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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 5 results

  1. So in Early June I bought an 85 Dolphin, did the research on the axles, and decided to go for it on this $3,000 buy. Figuring I would have some damage to repair, I truly did not realize that the entire house was rotten. My mechanic gave me a decent tune up, and it seemed to be doing fine, until I really started to get into the remodel. I completely took the thing apart. I think the only original pieces will be the seats, the dash, and some wrought iron from the decoration. With the demolition work that was happening, I occasionally turned over the engine to hear that beautiful 22re purr. Eventually I had to start charging the car with my turbo engine if I wanted it to start. and that's when I started to notice the engine fixes that my mechanic missed, and I am now questioning. On top of doing a complete house rebuild from the chassis up, I think I need a new alternator (starter is new), I'm going to need to update my leaf springs (shocks are new from prev owner), I'm going to need to replace the fuel sending unit (gas gauge doesn't work), and the exhaust doesn't pass smog, and I didn't realize that the previous owner had been using a fluid to fudge the results, but there are obvious holes in the exhaust system I did not see when I purchased. I guess I really just came in here for some help, or encouragement. I won't be able to start work on it again until March, and its had me thinking is it worth it? do I attempt to see just the stripped machine to someone for some money to recoup my losses, allowing myself to have the space for another project, that isn't in as deep of water, or do I carry on? for those of you still active, What would you do? would you rebuild your entire rig, or just get another one? one with more horsepower, weight capabilities etc? I liked the idea of the 85 22re because I knew it would be a rig I could learn mechanics on, really take my life into my own hands, get dirty, and learn. I've always wanted to learn, and newer machines are too complicated at 22re's really have the books & forums to set you up for some great DIY. I just think the more I rest on not moving forward, the bigger the project seems, and I'm beginning to feel overwhelm and question if it really is worth it. I'm probably looking at $6000 to get the engine and chassis up to the snuff I want it at (with paid labor), and not to mention the $10,000 I had allotted myself to have a really nice build. Any advice / thoughts for a pal that just saw stars & a fun project?
  2. Hi I just bought a 1985 Toyota dolphin but it needs brakes I'm having problems finding it by Auto zone and Napa beacuse dolphins aren't in there computer system I managed to find one web site that had Chinook brakes in my same year are those the same brake system as on the dolphin or could some one steer me in the rite direction of a website or maybe another matching model I could tell the guys at napa
  3. I found this dolphin for sale and it is in great condition, however it is listed for pretty cheap. After doing some research I found some things about recalls on the axles of 1984 and prior and some of the 1985’s. This one is a 1985 and I was wondering if anyone could tell from the looks of it if it’s a recall or not. If so, would it be a bad decision to buy and is there any way it could be fixed?
  4. Last weekend I drove Myrtle (the Turtle), my 1985 Toyota Dolphin, on a 400 mile round-trip shakedown run to Key West. It was my first RV trip and the first for my cat, Nala. After ten minutes of crying he settled down and rode like a pro the rest of the trip. I even caught him standing on the dinette seat once with his head between the side curtains looking out the window like a dog! Before hitting the road I installed a new timing chain kit and water pump (a challenge), new belt and hoses and new Toyota red coolant, spark plugs, oil change and filters, pretty much everything from the new owner's checklist on this forum. The posts on shocks and suspension were very helpful; I bought KYB front shocks from my NAPA store and the rear shocks online then decided to have a local shop install them. The RV rides and handles much better now. I plan to replace the leaf spring bushings in the fall but the springs themselves seem fine to me and the local shop agreed. This being my first RV I'm surprised at how pleasant it is to drive. The four stock mirrors are right where they should be. Just a glance left and right shows how I'm centered between the stripes in the lane. A previous owner stuck one of those old-fashioned plastic wide angle lenses on the back window and it works great. Looking in the rear view mirror is like looking at a rear view camera but with a bigger panorama and no disconcerting screen. With the 4 cylinder engine and 4 speed manual the Dolphin gets out of its own way at stoplights but winds out pretty high in top gear. No big deal, 45-55 MPH is the speed limit in the Florida Keys and I found it's also the sweet spot that had that old 22re engine purring like my cat getting scratched. I chilled out on the ocean scenery and let other drivers pass me when they could. 15 miles from Key West it started to drizzle and after a few minutes of use the drivers side wiper blade came off and landed on the hood. The plastic hole that grips the nub in the wiper arm was worn out and couldn't keep the wiper attached. Glad I put Rain-X on the windshield the day before! I drove straight to the Key West NAPA where $7.50 bought a new wiper blade that stayed put. Key West was great with good food, sun and sand but not too hot. I set out for home Sunday morning with newfound confidence in Myrtle the RV. About halfway home though I started hearing a rhythmic click from the left side underneath that increased with the speed. I pulled over and could not find any tire problem. Set out again, same sound, pulled over again, no tire problem to be seen. By the third time I pulled over I was stumped and called Progressive for road service only to be informed I didn't have road service on my policy. Damn that agent for not hearing what I asked for; damn me for not reading the policy docs. One more look at the tires and this time I found the problem, a huge screw in the inside left dually tire. I took a chance and drove the last 40 miles home on surface roads at 35 MPH. Myrtle made it with her tire intact and inflated. The next day I pulled it and had it patched for $20.00. OK, dodged that bullet, now why are the charging system and brake warning lights on all of a sudden? Back on this forum Linda S. said it's always the alternator. I checked it with a multimeter and the voltage dropped under load. Thanks Linda, looks like the alternator indeed. It came out easily without having to remove any hoses or the distributor cap, having no power steering helped. I found a rebuilt one with a lifetime guarantee for $82.99 at O'Reilly's, little more than the $75-80 I was quoted to rebuild the old one. Installation went smoothly, no more warning lights and there are hundreds of O'Reilly's out there for peace of mind on the road. I paid the agent $22.00 additional yesterday for road service coverage and did not yell at him. I think everything turned out well and I'm glad. This Sunday Nala and I are headed 5-1/2 hours north for a two day stay at the Hillsbourough River State Park near Zephyrhills, where the same spring water people pay for in bottles flows from every tap. Then we'll head a bit further north to visit friends in Clermont where there really are hills and return back home Wednesday. That's the plan. Thank you to all the great people on this forum for your help and experience, I wouldn't be on the road without you. Uncle Monty
  5. My girlfriend and I are a few months into a road trip attempting to drive as far south as roads can take us. Currently we are parked on the beach in Mazatlan waiting for Carnaval before turning our wheels south again. I would love to hear anyone else's experiences, tips, blogs or even if you have some gringo job connections. We're not retired so we plan on working along the way. We did a spruce up/remodel on the old girl's interior, beefed up her suspension, added solar panels and countless other things. We've been trying to document every step of it. All the info on what we did and where we have been is at http://www.followthewind.net/ Update - Trip turned a little nasty after a car accident outside Tepic, MX. We're re-rebuilding the old girl. Hopefully be back on the road again soon. http://www.followthewind.net/blog/2014/3/7/oyota-dolphin-accident-mexico
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