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  1. I know this can be done on other rigs, but as the regulator on my built in tank is right next to the shut off, I'm not sure if it is possible to add a T connector to the line. I'm wanting to be able to use a propane fire pit while out and about during fire ban season, which seems to be most of the summer now. BUT, I don't want to have to bring along the extra tank due to space and weight issues. Has anyone done this? Thanks!
  2. Just to bring all you very lovely helpful people up to date... my husband thought the same about the transmission shop. He asked if I’d mind waiting around in Tucson til he could get down here and look at it himself. Which I had no problem with. He arrived a week and a bit later and I just stayed put at the Desert Diamond Casino parking lot. Anyways, he opened the hood and right away noticed the frayed alternator belt. Then noticed a big bolt about to drop out of its hole!! Literally!!! He was able to replace the alternator belt and another belt he had to remove to get the alternator one on. Got that bolt back in and tightened a loose clamp. No more noise!!! So glad I have a handy hubby! He’s been such a great sport about helping me with this old gal. Thankyou all who offered suggestions and ideas. Took it to the tranny shop for a flush, which it didn’t get cause it didn't need it. They were very nice, but I didn’t spend a dime there, but did enjoy 2 cups of their coffee and found out where to take my dogs for baths! So, not a total waste of time😉
  3. Just out of the aamco transmission shop. The transmission is fine. They figure the noise is either the fly wheel or torque converter. They will have to remove the transmission to know which and can do that Monday morning. They are letting me stay in their patking lot, which is nice. Anything I should be looking out for with either of these prognosises?
  4. Nothing loose that I can see (or shake) underneath. I've got an appointment tomorrow morning to get the transmission serviced (fluid, gasket and filter). We figured it was a good idea regardless. So, if it is the tranny, maybe this will fix it, or they may see what the problem is when they are there.
  5. WME... I will do just that. My husband, who is currently many, many miles away... had also been trying to help me. He thought it might be the transmission fluid. He asked uf it smelled burnt. It stinks, but not burnt smelling. It was flushed in 2012 by pevious owner. I had the timing belt replaced Dec of 2017, under the warranty. They also replaced the water pump, idler, knock sensor, timing belt, camshaft seals, crankshaft seals... they removed the exhaust manifold and had to replace 6 exhaust manifold studs due to corrosion. The knock sensor sub harness was very brittle and they had to wrap the wire with electrical tape as it was bit an easy part to replace. It was successfully installed this way, but... possibly hasn’t lasted?? The valves were also adjusted. Since then, I made a trip from BC down the Oregon coast and across BC and back. Now, after driving from BC to Tucson, it’s making these rattly noises. Figures its when my hubby isn’t on hand to figure it out😥
  6. I was able to leave it in drive with the park brake on and tried to localize the sound. It seems to be coming from the middle front. It sounds more like a clunky rattle than a shakey rattle. Hard to explain.
  7. I tried, but it doesn’t make the rattle when in park. I’m on my own, so don’t have anyone to sit with it running in drive.
  8. I’m in Tucson, Az and after sitting parked for 2 nights, went off to do fills and empties. I noticed a quiet knocking noise while at stoplights. Stops when I put it in park though. It is not a regular knock. Kind of a few knocks and a pause, then again, repeating. I’ve checked the oil, which, hot, seems fine. I’m here without my husband, so would be at the mercy of any mechanic I checked it with. Any suggestions on what to look at myself? Or any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I’ve driven from BC in Canada, and it’s just warming up here, so am wondering if it is temperature related. Thanks for any help!
  9. Can anyone tell me how these RVs handle in the snow? I am trying to avoid this, but in case I am stuck, how do the duallys handle the snow? I have lots of snow driving experience in trucks and cars, but the RV is a whole other beast. Are chains a good idea? All season tires? Thanks!-Sue
  10. I posted a new video today! Hope someone can use the info!
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