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  1. LINDA FOR THE WIN! Ordered, we’ll see if it works. Thanks,
  2. Fred, just saw your post on ToyotaMinis. I was thinking a moat of silicon! LOL. I kinda like the bicycle tube rubber trick...hmm
  3. Thanks Fred. Ya, I kinda took it all out without noting placement of the channels. I’ll figure it out. When you reinstalled them, did you just use a silicone product? There’s a lot of room between the glass snd channel. Or, did you use silicone plus fabric/rubber to hold it in place?
  4. Thanks Linda! I’ll try there as well. It’s really more of a hilux/pickup question. Might try that site as well
  5. I’m trying to fix the door windows on my ‘77 Chinook.... both need help. How do the windows seat in the metal ‘U’ shaped metal tray attached to the regulator??? My passenger side has some rubber in the bottom of the channel only, while the drivers had rubber wrapped around the window edge snd set in the tray. Neither held very well, do id like to do it right. thx in advance!
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