $1,000 OBO Aqua Magic IV RV toilet. $30 OBO Horizontal Propane Tank. Visual Requalification completed 8/16 (See pic). Manual is toast, but I believe it is a 20#/ 5 Gallon tank. $70 OBO 1990 Toyota 3.0 3VZ-E with Approximately 60,XXX miles I purchased it at 59,XXX. The fire was put out before it got through the firewall. I have service records from Toyota 2015 and 2016 for most of the work that was done including, Oil and oil filter, engine coolant flush/fill, Fuel system Service (EFI Kit), Spark plugs, wires, (R&R (Standard) not sure what R&R is...), Brake system flush, timing belt replaced, drive belt replaced, water pump replaced, distributor cap replaced, all done in 2015. 2016 the fuel pump was replaced, along with oil and oil filter and air filter being changed in March 2019 by me before I bought it. The rig would start on first try and wasn't smoking. It ran very smoothly and given the low mileage and being able to verify these services, this is why I decided to purchase it. $1,500 OBO. If I had the cash on hand to purchase an old Toyota pickup, I'd swap the motor and put it in there. Transmission can be sold as well if needed with the motor. We can negotiate a deal for both. 1 ton axle: I believe it is a full floating 1 ton and the Duallys with 6 lug. To my knowledge, they are OEMa and not aftermarket or swap. The tires on it are also in good shape from what I can tell. I don't see any physical signs of stress from the fire or melt on them. I'm asking $650 OBO for the axle. Feel free to ask me questions. The rig is in North Central Arkansas on the Arkansas/Missouri border. I've included some pics of the parts I listed. It would of made a great rig and my wife and child were looking forward to getting it on the road this month....
  7. Last month I bought my first rv, a 1985 Toyota dolphin. i managed to get a really great price on a account that it has the 5 lug axle. For the past month I have been searching for a 6 lug in north California area. I have found a ff one ton close by from a Nissan Uhaul truck, the owner has two dolphins himself and tells me it will fit. I was wondering if any one can confirm if it will be a straight bolt in fit with no mods ? I’m not a mechanic but I’m considering taking on the job myself. Any advice or links to info about doing the work would also be appreciate. ?
  8. Right around the same time Badgerbear posted about this same issue, I started noticing it on my driver's side rear axle: wet/dirty hub, strong smell of gear oil. Finally got time to start digging into the problem tonight (and, btw, I'm super-thankful for the great tips and photos that were posted in BB's earlier thread!). Once I got the darn cone washers out, I got a good look inside the hub, and everything is nasty/filthy in there! Can't wait to get that all cleaned up, looking good, with new grease. Anyway, it didn't take long to see what was causing the leak... the outer seal is totally wonky and off-center, as you can see in this photo (sorry, working outside in the dark; poor lighting). When I bought this Toy about 2 years ago, the PO told me that he had just had the rear brakes serviced to the tune of several hundred $$$, and I'm guessing that somebody didn't get that outer seal installed correctly (or, could it have moved somehow?). Fortunately, the inner seal was working great and the inside brake area was completely dry; everything in really good shape there. So, I'm going to replace the damaged seal, and check the bearings and repack 'em. I do have a few questions about all this, for the gurus: I'll need to pull the inner seal out to remove the inboard bearing for inspection/repacking, so... should I probably plan on replacing that seal too, given that it could get torn up during extraction? There seemed to be some sort of paper gasket material visible around the hub (see in above photo) once I pulled the axle. I haven't heard anybody mention a gasket like that—would black RTV sealant work as a replacement? Recommendations? Not really a question, but... I don't know how much fluid has been lost, so I probably better count on topping off the differential when I'm done. I banged up one of the six hub studs (see below) and put a nice, little curve in it, while trying to get a really stubborn cone washer loose. Will I need to order this from Toyota or is there another good source? (Links always appreciated!) Thanks for looking, guys/gals. Appreciate the help!
  9. hi all i am new here and have a 81 18' raider. she was in ruff shape 5 years ago when i got her. i just did a complete tear off and rebuild on it took almost 3500 and 3 months to do. i have been using it for my daily driver till i heard a noise in the back end. thinking bearing till i looked it up and OH $hit i have the death axle. i need this fixed asap and have never really done any truck axle work. i can learn as i work on motors since i was 13. just never needed to deal with gearing much or making mounting brackets. i have been looking for a FF rear with no luck i live in a very rural area only a few junk yards. i am in upper Michigan almost at the point lol. so i need to know is there a different axle i could use without driveshaft mods or gearing? any help would be awesome thanks
  10. Hi everyone, I've spent around 10-15 hours on this forums and others reading about toyota motorhomes and decided they were the best choice (gaz, realiblity and price) wise. Fast answers would be great since I'm meeting the guy again the 24. They're pretty rare in quebec, canada. Today I've found one, really well maintened with a nice guy who loved it. He has in his garage the Upgraded axle (true 1 ton) 6 nuts. He is asking 4000$ cad for the rv (93000 miles) standard all in working order exept the water heater. I just want to make sure that the axle it has right now is the dangerous one ( see the photo in black) , if so I will try to discuss with the guy and find a deal, I don't want to kill my girlfriend and I if it snaps off. (He never overloded it and always checked and greased the bearing, but what about the others owners, I don't want to take any chances. Do national rv still honor their warranty? Two main questions: 1. If we change the rear axle for the safe one, are the 5 nuts in the front safe enouph ( I don't plan to overload and I will will check the bearing for any loose, grease them 1-2 time during long trips, etc). Are they hard to change in the front? 2. Any guides, info out there to help us change the rear axle? Around how many hours? He thinks he have everything we need exept a few bolts that we should be able to get from toyoto (hopefully). I'm going to meet to guy again on the 24 and depending of what kind of deal we have, buying it on the 25 if I can/or we can do the upgrade. Thanks a lot for the input and I'm looking forward to be lucky enouph to drive this jewel ( we'll do 10 000 -15 000 km in 2 months ) this summer so we want something safe. Cheers! -Emmanuel
  11. Hi All, I'm new to the site as a member, but I've been watching from the guest side for quite a while. I finally got impatient and picked up an '82 sunrader that seems to be in decent shape, and at a pretty good price (I think). The catch is that it still has the 5 bolt rear end. If anyone has any leads on where I might be able to find a 6 bolt rear end around British Columbia or Washington state, I would be extremely grateful. Also, if anyone has had a mechanic in the area do the swap for them with good results, I'd love to know about it. Thanks!!!!
  12. Having a hard time figuring out if the rear axle on this 78 Dolphin is safe. It's a 5 lug single axle. Guy wants to trade it for my slightly larger 85 Dolphin with the upgraded dualies. If this one is good to go, I'd rather have the smaller rig with the single tires on the rear. Seems to have better clearance and would be easier to lift a bit for travels in Baja. Thoughts?
  13. Hello, My Sister in law just bought a 1981 Sunrader that has tandem axles and duals. I dont seem to find another like it on the web, It has the 22RE non turbo in it. I am guessing it is quite rare. Is there anything I need to know to help her with maintenance of it regarding the axles or floating axle system? CODY
  14. My 1989 toyota Dolphin is riding way lower than it ever has. I know for a fact that the right air schock (where you would go to fill the air up) is popped or broken because when you fill it up you will immediately hear the air draining from the inside. As far as I know the left side is still in tact. So I am on the road and I noticed about 2-3 days ago that it suddenly was riding lower than it ever has been. The back rack is scraping even when going over a bump :/. I am very low on funds so I do not want to take it into a shop until I have a general idea of what's really going on. If any one has any insight or knowledge on this subject please get back to me, I appreciate it so much!!
  15. Hi ALL! First I'd like to say THANK YOU to all of the forum members who have contributed to this awesome site, creating a wealth of knowledge, experience, and information for us Toyota Motor Home owners. I'm a new member - both here and to the Toyota Motorhome owner scene. I purchased my first Toyhome, a 1983 Toyota Sunrader (18ft w/ "death axle"....we'll get to that later), after MUCH research on these great, fuel efficient, reliable RVs. The Sunrader (who is as of yet unnamed) we found had only has 35k original miles and the interior was completely original and in great shape (considering the vintage) with only a small amount of water damage from a leaking window. All appliances still in working order without water/gas leaks. Only surface rust on the undercarriage from sitting over unpaved/ungraveled parking for years, AND the "death axle" (however thanks to this site I was aware of this going into the deal and was able to bargain accordingly). SO all-in-all we were very happy with our new Toyhome! Then the search began for the 1-ton full-floating 6 lug rear end....car-parts.com, partshotlines.com, Ebay motors, cold calling local (and less-than-local) salvage yards one-by-one, and craigslist. Craigslist. AND MORE CRAIGSLIST!!!....until......Magic. Fate. Prayer. Planets in alignment. The ending of the Myan Calendar. Whatever the case may have been, a late-night search on craigslist with the paltry term: Sunrader (one of hundreds of keyword searches I had been doing religiously for a month) returned a 1984 21ft Toyota Sunrader in water damage decay 35 miles from our home selling "camper only, chassis is NOT for sale" HOW COULD THIS BE!!! SO CLOSE, YET SO FAR AWAY. I decided I'd try, I HAD TO! After not-so-negative email exchanges with the seller, I arranged to go and see this magnificent pile of scrap RV. There it was in all its glory, taunting me with its perfection...THE 1-ton full-floating 6 lug rear end....the words "Again, Chassis is NOT for sale" spinning through my mind. I picked my jaw up from the ground and began fuddling about the camper looking for any spare bits I might find useful while I explained my scenario to the fine gentleman who was selling her off piece by piece.......I bought a fan motor for the vent, eyed the propane tanks, looked at little fixtures here and there....THEN the clouds parted and a voice sang out to me "I'll tell you what...." My heart leapt, my knees buckled. "Yes, yes, that sounds good. I'll talk to you tomorrow!" IT. WAS. MINE!!!! And delivered to boot! EVERYTHING, axle, springs, shackles, he gave me the ENTIRE frame section! Only shy one upper shock mount (***any help here is appreciated**). Once it was sitting in my garage, I realized that EVERYTHING is going to fit...just bolt right up!!! The driveshaft holes are the same, the spring mounts are the same, the torsion bar!!!!!!!!! The Toyhome gods have smiled upon me....I must repay this debt! Sooooo, I will try to document in this thread my axle upgrade as best I can, pictures and all, for those that find themselves in similar circumstances. Thanks again for everyone's help & contribution (past, present, and future), Patrick Here she sat with her "death axle" waiting... And here is her new pair of shoes...
  16. I like many others on this forum at one time or another, have purchased a new home. It is an '82 Dolphin with 150k on her odometer! The exclamation point was because it still has the 5 lug, fake duallies and seems to be doing just fine. That being said, I will be strapping about 400lbs to my rear bumper and want to make this baby as strong as I can get her. I will be doing the FF rear end swap and don't mind putting in time to build, adapt, and bleed for this project, but I do need to know what other equipment I will be needing besides the axle itself. I will be using a shop with a large amount of tools at my disposal. My brother is also quite talented with custom fabricating things and I know the owner of a machine shop or two. I'm just trying to get all my ducks in a row before I start shooting. Any advice on parts or steps involved would be greatly appreciated. I did many searches but was unable to find what I needed. Thanks for your input! - Jeff
  17. 45 days, 8000mi. Just put a trip report type update thing here: http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=5382&page=5#entry49599 Trip pics here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/patrickandlindsey Had a blast in on our first real voyage in our toyhome, loved every minute of it!
  18. Hello! I am new to the forum. Anyone have any experience with the 1980 Dolphin model with the dead axle? I have been on the search for a new mh -- specifically a dolphin. I am aware of the recommendations to upgrade the rear axle from a 5 over to a 6 lug 1ton ff; and so I have been searching appropriately until I found a couple instances of this 1980 model with the dead (aka lazy) axle. I was considering changing tires would be facilitated without the dual tire axle. Not sure the axle situation with this model, I have only seen photos and none up close. Recommendations? Cheers and thanks!
  19. tell me everything you know about 78 toyota dolphins Ok so I've been reading through the forum and I've learned a lot, some great information. I hate crashing forums for answers but if any of you take the time to help me out it will be much appreciated. I've found a 78 dolphin with 74K and asking price of 1500. I've read about particle board water damage but how that doesn't apply to some model years. I've also read about 5 vs 6 lug rear axles, and something about a recall on the head gasket I believe. I'm fairly skilled mechanical wise and first thing I'd do if I bought it would be to replace all the suspension, new plugs wires rotor and boot, check and replace the cv axles if needed run full synthetic in the transmission and rear differential, do the fuel filter, air filter, oil, and radiator flush, possibly new radiator depending on the look of the old one. So mechanically I'm not super concerned but I'm oblivious to what I need to look for in a 30+ year old camper other then the plumbing, fridge, stove electrical all work but that's about it. I have a connection with a rino lining company would rino lining the roof solve any leak problems? What kind of price am I looking at in doing a 5 lug to 6 lug conversion? any answers would be awesome thanks in advance
  20. I found this listing on Craigs list, and it's a couple days old, but they are offering a one ton full floating rear axle for sale, $500.00 I thought it might help someone needing these rare and hard to find axles. I dont have any other info, here's the ad.. http://palmsprings.c...3110173399.html
  21. I've read everything I can find on the rear axle issues, but can't find what I'm looking for. I have a 1983 Sunrader, and it as the upgraded 6 lug axle, but I can't find any information on it. Is it a later model Toyota axle? Is it from a different manufacturer? Did Gardner Pacific replace it with something completely different? Is it a 1 ton or a 3/4? What size cylinder and seals does it take? We've tried 3 different sets, but nothing seems to fit. Any help greatly appreciated. Ron
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