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  1. LittleShack

    Driving in the snow??

    Thanks everyone!
  2. LittleShack

    Driving in the snow??

    Can anyone tell me how these RVs handle in the snow? I am trying to avoid this, but in case I am stuck, how do the duallys handle the snow? I have lots of snow driving experience in trucks and cars, but the RV is a whole other beast. Are chains a good idea? All season tires? Thanks!-Sue
  3. LittleShack

    My Youtube Channel!

    At the risk of blatant self promotion...☺️ If anyone is interested...I just started a Youtube channel centered around my Toyota Motorhome, Honey. I have 2 videos up at the moment, but am at work on more. The channel will include improvements, tips and ideas for RV living, cooking keto, trips and anything else that happens in and around Honey. If you'd like to take a look, (and maybe give me a thumbs up and subscribe!) here's the link...https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVdrDle15lCiHfuHq4KmccA?view_as=public Thanks!
  4. LittleShack

    Grey waste tank on 1992 Itasca Spirit question???

    Yes, I believe that is what mine must be. It can't get out so, I guess it'll stay there and just be loose. Thanks!
  5. I've just been crawling around under the RV to inspect the air bags (Yay! One has stayed inflated after sliming, one needs some more). While there I took some time to inspect other things and noticed a metal bar between the grey tank and the floor of the RV. It is not screwed in or attached in any way, other than being wedged between the tank and the floor. It slides around, but won't come out due to it being between supports/bars etc. Does anyone know if this is supposed to be anchored in somewhere? I'm assuming it is a spacer as the grey tank is suspended from the floor and not flush to it like the black tank is. There is a metal bar that runs through the area that keeps the tank from being able to be mounted flush. Any help?? Thanks!-Sue
  6. LittleShack

    Plumbing Phobia

    Thanks for the help! I managed to get what I needed at a funky little hardware store here in Tacoma. They are the shark bite adapters that go from the old 3/8 inch poly to the new 1/2 inch pex. The guy there helped me piece together just what I needed and it all works perfectly now!!
  7. LittleShack

    Plumbing Phobia

    Not sure if anyone can give me a hand...I need to reconnect the plumbing under the kitchen sink. The old connectors were leaking like crazy. Went to HD thinking I had the pieces I needed to replace in my purse only to discover they got left behind.?So, as I had taken photos, I was able to show one of the employees what I needed to replace. He found me what I also thought would do the job. I needed to cut part of one pipe off and use a new attachment to the sink. Problem is it does not fit my pipes. It is the grey plastic pipe, which I thought was PVC. I've since figured it is the old outdated polybutylene. It doesn't fit the new adapter which is 1/2" x 1/2". Can anyone tell me what size adapter I need and what company makes them?? Thanks!
  8. LittleShack

    Draining water system

    Mine has the little o rings. By the end of the day my tank was dry. I'll try all of your suggestions and let you know if it solves it. Thanks all?
  9. LittleShack

    Draining water system

    Soooo, this is my first trip of more than a night out. I drained the water tank etc. last fall and winterized. I used the little pull thingies under the sofa by the tank, following the manual directions. I have now filled my tank and right away realized I needed to close those suckers as water was pouring out from underneath. I had forgotten they were pull ones. But, it is still dripping after having pushed them down. After reading this, I wish I’d just run the pump, but, too late now. Is there something I’ve missed in closing them? They may need to be adjusted? Rotated? ?? Or could be hooped-aahh! Any one who could give me an idea of the steps to use these drains would be wonderful! Thanks!
  10. I put 50-55 lbs. in mine.

    1. LittleShack


      Thanks! I saw  somewhere someone had put in 100psi and I thought that sounded extreme. Don't want to blow up the poor old dears!!

  11. Duct tape is a good friend!
  12. I'm thinking that replacing the entire outdoor shower is the best bet as the cover for it was attached with velcro when I bought my Toy. AND, there is no shower head. Amazon sells several complete replacements for under $40USD. 6" x 11". Before I get myself into this project, can anyone tell me if it's a difficult replacement or a snap? Just have to preparemyself. Part 2 of help needed...the screen door. Mine, for some reason, fits unevenly around the frame. Not sure if it's the door or the frame. It fits fine everywhere but where the door latch is. It is tight enough there that the screen door touches and you have to push it in (not alot of force, but enough that over time the paint is wearing off). There appears to be a missing latch that would have held the door closed while the coach door is open, but the pressure of the tight fit in this one spot keeps it closed. But, I can see where something has come off on the interior frame of the door. Does anyone have an Itasca (92) that would be willing to post a photo of the complete screen door set up so I can see what I'm missing here? The screen door also will not attach itself to the coach door with the little pressure arm as the plate it is supposed to snug over is broken. Any suggestions? Thanks one and all! Sue
  13. LittleShack

    Painting over decals

    I'm gonna go for it!!
  14. LittleShack

    Painting over decals

    I fond this thread over on IRV2 about painting over decals... http://www.irv2.com/forums/f84/painting-over-my-faded-and-cracked-rv-decals-261418.html
  15. LittleShack

    92 Spirit - Foam Rubber Seal for Coach Door - Source?

    I have the same year and model RV...Mine seems to have been replaced at sometime with a thick foam tube. It's not great. I'm looking for the same thing, as well as any suggestions for door hardware. I find I constantly catch my sleeve, or something on the knob that sticks out of the frame. Also, my screen door does not close smoothly. One area rubs quite hard against a part of the frame, so it is impossible to keep the door and the screen door together when opening the door. Not sure if it is out of whack, or ?? Has anyone else had this issue?