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Found 6 results

  1. Hello All, I have been doing a dive into reading all about an axle swap and learn without asking the question again. Sadly I'm just not as quick on the draw as I'd like to be. Truck is 1978 and appears to have the 5 Lug dually (foolie) As the truck is so old what i have gathered is their may be some additionally fabrications rather than just finding a used axle from something older. I understand it to be switching to a 6 lug 1 ton floating axle to handle the weight. There are a few shops around willing to help, I am just searching in and around a days drive to see if I can locate the right donor part/vehicle . Also if to expand my search if something off of a Landcruiser or equaling would work for this and the problems ill need to bring up for my shop? Sorry to ask the same old questions, I know this is the route I need to go to be safe so I want to know the path of least resistance. I understand it will take time/money but the specific info would be wildly helpful. Thanks for listening.
  2. Hey All, I recently bought a 1978 Toyota Sunrader as it has been a dream for a bit. Interior is great redone on most of it. Water runs great, converted a bunch over to Solar for lights and other smaller items. However recently I have run into trouble with my Clutch pedal Switch and trying to source the correct one to buy! Any chance someone knows I can find alot of info on it for 82-90 but not so much on the years prior. Also the previous owner purchased LED lights for the break lights and turn signals that dont seem to respond to the turn signal lights. Work with hazards though. Trying to figure out how to change the relay? Anyone got thoughts or advice.
  3. Having a hard time figuring out if the rear axle on this 78 Dolphin is safe. It's a 5 lug single axle. Guy wants to trade it for my slightly larger 85 Dolphin with the upgraded dualies. If this one is good to go, I'd rather have the smaller rig with the single tires on the rear. Seems to have better clearance and would be easier to lift a bit for travels in Baja. Thoughts?
  4. Hello! I just brought home the 1978 Toyota Sunrader my brother gave me & it needs a TLC. For the most part it looks like just cosmetic work needs to be done... new flooring, recovering the cushions, new cabinet doors, fresh paint on the interior, & a good detailing. The little 4 cylinder engine still runs like a champ... okay, so a slow champ... which makes me think there's nothing wrong with it mechanically. After it warms up it sounds like any new car on the road. Question Part: The exterior seems to have cracked caulking along the seams where the cab & the coach meet. Does anyone have any good advice on how to do that? Should I sand down the old stuff & put new caulking over it? Does anyone have any other good tips a new RV owner should look for to make sure things are sealed up tight? Background on me: 100% small car owner who has owned 3 VW New Beetles over the past 12 years (2000, 2006, & 2003) & a 1985 Honda CRX before that. The most I've done to my cars was add racing stripe decals, change the oil (just once was enough for me), & wash them. So I'm sure this little RV from 1978 is going to have its challenges & rewards.
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