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  1. Thanks for replying. Now wondering if I should have the air bags checked before the shocks replaced, because maybe it's not the shocks, the expensive mechanic is the one who said to start with them. The person I bought from said he had the air bags checked or worked on before I bought and I think I have a receipt somewhere for that, but the mechanic who did that is in another state. So is getting the air bags checked the place to start? Is a truck mechanic the best person to check that out or any mechanic can do that? If it's still swaying a lot and it's not the air bags anymore and the back i
  2. Hi There! Had some really scary sway while on maiden voyage so trying to get her more reliable. Also the back is hanging really low. Took her to a nearby mechanic in NC and presented my thoughts for making more stable gleaned for Toyo forums. They recommended starting with the shocks and new tires. They quoted $500 for the rear shocks and $1000 for the front shocks, $500 for tires. I went to several mechanics before who told me they didn't have the capability to lift her up, so I am limited as to mechanic, though I would look further afield if prices seem way high. I am not able to do it mysel
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