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  1. tofuricer

    Newbie requesting advice

    That looks like another good and clean option for a fair price. Go see it in person. This thread is filled with great advice so I think you’re probably prepared with the essential info to help you evaluate the decision after seeing it and driving it. You won’t regret having bought a toy home —as long as you are mechanically inclined or willing to roll up your sleeves and work on it or pay for a random part that fails and needs replacing. Keep in mind that asking questions of the family member of the deceased may be a little annoying and painful. Instead just say that you have a checklist to go through regarding the appliances and let the seller decide if they feel the need to supervise you. If it makes you feel more comfortable with the purchase, I paid more for higher miles, an older version, and a lot of rust. Just got back from a 9k mike trip to the Rockies and consider the one I bought a bargain. Pull the trigger, get to work making it yours, and enjoy the process! ?
  2. tofuricer

    Boondocking anyone?

    I've boondocked quite a bit (according to what I know to be the correct use of the term). There are pull-offs just on the side of quiet roads at nearly every national forest. Often these are unmarked, unmanaged, and unpaved. It can be easy to find them in places like Alaska, but here on the East Coast where I currently do a lot of camping, it's best to learn about the state forest's free camp sites. This time of year (Fall), and in "mud season", you can find premium spots without worry. On the West Coast, I think you'll be surprised how much great camping is on DLM land if you just go poking around. It's good to have an adventurous spirit and try to arrive a few hours before sunset to grab whatever spot is open, since DLM camping is somewhat documented on the internet. I have, in a pinch, stayed on what might be private land-- like dead-ends onto farms, logging roads, etc. I try to not do it, and it only happens as a last resort if arriving late, but I always leave early. I've never had and issue, but there are no gaurantees. I have stayed at park-and-rides, walmarts, etc. While this may count as boondocking, I only do it when there is good reason and all of the above options have failed me. I try to not pay to camp anywhere. With all of the great other options, it really just doesn't make sense. If there's an easy solution of paying for a reserved spot, it seems that's where you'll find the crowds. Those of us with a high risk appetite can go enjoy the premium spots. Good luck!
  3. tofuricer

    Ever rented out your RV?

    Neubie: That's great input. My first experience using an RV certainly reinforces those statements: I rented a 15 year old 19' RV with 200k miles which had many issues. As a renter I didn't have the personal motivation to stop to fix (personally or find someone that could). I'd rather just ignore them and keep moving. In some situations that kind of neglect can grow the issue. That's definitely a consideration. Great find Nam! That Itasca looks like it's in great condition, and that seems like a very reasonable, or potentially cheap, price to pay. I'm surprised it's not booked at all. Perhaps thats just an indicator for the rental market for our beloved toys.
  4. tofuricer

    Ever rented out your RV?

    With the success of Airbnb, it seems the sharing economy is coming to RVs. I've discovered outdoorsy.co and rvshare.com. My Sunland is undergoing renovations at the moment, so it's not in the cards for me now. But I was wondering if any of you have given it a try or even considered it? (I'm not affiliated with either of those sites, in case you were wondering)
  5. tofuricer

    What's your rig and where's it at?

    Hi All, I just bought a 1986 Sunland Express (rear dining) with 84k miles. It is mostly in original condition, which isn't too bad. I looked for a while, and my girlfriend was skeptical until she stepped inside and saw the potential. This forum is great, and helped give me confidence that I could take on fixing the previous owner's mistakes and maintaining this little rig as it continues to age. Thanks!