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  1. Thanks for all your help, my understanding is the fridge is the only appliance that requires leveling of the rig. This forum has been so helpful to a beginner RVER like me!
  2. I have hooked up to 110v at home to test the outlets, microwave and overhead AC, but was wary of testing the other appliances without leveling my 1990 dolphin. Can I run the fridge on electric mode, the propane heater and the propane water heater without leveling the rig? They are all original equipment. Thanks
  3. Hi all, I am a new owner of a 1990 Dolphin in pretty good shape. The PO told me this was a base for a rack installed by the last and original owner. That would make this work over 20yrs old. These are box steel or aluminum running edge to edge. I have come to realize this is support for a sagging roof mid cabin. The ceiling feels solid but it hasn't rained yet. It is coated with a white rock solid epoxy-like substance that seems like a good seal. The roof does sag about an inch in the center, no staining inside. The bolts go right thru the ceiling. I'm in norcal, so not alot of rain, but the old girl will be stored outside now. (She's had covered parking before)
  4. Thanks for the response, there are several RVS with small solar panels providing a trickle charge in the storage lot I will be using. That would be a good option. Would turning off the circuit breakers or disconnecting the cabin battery prolong it's life?
  5. Thanks Linda, your knowledge helps people like me so much! Looks like ill replace the anode and the pressure relief valve on the tank. I sanitized the fresh water tank and cold and hot lines. thanks again all posters
  6. Hi, I am new to RVs. Is this the anode in the pic? Also How do these drain valves operate? Do they turn 1/4 turn, pull them up, unscrew them? See pics
  7. I am the new owner of a 1990 dolphin, the previous owner has the shore power cord plugged into a 110v outlet in that cabinet and said if this was unplugged all cabin lights etc would not work. I unplugged it and all 12v cabin electric does work. Is that ok? When I do plug into shore power, will that only run the 110v outlets and would recharge my cabin battery? Is there a good way to preserve my cabin battery when the RV is not in use for 3-4 weeks at a time? Right now the 12v has worked great on a 12 day trip for lights and cell charging and has charged back up while driving. Would running the engine keep the cabin battery charged in times of non use as there is no 110v available where it is parked. Thanks!
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