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  1. My 92 is in the shop for the head gasket now. It's been there for a few days now. It was mentioned by a fellow Toy RV owner to have them do the Knock Sensor while they are in the engine. Is this something I should consider?
  2. My 1992 headed into the Toyota service department today ready to be worked on tomorrow. I will see what I can find out when I pick it up.
  3. Need advice on back rack containers.

    When it stops raining sideways here, I'll go take a photo of the rack. The spare is right above it and it is attached with an EazeLift.
  4. I got the required papers from my Toyota dealer friend, and am good to go. Now, I just have to wait til the snow that fell here in the last couple days melts and I can get my RV to the dealership! If it's not one thing, it's another.
  5. My Itasca Spirit has a rack on the back and I would like to use it to carry folding chairs, toolbox, sun canopy...What do others use to keep things safe and dry on the racks some have on the back of the RVs? Something lockable and bolt-on-able would be ideal, but also watertight. Thanks! Sue
  6. Looking for TV install location ideas.

  7. Looking for TV install location ideas.

    Darrel, that is quite brilliant! Thanks for that! And thank you Ctgriffi, for the above as well. I love your rig's layout! I'll have to order one of these mounts. I also didn't know you could hook your phone up to your tv. I have an iphone...will it work with that too? Must do some investigating!
  8. Another question...I plan to take the MH to my mechanic after Toyota does their thing. Just curious...would an oil change be part of a head gasket replacement? Or is that only if the head gasket actually blows? Thanks!
  9. So, my Toyota dealer friend had his service guy dig up the nitty gritty. My 1992 rig still has the head gasket service coming to it and it will be done. He is doing all the paper work for me, which is so nice. It is just a formality, because it qualifies, but has to be approved. Then he will send it to my local Toyota dealer and away we go! Timing belt, water pump, get the valves checked and adjusted if needed, idler pulleys, anything else?? I have a local guy who I will take it to after for spark plug wires, filters, rear diff and an oil change. He is really good and works on our other vehicles. Is the idler pulley easier to change out with the engine apart? Or can 'my guy' do that too? Thanks! Sue
  10. Coleman AC Won't Work

    Had to rush off to babysit grandkids, but will go try it again tomorrow. Thanks so much for your help!
  11. Coleman AC Won't Work

    So, today, I went out and took the cover off the AC. Started looking around in there for anything my totally unknowing mind might see as an issue. Started tapping here and there with the handle of my screwdriver, with the idea that maybe something was loose. Then, looked up the black hole and saw the fan. Gave it a nudge, turned on the power and away she went! Woohoo!!! I'm doing the happy dance!! Thanks for all the help! Should I spray some WD40 up there to lubricate it a bit? It must have just sat unused and sorta stuck.
  12. Looking for TV install location ideas.

    Love it!! Yeah, they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. That saying had to come from somewhere!
  13. Looking for TV install location ideas.

    I like to eat fresh baked cookies while I watch TV
  14. Looking for TV install location ideas.

    That could work! I'll have to do some investigating on sizes. Thanks!
  15. Looking for TV install location ideas.

    I would have liked an oven in the RV! Mine came with the microwave. I enjoy cooking on the road and used our oven in the trailer a lot. I'll have to adjust my cooking mindset to microwave use.