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  1. Should my water pump, bathroom fan, and interior lights all run off of my coach deep cycle battery?
  2. Still having issues... Maybe my expectations are off, but what should the coach battery run? Interior lights, water pump...
  3. Thank you! Do you have a link as to where I can buy a recommended upgraded switching supply?
  4. What should I specifically search? Converter, 12v relay, no power, etc...? I'm not sure of the technical issue that is going on in my rig. Thanks.
  5. I'm at work right now, but will get you the info when I get home. It is a stock converter. Thank you.
  6. I have a 1989 V6 Dolphin and I do not receive any power from my battery to run any coach lights or pump. Everything works great when on shore power, but nothing works at all when I disconnect from the shore power and run on my new deep cycle battery. Any ideas? I've read briefly about the power converter under the sofa and how that has a spring that might be stuck to only run electrical off of shore power, BUT I NEED MORE INFO ON THIS and I can't seem to find any. I'm trying to do this project on my own, as I am quite handy. Can anybody help me out with some troubleshooting or tips? Thank
  7. I'm needing to find out how the black and grey water tanks are attached to my 1989 Dolphin. I'm going to be welding a hitch on to the frame and need the tanks lowered for a proper weld. Does anybody know, or have pictures, of how these tanks are connected? Will there be multiple inlets on the grey water tank? Are the connections pressure fit, glued, clamped, etc... Thanks. -Jake
  8. About 10 years old, at least that is what the seller told me. I have Nexuns on there now and am pleased.
  9. Well, we just finished our trip across America! Other than 2 blown rear tires in Mississippi, the trip was flawless. We traveled over 7,000 miles after all was said and done. We bought a harbor freight 2200 generator and strapped it on the roof to run our air conditioner for the whole drive. Climbing the ladder to fill the generator was tiring, but well worth it in high heat and humidity. My wife and son were quite cozy in the air. I even hauled a Honda CT90 motorcycle back with us from Michigan to California. I strapped that on the roof too. These Toys are bulletproof and it served its purpos
  10. I just find it odd that it was under the original carpet. The same carpet that is laid under all of my cabinets and appliances. Has anyone else ever seen this? I had to cut 1/4" plywood to fill in the gaps where the aluminum fell short.
  11. I pulled up the original carpet and found this sheet of 1/4" aluminum screwed to my subfloor. Is this stock? I'm in the middle of putting down a new vinyl floor. I'll have updated pics as I go.
  12. Vanman, Thank you for the reply. I will look into everything you listed. We should be traveling light and will be purchasing food along the via Walmarts. Is a backup camera necessary to have? Thanks. -Jake
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