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  1. Hm, that would be much better than replacing the axle...but any idea how risky that is? Is it something commonly done by folks on here? Thank you for all your help btw.
  2. So I've been trying to buy a van for a 6+ month road trip next year and came across a 1983 Mirage camper. It runs and appears to be in decent shape, but it has the 5 lug rear axle. Were these axles okay in the mirage since they're on the smaller side, or would I be taking a massive risk not replacing it? And speaking of replacing it, if I could find a solid replacement axle, is it something that someone with very little mechanical experience could do if they had access to an automotive garage + lift?...If not, about how much would I expect to pay for the replacement? I really love the look and style of this, but im not sure if it's worth the trouble now...They're asking $5,500 for it which seems like a steal.
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