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  1. Got a link for the one you bought on RV site?
  2. What is the part called on ebay?
  3. Hi, This cover (door) blew off. Where can I get a replacement? Can I just put a random cover on it? (See pic)
  4. Hello, I just returned from Fishing. It took me 30-40 minutes to put together two fishing poles, string, hooks, weights, etc. My eyesight is poor. I'd like to store them ready to go. Anybody have those nifty fishing pole racks? How about shoving them up my bumper? Thanks!!
  5. Hello all, I just returned form a trip to AZ. Drove through the Mohave Dessert. The heat was 105 F. The cab of the Toy is fine since there is a cab A/C but napping in the back is hell. Is there anyway to cool the bed of the camper too? Don't all other RVs have A/C that cools the entire A/C? I know my mom's Monaco Dynasty ($350K) has A/C throughout? Can't I just get some rubber hose and pipe it around the RV?
  6. I have rear kitchenette. There is VERY little room to prep for a meal and do the dishes. I have ALWAYS wanted a side kitchenette. Maybe I'm wrong?
  7. I was in a small accident with my mini cruiser. The auto body shop did a great job painting and replacing but they won't paint the stripe? It's a decal. Where can I get that decal? It's two-color. Any other suggestions? I hate to see my baby so deformed. (See pics. See damage. See repair).
  8. Hi, I plan on going to Laughlin, June 2 for the weekend? The best place I saw looks like Davis campground, but the reviews were half good and half awful. Something about permanent residents living there and they don't clean up after their dogs. Anybody recommend one of the places in Laughlin? Thanks
  9. Hello all, Our Toys are pretty small. What BBQ do you recommend? ? I'd like to go gas. I've never really liked charcoal. Can I weld one to my bumper? Anybody weld one to a bumper? Thanks
  10. Hi I have a Mr heater Big Buddy because my furnace is dead. I first tried it on the floor and it nearly melted the floor tiles. I put it on the stove and it melted the light cover for the vent fan. Any suggestions? I might try it on the floor again but put it on low.
  11. Hello, I went to Autozone and bought WW for my 1986 Toy. But when I got them home they are totally different. (I got the Autozone brand). The wipers on the 1986 have a clip in/clip on bracket. The newer wipers have sort of a clamp that backs out one-way only and stays in place until backed out again. What do you all recommend?
  12. Hello all, One of our members turned me on to Rock Auto for cheap Toyota parts. But Rock Auto will not ship to CA because of CA prop 65. (The parts might contain lead which cause cancer). WTF? What other parts distributor is there similar to Rock Auto that you guys and gals use for these Toyotas that will ship to CA?
  13. Rock Auto says it can't ship to CA because of CA prop 65. (Might contain lead that causes cancer).
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