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  1. Thank you both! The fan sets with thermostat look awesome! And the exterior fridge hatch is exactly where I was thinking of putting the switch. Turn power to the fans on and off at same time I’m turning propane on and off, so they are only on-line when my rig is in use.
  2. I remember earlier discussions of installing computer fans in the fridge vent stack to help cool the coils, but I can’t find them. Has anyone done this, and if so, how many and how did you mount them? I’m thinking a cut-off switch would be useful so that they were only running when the fridge was on and the weather hot enough to affect the fridge. Mine usually works well, except on long hot days when I’m driving east and the sun is beating on that wall.
  3. Confess I had mine taken off when they redid the cabover. Not a TV person. A metal patch was put on the outside, and the interior hole is neatly covered by the smoke detector.
  4. Travelling in our ‘87 Mini-Cruiser last summer. Stopped at propane dealer and they couldn’t get the propane to start flowing. Took it to an RV place and a propane dealer in a larger town. Same problem. Brought it home to my local Ace hardware, which had done the previous fill. No luck. Made an appointment with an RV repair place. Their guy said let me try filling before doing anything else. BINGO! She filled right up. Turns out the bleed valve on some of the older propane tanks has to be open 100% before the safety pin in the fill port will move out of the way and let the propane flow. So posting this in case anyone else has this problem.
  5. WME - my bad, amps. And to quote Descartes “I’m sorry I wrote such a long letter, I didn’t have time to write a short one”
  6. Linda - thanks, that sounds like the problem. Couldn’t remember the terminology I needed. Still learning the lingo, especially when it comes to the electrical systems.
  7. We’re on the road. First night boondocked without issue. Second night parked at an Ohio Tpk rest stop (very civilized) and plugged in. No problems - except I didn’t realize till next AM that the socket was dead (know to check every time now). When we made a pit stop for gas at a place where the restrooms were beyond skuzzy we decided to use our own facilities. Went into camper to find electrical system on the fritz. No power to lights, Maxxfans which had been running or even CO detector. Turned everything off and did a battery reading 2 amps. Checked 12 amp fuses which all seemed good - but power came back over 3 amps. Detector came back, was able to power pump long enough to flush toilet. When I went to start it took 4 or 5 tried to start it and have all the dashboard warning lights clear. When we got to the campground battery was still at 6 amps. Plugged in for the night and had no issues, battery back to 12 amps this morning and truck started fine. So, what’s going on - short, new converter or ???
  8. Oh, I also love my ratcheting screwdriver with lots of bits including square ones that fit most of the screws in my RV and the socket fits over the screws with a nut-type head (forget what they are called). Prefer a hand tool to power cause the screws are all cheap aluminum which is stupidly easy to strip.
  9. Butane lighter stick for stove and hot water heater safety flares or triangles and high visibility vests waste tank treatment. I like Happy Camper, but there are other options plastic dollar store baskets that fit in overhead compartments to organize stuff and keep it from flying out when you open the hatches. I also like packing envelopes and cubes to organize clothing etc patience, a sense of humor and a willingness to go with the flow. - these are vintage machines after all
  10. Just wanted to thank everyone for this great info. I just treated Mosey and she looks like a new rig. Wish I could drop 30 years that easily!
  11. Sounds like what my dear old Dad would have called “cheap first dollar insurance”, and good advice! edited to add so good, I’ve taken it! Thanks!
  12. Thanks for your replies. I’m hoping it’s rubber. I’ve got to get the carpet out of the bath, it’s vile.
  13. I want to remove my quite new Thetford Aqua-Magic hi-rise toilet in order to pull the carpet out of the bath (yuck) and replace it with sheet vinyl. If I do that, should I replace the closet flange seal or can I just bolt the toilet back in (possibly waiting for slightly warmer weather to soften the seal). Also, can I run the flooring under the toilet? The installation instructions say to cut away carpet and mount the toilet on the bare floor.
  14. The more I look at what folks have done, the more I like the idea of snaps mounted on the top edge of the cabover shelf. Easy, tidy, and out of the way if you want to flip the cutout open.
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