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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, hoping someone can help. I have a 1984 18' Sunrader with really saggy springs, 5 lug dually/foolies and a slow leaking inner dually. I'm exploring best options... can anyone tell me: 1, Would a 1986-1988 proper 6 lug / 1 ton axle off a Toyota Sun Breeze fit my 1984 rig? 2, Would the leaf springs on the 1 ton Sun Breeze axle fit/line up with my 1984 rig? 3, Anybody know the ratio of this 1984 1/2 ton axle on my automatic trans, 22R Sunrader? 4, Would I expect issues with the parking brake if I'm to swap out the axle?
  2. The short of it is, I just bought a 1981 Sunrader with the dreaded 5 lug bolted together dually rear axle and a broken clutch cable. The owner said the RV started acting weird so he parked it and after he saw online all of the horror stories about his axle he just assumed the axle was the problem and left it parked. So I'm not totally sure if the axle's bad or what but I figured it'd be smart to go ahead and upgrade it. And the clutch cable seems to have gone bad sense it's been sitting. Now, the plot thickens: I live in Roanoke Virginia and the RV is currently in Ohio, up near Youngstown/about an hour from Pittsburgh. My options seem to be: 1. Get the RV towed back home (400miles) and work on it myself. 2. Get it towed to a local shop in OH and be at the mercy of a mechanic that may be untrustworthy/knows I'm from out of town(also, I'm not sure if I would need to take it to just a regular auto repair shop or would it have to be a place that specializes in RVs, like with special lifts and things). 3. Throw that beautiful hail mary, fix the clutch cable myself then see if that axle has at least 400 miles left in it and attempt to drive it back home. My wife and I got it for next to nothing and that's the only reason I figured I had wiggle room to fool with the axle. I'm sure these are questions that have been asked a million times already, but I'm a total scrub when it comes to Toyotas. If I find a replacement rear axle assembly, what year ranges should I be looking for? Do any other rear axles work on these trucks other than the coveted full-float 6 lug? Could I get a more readily available rear assembly from a dodge/ford/chevy and mill a driveshaft adapter? (Only an idea because my uncle is a machinist) I found a rear assembly on craigslist in VA from a 6 lug 1984 4x4 truck, and for the price I'm wondering would something like that be heavy duty enough to take the place of the old/dually axle? This is the link: http://danville.craigslist.org/pts/5369577806.html I have lots of questions and I'd hate to over load everybody right off the bat, but I am just excited to get this thing home. I've been on the hunt for an 18ft Sunrader for 3 years now and this is also our first ever RV haha so thank you for your patience A little dirty but not in bad shape: Here's a shot of the rear end: And here's the hub:
  3. Hi All, I'm new to the site as a member, but I've been watching from the guest side for quite a while. I finally got impatient and picked up an '82 sunrader that seems to be in decent shape, and at a pretty good price (I think). The catch is that it still has the 5 bolt rear end. If anyone has any leads on where I might be able to find a 6 bolt rear end around British Columbia or Washington state, I would be extremely grateful. Also, if anyone has had a mechanic in the area do the swap for them with good results, I'd love to know about it. Thanks!!!!
  4. We have tried 2 different rear axle assemblies and neither works. Our 1984 New Horizon has a 5 lug assembly that ground to a halt 20 minutes after purchasing the rig - we have scoured junk yards and Craigslist, we have purchased one and swapped it for another and neither worked. Where is the best place to locate one - and how should I start my search - what do I need to ask for?
  5. Hi ALL! First I'd like to say THANK YOU to all of the forum members who have contributed to this awesome site, creating a wealth of knowledge, experience, and information for us Toyota Motor Home owners. I'm a new member - both here and to the Toyota Motorhome owner scene. I purchased my first Toyhome, a 1983 Toyota Sunrader (18ft w/ "death axle"....we'll get to that later), after MUCH research on these great, fuel efficient, reliable RVs. The Sunrader (who is as of yet unnamed) we found had only has 35k original miles and the interior was completely original and in great shape (considering the vintage) with only a small amount of water damage from a leaking window. All appliances still in working order without water/gas leaks. Only surface rust on the undercarriage from sitting over unpaved/ungraveled parking for years, AND the "death axle" (however thanks to this site I was aware of this going into the deal and was able to bargain accordingly). SO all-in-all we were very happy with our new Toyhome! Then the search began for the 1-ton full-floating 6 lug rear end....car-parts.com, partshotlines.com, Ebay motors, cold calling local (and less-than-local) salvage yards one-by-one, and craigslist. Craigslist. AND MORE CRAIGSLIST!!!....until......Magic. Fate. Prayer. Planets in alignment. The ending of the Myan Calendar. Whatever the case may have been, a late-night search on craigslist with the paltry term: Sunrader (one of hundreds of keyword searches I had been doing religiously for a month) returned a 1984 21ft Toyota Sunrader in water damage decay 35 miles from our home selling "camper only, chassis is NOT for sale" HOW COULD THIS BE!!! SO CLOSE, YET SO FAR AWAY. I decided I'd try, I HAD TO! After not-so-negative email exchanges with the seller, I arranged to go and see this magnificent pile of scrap RV. There it was in all its glory, taunting me with its perfection...THE 1-ton full-floating 6 lug rear end....the words "Again, Chassis is NOT for sale" spinning through my mind. I picked my jaw up from the ground and began fuddling about the camper looking for any spare bits I might find useful while I explained my scenario to the fine gentleman who was selling her off piece by piece.......I bought a fan motor for the vent, eyed the propane tanks, looked at little fixtures here and there....THEN the clouds parted and a voice sang out to me "I'll tell you what...." My heart leapt, my knees buckled. "Yes, yes, that sounds good. I'll talk to you tomorrow!" IT. WAS. MINE!!!! And delivered to boot! EVERYTHING, axle, springs, shackles, he gave me the ENTIRE frame section! Only shy one upper shock mount (***any help here is appreciated**). Once it was sitting in my garage, I realized that EVERYTHING is going to fit...just bolt right up!!! The driveshaft holes are the same, the spring mounts are the same, the torsion bar!!!!!!!!! The Toyhome gods have smiled upon me....I must repay this debt! Sooooo, I will try to document in this thread my axle upgrade as best I can, pictures and all, for those that find themselves in similar circumstances. Thanks again for everyone's help & contribution (past, present, and future), Patrick Here she sat with her "death axle" waiting... And here is her new pair of shoes...
  6. HI Everyone, We are looking for a 1 ton full floating 6-lug rear axle and tires ASAP for our 85 toyota motorhome. We are currently broken down in Kentucky. If anyone knows where we can find one, or has one could you leave us a message, or get back to us at brittymacd@hotmail.com, or 226-236-1342. Thank you so much for your time! Brittney
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