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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 9 results

  1. hi everyone! TOTAL newbie here: I am going to apologize in advance for anything obtuse I say as I am not just learning about my rig from the ground up, but most vehicles in general (was never interested in the details until I got my rig.) SO- my issue is this: my Dolphin DRAGS so low that I scrape over every speedbump, every driveway, no matter how slowly or carefully I handle it/angle it. I would really love a little LIFT in my system so I can not only overcome this annoyance, but also feel more confident on uneven terrains and more longevity for everything on my undercarriage! Any suggestions on what would be the most affordable long term solution? Preferably not DIY at this point, as I would probably screw it up. Maybe after I learn a bit more, I will take on those projects!
  2. Hey everyone, thought I'd share some of the work my wife and I have been doing on our 4x4 Sunrader. We bought it in August 2017 in Bozeman, MT. We drove it around the west coast for a while and then made our way to Florida to begin a renovation on it. My wife and I have been living in a VW Vanagon for the last two years and decided to make the move to the Sunrader for the extra room, 4WD, Toyota reliability, and cheaper parts. We started the renovation at the beginning of November and are currently still working on it. We've heavily documented the process with photos, videos, and blog posts so I'll try not to be too redundant and post links here. I'll keep posting as we have more to show! Her name is Amelia and this was her before we started working on her. There's plenty more picture of her and her interior before we started the process over here: http://www.boundfornowhere.com/blog/2017/new-home-on-wheels Our goal was to start with a clean slate on renovation so we tore her down to the fiberglass and salvaged what we could. We found LOTS of dead mice in the walls which made us feel better about peeling back everything so we could get a fresh start. Here is a video of that process: We also cover it with some photos and writing in this blog post. This post also shows our first attempts at fiberglassing as we decided to teach ourselves. http://www.boundfornowhere.com/blog/build-out-week-1-2 I'll leave it at here for now. Don't want to overwhelm you with too much all at once. Be back soon with some more process. -MAK and Owen
  3. I picked up a 77 Chinook Gazelle for the shell and wrecked 13 tacoma 4x4 to build this...I cut 10" out of the camper and laminated it back together with 10" added to the front to fit the Acess cab... welded steel subfloor... this is where I am 1300 hours later! I had a 91 Sunrader to do a 4x4 conversion to but opted to build this custom Chinook instead. My plans are for a huge international journey starting in Australia. The rig was built to fit into a 20' shipping container! Here is a link to a build thread, thanks for lookng! Jay https://www.tacomaworld.com/threads/my-2013-tacoma-access-cab-chinook-build-in-progress.512994/
  4. If anyone is interested the girl friend and I are off in a year long journey in my toy home! You can follow us here: cicibreaksborders.com
  5. Hello all, I am looking for some help in tire size for an 85 4x4 Sunrader. 15" rims all around. Can 235 75 15 fit. 225 75 15 on it now. I am having a hard time finding good weight ratings on 225 and I am hoping to find something in a all terrain. This is the best tire I can find, thoughts? Hankook DynaPro ATm Tire 235/75R15XL
  6. This camper is within driving distance of my home town, I'm considering purchasing. Can you tell me anything I should know or ask about before I do? What I know from a brief conversation and seeing it (didn't drive it) in person today: It's imported from Japan & listed as a 1991 Toyota Hilux Sunrader 4WD Diesel Camper Motorhome. $22,500 Price seems steep, where can I negotiate? Does anyone have insight on the imported models? If they are very rare, the 4x4 diesel?? Any concerns or things I should ask about the rear axel? I'm new to this, seems like a great community thanks in advance for any advice. : ) It seems overall pretty well equipped, most of the amenities are original (old) and the inside, although livable, needs some TLC (shower not working, no toilet.) Turned the motor over, it started right up and purred like a good little diesel should. Details: 2.7L DIESEL ENGINE / 4 WHEEL DRIVE / RIGHT HAND STEERING / LOW MILES / REAR DUALLY / 5 SPEED TRANSMISSION / FIBERGLASS CAMPER / TV / BACKUP CAMERA OVERHEAD BED / AWNING / SOLAR PANEL / LADDER & ROOF RACK / SPARE TIRE STAINLESS SINK / MICROWAVE / REFRIGERATOR / ALL THIS AND MORE!!! GENERAL Body type Truck Drive PART 4WD Transmission 5 speed manual Displacement, cc 2779 Frame S-LN106-TRMSS ENGINE Displacement, cc 2779 Engine model 3L Max.power (Net), kw(PS)/rpm 91 ps (66.93 kw) / 4000 rpm Max.torque(Net), N*m(kg*m)/rpm 19.2 kg*m (188.29 N*m) / 2400 rpm Power density 17.03 Engine type Water cooling serial 4 cylinder OHC Fuel system Bosch type distribution type (jet pump) Fuel type Diesel Compression ratio 22.2 Bore, mm 96 Stroke, mm 96 Final gear ratio Fuel consumption at 10-15 modes, l/100km Fuel consumption at 60 km/h, l/100km CHASSIS / TRANSMISSION Power steering Tires size, front 215R15-6 Tires size rear 215r15-6 Braking system, front Disk Braking system, rear Drum (leading/trailing) Suspension system, front Semi- elliptic leaf spring Suspension system, rear Semi- elliptic leaf spring
  7. Well, my engine took a dive on me last weekend and I need a complete rebuild. I don't have the time to do the rebuild myself, so I am looking for some mechanic recommendations near Portland Oregon. Or if anyone knows of any rebuilt or used 22R turbos for sale let me know! Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello all, I have a leaning Toyota Motorhome and have been doing some research to replace the rear leaf springs to fix the problem. I was under the truck looking for a part number and saw that there was a sticker on the top leaf that said Alcan Springs. Which mean I do not have OEM springs on my rig. That said I have a few questions: Did the body builder (Odyssey) replace the springs when they put the camper on? Or where the springs replaced by an owner due to failure or aftermarket improvements? Does anybody know the OEM part number for the rr springs? The trucks is a factory 1986 1 Ton 4X4 with a 22RTE. Does anyone have any suggestions for replacement springs? Note I do have Firestone Ride Rite helper bags on the back Thanks in advance for any feedback! Paul
  9. I know there aren't many 4x4s left on the road and I'm curious if my '84 4cyl (still with original faux dualie design) is the mileage "Grandma". Anyone have one with more miles on it?
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