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  1. This is my first time posting in this forum. I apologize in advance if i've posted this thread in the wrong category. I've searched endlessly and found very little information about the Toyota Gran Sport pop-up. I've been considering for the last couple months buying this 1984 Gran Sport but have already had a rough year of vehicle repair bills (over 10k) and looking to avoid another catastrophe... I know someone here will have some useful knowledge or advice. So any help, greatly appreciated. While from the outside it looks like a piece of junk, the unit has a fresh 2 year inspection in Nova Scotia, Canada (where I live) and I have seen it up close and rode as a passenger. The owner wasn't too keen on letting me test drive but insisted that was for insurance reasons. He did let me drive it in his yard for a brief moment. He is the 3rd owner as far as I know and does have the original manual that goes with it. Unlike some of my recent purchases, I know this vehicle has been driven a fair bit in the last couple years and that it hasn't been sitting. I actually think it's pretty decent mechanically speaking, and in the rear most all of the appliances seem to work too. What attracts me is the manual transmission (albeit 4 speed) and the chance to save on gas (I'm a full time touring solo musician) compared to the gas guzzling ford b class I drove all year. I realize that space is limited in the rear and that the pop-up feature is pretty flakey looking but my thought was to take the $10,000 I would spend on a newer rig and use 70% of that money to restore and repair (if/when needed) this vehicle. My biggest worry is moisture. I know this vehicle has been in Nova Scotia for at least a decade and even if it hasn't been winter driven, the salty air alone, combined with the design of the unit has me nervous. From what I can tell this has a wooden frame and although it looks fine on the inside I have no idea what's behind those walls or under the flooring. It could be a mess. Once that happens it's pretty much a lost cause, right? That's what I've been told. http://novascotia.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-RVs-campers-trailers-RVs-motorhomes-1984-Toyota-Camper-from-sunny-Florida-W0QQAdIdZ541931535 Here are some pictures I took with my iPhone when I checked it out: http://postimg.org/gallery/a9bv26us/2e081046/
  2. Hello again - my last post was Jan 19 - “Lookin at an ‘85 Sunrader”. Well, I GOT IT! Yay! It’s an ‘84, not ‘85. 4 speed manual transmission, 4 cylinder 22R engine. 160,000 miles. I’ve had some health issues to face this Winter so I have not tended to my baby as of yet - but I hope to begin soon. Happy to post pics along the way if folks are interested in that progress. So stoked to have her and so grateful for this group because I can use ALLLL the help/advice folks are able to give on this new journey. (1st photo was right when I bought her - got an oil change - then took her to the diy car wash - 2nd photo is her cleaned up on the 1st pass - she will need lots of washing/detailing but she shines up pretty good!)
  3. Hello all, I've tried finding the right shocks for my Dolphin and I'm still not sure of exactly what the right models are. Can anyone recommend the correct KYB shocks I should get for my 1984 Dolphin? Thank you so much.
  4. I've lost the transmission and crankshaft on my 1984 Toyota Motorhome. I am having a difficult time finding the parts and someone to work on this. Any ideas?
  5. Greeting! LOVE this forum and have been lurking for awhile. My name is Shane and my family and I live in the Black Hills in South Dakota. My wife and I have been weighing whether we wanted a turn key outfit or a project and after 3 years of looking at every Toyota Motorhome craigslist post we could find (rarely seeing a Sunrader), we decided on a PROJECT. This is a 1984 21' Sunrader. 84,000 on the 22R, 4 speed manual. It does have the 6 lug swap out, and it runs well. We drove it home for $2500. That's about the end of the 'pros'. Cons are the leaky roof openings (a/c and vent). One cab-over window is shot. The rest of the windows seem to be holding a good seal. There is some damaged fiberglass between the 2 cab-over windows and near the rear drivers side tire. The roof has a sag where the a/c unit sits. The po also removed the passenger side cabinetry. I have paperwork from less than 2 years ago that show a previous owner had a new alternator, battery isolater and battery installed. None the less, no power to the coach. (Although the marker/ running lights work! I was surprised!) Not sure if any of the appliances/ systems work. The water holding tank, water heater, water pump and grey water tank are all still there. The original furnace is still there, but to the best of the po's knowledge, non-functional. It has the original stove/ oven, but a leaky propane line that I need to repair before I can test. The fridge is electric and not original. The previous owner never used any of the systems. Just the bed. Have only had it for a week and all we've done is clean it up a bit inside and out. The next stop will be our Toyota mechanic's shop to make sure all the fluids are changed, check all the hoses and rubber and whatever else he recommends, and then we'll get started on digging into it! I've read a lot on this forum and I am really grateful for such a killer resource and all the knowledge and wisdom shared here, so THANKS!
  6. Hi everyone, I've spent around 10-15 hours on this forums and others reading about toyota motorhomes and decided they were the best choice (gaz, realiblity and price) wise. Fast answers would be great since I'm meeting the guy again the 24. They're pretty rare in quebec, canada. Today I've found one, really well maintened with a nice guy who loved it. He has in his garage the Upgraded axle (true 1 ton) 6 nuts. He is asking 4000$ cad for the rv (93000 miles) standard all in working order exept the water heater. I just want to make sure that the axle it has right now is the dangerous one ( see the photo in black) , if so I will try to discuss with the guy and find a deal, I don't want to kill my girlfriend and I if it snaps off. (He never overloded it and always checked and greased the bearing, but what about the others owners, I don't want to take any chances. Do national rv still honor their warranty? Two main questions: 1. If we change the rear axle for the safe one, are the 5 nuts in the front safe enouph ( I don't plan to overload and I will will check the bearing for any loose, grease them 1-2 time during long trips, etc). Are they hard to change in the front? 2. Any guides, info out there to help us change the rear axle? Around how many hours? He thinks he have everything we need exept a few bolts that we should be able to get from toyoto (hopefully). I'm going to meet to guy again on the 24 and depending of what kind of deal we have, buying it on the 25 if I can/or we can do the upgrade. Thanks a lot for the input and I'm looking forward to be lucky enouph to drive this jewel ( we'll do 10 000 -15 000 km in 2 months ) this summer so we want something safe. Cheers! -Emmanuel
  7. Hello fellow motorhomies. So, I have a 1984 Sunradar and a 1988 Winnebago. I am transferring the 88 engine/tranny/axles into my 84. That will be a 22RE where my 22R is now. Questions: Will I need to transfer fuel tanks as well? Can I just install a fuel pump somewhere? Or will I have to get creative and modify my current tank? THANK YOU for sharing any knowledge you have. I am a passionate homely motor man and completely dedicated to my Sunradar.
  8. Hey all, hoping for some advice from some Sunrader owners. I've recently stumbled across an 84 Nissan Sunrader, with a practically new 22z motor. Still has a 3 year warranty and less than 100 miles on it. Owner is moving out of the country soon and looking to dump it So questions are as followed; 1. Can anyone see any major issues from the pics? I can say that there is a depression in the roof and will need some patching (anything else?) window gaskets are a must (no surprise it's a sunrader) rust on the drivers side door (see pic). It is missing a decent amount of screws at the aluminum strip that joins the 2 pieces of fiberglass of the sunrader body (easy fix??) All appliances work, floor didn't seem to sag, it ran like a top in the 5 minutes I test drove it. What else should I be looking for? Just looking to see what the crew is thinking this rig is worth. I'm salivating at the thought of purchasing it, but like most people, don't want to get in over my head, but also don't mind spending the cash to get an experienced RV converter, restorer to help me out with the process. Looking to make an educated decision largely based on the experience of the members here such as FJ40, Linda S., jdemaris, and any others.
  9. Does anyone have a recommendations for the Buffalo area? I've got the 1984 22R 4 speed manual mini RV with pop up top. Started leaking oil badly today, and it's going to be a big job. Just curious if anyone has any recommendations in this part of NY or the Erie part of Pennsylvania. Thanks
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