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  1. Darrel!  Thanks for the pics.  I will close both of the valves and see if that corrects my problem.  I believe the gentleman that had the motorhome had the original valves replaced.  The pics of the water pump.  Did you have to remove the sofa/bed.  If so is that difficult to do?  Do you know if both valves in front of fresh water tank must be closed.  Are both drains for fresh water tank or is one for that and the other for something else.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  I'm trying to learn as much as possible.  Just purchased the 94 last year and am still learning.  One more question.  I would like to replace the waste valves on the gray and black tank.  Is this something I could do?  Is there enough play that when I remove the old valve I can get the new gaskets and valve back in without taking everything aprt.  Thanks again. Ports.

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      Removing the couch is easy but awkward I believe there is two bolts on each side. I don't remember what the valves looked like by the water tank, it was 6 years ago. I would saw close them. Run the pump with water in the tank, look under the motorhome below the water tank and see if there is water draining out. The black and gray valves unbolt, put new back in in reverse.


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