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  1. No, I could'nt get it to start once my buddy flat bedded it to my house. Prior owner ran it so hot trying to get it home he blew antifreeze/stop leak all the way back to the rear end. I did'nt bother messing with the 3.0 when I bought it because I already had the parts to do a 3.4 conversion to a 2nd gen 4 runner. I already dropped in the 3.4 when I discovered the complications around the crossover shift linkage. If there's still life left in the A340E great. I guess I'll wire up to the T100 2WD computer. I hope the tranny made the trip or I'll be posting up a the MT conversion after the motor is dropped in. It's a pain to drill the hole for the Master cylinder, plumb the slave cylinder etc. after the 3.4's dropped in. I was looking at the AT trans mount and figured it would have to be cut out and MT mount installed to do a MT conversion, then deal with the drive shaft issues if necessary. I guess move on with what I have and roll the dice. I would'nt mind the 5 speed, to give me better control of the trans when going through the hills, and general reliability. I have had high mileage AT trans. leave me stranded 1000 miles from home before, never with a MT. Manuals and clutches normally warn you long before they fail.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. This does put me in a little quandary. I've debated on converting the RV to a R150F from my '94 4 Runner but it's a 4X4 with a different tail-shaft. Trying to use what I have. I have the whole rig so plumbing, pedals, master cyl. etc. is already covered. I did a manual conversion on my '95 Stealth a couple years back (no regrets at all). The time to do this would be while I have the engine out. I've read on doing the conversion on 4 Runners. Finding out the tranny was shot after I put the engine in would be more of a pain later.
  3. I have'nt got around to fabbing up my 2nd crossover to passenger side drop yet. The '96 T100 computer just arrived yesterday. Good info on getting rid of CELs that I can install before putting mine on the road. It's been in the teens lately here in Southern MO. Another concern I've had is the prior owner of the RV towed it around 80 miles without dropping the driveshaft when he blew the HG. I've done alot of reading on the Toyota websites trying to determine if he trashed the rear bearings in the transmission in the process. Some trannys will trash the bearings, some will not. Does anyone know if the A340E would be damaged in this manner? You can often find these RVs as fixers on CL, but if someone does'nt drop the driveshaft when/if they tow them home, you could end up fixing the HG problem and then be dealing with a trans problem thereafter.
  4. Does an extra 15 hp really make much difference in a 6000 pound vehicle? 1988 22RE = +-115hp 1990 3VZ = +- 150hp 2000 5Z = +- 190hp I think the 5Z motor I'm putting in is going to be more than a 15hp increase over the 22RE. Maybe I was going against the wind. I was following several Class A El dorados and Honeys with big blocks. Never a stick in the Escapers back then only automatics. I debated dropping a spare R150 into my Toyhome but thought I would try it with the Automatic at first. I prefer a stick but many people do not.
  5. In my case, I hunted all over the midwest looking for a reasonably priced (3.0-based) Toyhome that was a fixer and (not-flooded out). I already had the motor/harness/computer and most accessories already purchased. I also own a 97 4-Runner (driver) so I have a vehicle to compare to. I luckily picked up the RV with a blown head gasket about a year ago within 40 miles from my house. A buddy flat-bedded it to my yard. I'm not in a hurry to get the swap done, just want to do everything right so I don't deal with issues later when I put it on the road. I was concerned about custom-made "rotting out" fabbed crossovers. That would be a bummer if your 1,000 miles from home and the crossover fails mounted in the back of the engine (barking all the way home). I picked up mine (1990) $1300. I've swapped about a dozen or more engines on old mopars/chevs. over the years when I was a kid. This swap is definitely more than a drop-in. My brother got me hooked on Toyotas years ago when he gave me his 94 4-Runner and I drove it for 80,000 more miles after doing a HG repair. I was intending to do the 3.4 swap on the 4 runner but switched direction to the Toyhome. I worked for an RV dealer in the late 80's and we sold several of the 4-banger Escapers due to their price point. As I recall, I drove one 50 miles to a trade show in Green Bay when they were new with my foot to the floor doing 55 MPH. I'm hoping the 3.4 can at least keep up with traffic on flat land. 13-14 MPG would be fine with me. My '97 454 Suburban gets 10 MPG on flat-land but I can't comfortably sleep in it.
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