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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone! It's my first time posting here. I have a 1990 Toyota dolphin AT 2WD. The transmission started to fail few days ago. I'm looking for used transmissions. I found a few...in some adds says for extra cab no weight specific, others say for 1/2 ton...and I'm a bit lost. I don't know if the transmission for Toyota pickup 1/2 ton and 1 ton are the same.. Is there,maybe, anyone who knows if I need a transmission for 1 ton? Or...I can use whatever from a 1990?(it would be 2wd, and from a V6, obviously) Thanks a lot, I'm advance. Will.
  2. I am pulling my 3.0 VZE motor because of spun bearing and numerous other issues. Searching Craigs list there are so many good 3.4 5VZE's for sale, no 3.0 3VZE's in my area. My first choice is to replace with a 3.4. Yes, I see a lot on the internet about this with 4Runners, but has anyone actually done it themselves on a Toyota motor home? I think I am most worried about the wiring issues. I also see suggestions about Buick 3.8 for replacement. I am not really looking for more power, just reliability. I am not interested in a shop doing it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Ed
  3. So Ive been digging around on this site and on the web for repair manuals for my Toyota. My truck being the 6 cyl 3.0 has made it even harder. Haven't really found anything here. Most of it dead-ended to files that no longer existed or didn't apply. What I really was hoping to find was the original Toyota Shop manual for my 1990 in PDF form. Forget it!! Well I have found a few good links that I wanted to share with you guys. That being said I am really careful about what I click on on the internet. The links I am going to share I have already checked out and are good. I have also found out that there are only a couple of countries that do not call our Toyota's "Hilux". Most of the world even to this day call them "HiLux". Anyway hope this may help someone and save you some leg-work too. This one is probably not going to help most folks but you never know. It is the diesel version of our engines: Toyota Diesel 2L & 3L Engines This one is really nice and it covers everything from 1990-1995 and more goodies too:Everything Toyota Truck 1990-1995 Plus This one has too much good stuff to list, from 1985-2005 mostly all the "Hilux" Toyota Truck: Everything Toyota Truck ( Hilux also ) Enjoy the reading and Cheers !!!!
  4. Engine Misses one trip it drives perfectly. The next time it has no power and misses, especially on idle.
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