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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 4 results

  1. NewfieBullet

    Need some tips!

    Hey so I've completely gutted my coach and now I need some tips on a few things, 1) Can I replace rotten timbers from inside? 2) What's the best way to clean seams to re-silicone? 3) Is there a way to fill old screw holes in the outside tin without patching with more tin from the inside?
  2. Hey I'm new to the community and let me say I'm very excited to be apart of this, me and my girlfriend have recently purchased a 1982 Toyota Minicruiser. We're going to need any advice you can give us in the coming weeks/months as we will be getting into a full renovation. Already we've found water damage and rott(see pics), I've looked through a good few threads here and noticed a lot of complete restorations so I know we're in the right place for help!! Thanks Jacob & Jess
  3. Hi everybody, This forum has been really great for finding info and answering several of my questions, so I figured I’d post my predicament and ask for your sage advice. I recently acquired a 1984 Sunrader 18’ with the 4-cylinder 22R engine and a 4-speed manual transmission. The odometer reads about 191,xxx miles, tho I have a receipt that says the speedometer (which includes the odometer) was replaced in 1998 or so. The exhaust was completely replaced by the previous owner from the catalytic converter on back, and the carburetor is freshly rebuilt. Previously it had a leak in one of the window seals which led to rot in the cabin that led the previous owner to “gut” it. Basically, all the systems seem to be functional (tho I haven’t successfully tested them all yet), but the interior has just a rough wood floor, some new wood ceiling, and a lot of exposed fiberglass. The only interior features that seem to be original are the over-cab bed, bathroom, closet, fridge and paneling that holds it, the kitchen sink, stove/oven and the paneling that holds them. Also, I still have the cushions for the dinette, tho some of them could use new upholstery. I’m beginning to think I’ve gotten in over my head. So far, it seems the fresh water tank has a leak (see photo) but maybe the winterization valve is open? The fridge works on 12v, but I haven’t tested it on propane or AC. I haven’t yet managed to fire up the furnace, water pump, or hot water heater, tho I believe they’re fine. I’ve gotten water from the sink, the toilet flushes, and the shower runs but leaks near the knobs. However, the bathroom/shower floor doesn’t seem to be draining, tho the panel says the grey water tank is empty. The rear dually axle, wheels and tires seem to be great, and the front wheels and tires seems fine as well. There are three batteries under the hood. In addition to the usual 2, there’s a Harbor Freight Thunderbolt “Solar” batter mounted near the passenger corner which is attached to a weak solar panel on the roof via a questionable Harbor Freight solar charge regulator. Also, every morning there seems to be dampness under the cushions in the over-cab bed. Finally, there is no spare wheel/tire or jack. Oh, and have I mentioned that I’d need to install walls and insulation? Meanwhile, my own skill set is lacking: I’m a computer geek, not a handyman, tho I’d love to learn how to fix/build all these things. So, my question is: should I proceed with the renovation, and learning all the skills involved? Or should I sell it to someone who has the requisite skills and buy another Sunrader that’s closer to plug&play? One option I've found nearby is a 21' Sunrader that's pretty much ready to go but it has the fooly 5-lug rear axle. Thanks!
  4. AnarchyintheAK

    Another Alaska Toyhome

    So I just bought a 1985 900 Series Toyota Dolphin, 4 cylinder manual transmission 20R, etc, etc, etc. She's been very well maintained and kept up and if I was just casually camping in her I probably wouldn't need to put a dime into it. However, I am not going to be casually camping in it. This will be my full-time residence as of May first, which means I have one month to get this thing COMFORTABLE and shoehorn my entire life into it. (With my dog, Porkchop.) Just a few aesthetic things like paint, flooring and curtains but none of these are major and I think I've found enough how-to's that I'm not concerned about them. (I'm so lucky she seems completely dry and free of water damage!) Of slightly more pressing concern are a couple of things. One: She's missing the ladder. Where's the best place to get this replaced? And after I do, can I actually walk on this thing? I would like to put a kayak and a solar panel on top and as soon as the weather cooperates I want to go ahead and re-seal everything...just in case. Two: This thing blatantly says on the back that it is not intended for towing and indeed has no visible bumper at all. However, I have seen some pretty impressive looking bumper-storage set-ups. Is that something I can do with this model? I'll be taking this from Anchorage to Cabo San Lucas and I'd like to have spare tires and extra gasoline stowed on the back. These things might at some point be replaced with a good heavy duty tote for extra gear, or a bike rack, etc. Eventually my dream would be to strap a street legal dirt bike to the back...how does this work? Three: Has anyone dedicated their cabover area to storage as opposed to a sleeping area? I'd like to see pictures! Still weighing the options on where I plan to sleep, where to build in a little extra storage, and where I'm supposed to add a dog crate. If I ever want to winter over somewhere cold in this thing, I'll want to add a woodstove as well so I can't destroy that option... Thanks so much! Rachel