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  1. I probably could get between $12,000 -$15,000 if I were to sell it. My wife and I are kind of attached to it- almost like a member of the family!!! Weird but fun!
  2. October 2017 update...had valve job done on engine along with timing belt, hoses, fan belts, plugs and wires..idles well now even though gas mileage is still around 13 hwy @ 60mph. Burnt exhaust valve was culprit. We have put about 10,000 miles since July 2016 and are now in our 3rd. multi week trip in Vancouver BC with our cats. Replaced all four mini blinds after one broke...(Canadian exchange rate was greatly appreciated)! We will be headed back home to Vancouver USA after this 3 week outing with our cats. Oh yes, total amount spent on our Toy to date is approximately $15,000 which includes new tires, muffler and engine repair. Forgot to mention re-installing front and side over cab windows and painted bathroom sink, toilet lid and shower pan with Krylon paint for plastic.
  3. Antenna & power outlet box.

    I can't imagine why that would be fused through the Toyota electrical system.That would not make sense.
  4. Antenna & power outlet box.

    It had an antenna before I bought it, everything is there but the aerial that cranks up. The bracket on the roof and hand crank are all there.
  5. Antenna & power outlet box.

    Yea I found the wiring diagrams too, but none even seem to refer to the TV outlet at all that I could see!!
  6. Antenna & power outlet box.

    Therein is my point...I HAVE pulled every fuse and NONE of them control that outlet...! (Sorry for the caps, LOL!)
  7. Antenna & power outlet box.

    After taking the the plate off the cabinet bottom I monkeyed with the blade connections and now it works.(Yay!) But I still would really like to know where the fuse is!!!! Thanks for always being there Linda S. By the way!
  8. Antenna & power outlet box.

    Do you know where the fuse is that protects the antenna circuit Maineah?
  9. Antenna & power outlet box.

    I wasn't clear enough in my explanation...I am wanting to use the 12v plug only. I was using it to power a small 150 watt inverter. I'm not using the antenna portion. I have found out that the rear bath layout that I have has a different 12v fuse panel setup than the other "rear lounge" style layout. Apparently that unit does have a fuse for the antenna outlet assy. , Along with the rest of the fuses.
  10. Antenna & power outlet box.

    Where specifically would one find the fuse connection for the 12v tv amplifier outlet (cigarette lighter power portion). It was working up until yesterday. '93 Itasca Spirit.(Winnebago Warrior clone)! Note the amplifier pilot light turns on and off still.
  11. Venice Beach, CA 1990 WB Toy Home stolen.

    Good idea 5!
  12. The dreaded cabover leak

    No not soft, you would never know there was a leak..I temporarily duct taped the outside frame only and will spray water on it, then again without the tape, that will tell me if it is a problem with the butyl seal. During a hard rain the window frame dripped down the inside wall..I hope it didn't get in the inside of the wall. By the way the window drain openings are working ok.
  13. Magnetek 6300 series charging confusion

    The owners' guide describes 3 charging levels for the battery charger. The cooling fan has come on at various times when on shore power and using a lot of 12v items.The unit itself seems to work just fine and the 2 year old coach battery water levels and charge capacity seem fine .
  14. The dreaded cabover leak

    I use overdrive on level ground, the worst I've gotten which included the mountain passes over Shasta and Southern Oregon was about 13mpg. your 4 should get at least 2 to 3 more mpg than the six from what I've read.