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  1. Baja and/or mainland

    Hi, I'm in So Cal and go to Baja California a lot. I drove to Cabo San Lucas with my Mini-Cruiser and dog last Christmas 2016-2017. I'll go down there just about anytime. Keep me posted. The trip was 34 hours of driving and there are MANY MANY roads that are out, meaning about 25% of the time you're driving on dirt and rocks. My back and shoulder still hurt.
  2. Thank you. I'll check it out. Does it matter there is no freezer? Does anyone have a freezer on here?
  3. Yeah. I just looked on CL. The cheapest is $500 with no guarantee https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/rvs/d/dometic-rm2351-lp-and-110/6304809795.html There are some $1000 ones too: https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/app/d/rv-refrigerator-dometic-ndaway/6296915594.html I just hate Craigslist. So many liars. I prefer Ebay. Even Ebay/Paypal give you 60 day guarantee.
  4. Hello, I bought my 1986 Mini-Cruiser about a year and a half ago. It came with solar panels, an inverter, and a 115 v dorm refrigerator. The solar will only power the refrigerator in the day time. Obviously, the original refrigerator died and they replaced it with a dorm refrigerator. I really don't want to spend $500-$1000 for a new 3 way refrigerator. If I want just the 3 way refrigerator, it looks like It'll cost me $500 and if I want a freezer too, it'll cost me $820.00 Any other options? Thank you!!
  5. Solar barely runs refrigerator

    I'm running a 115 v dorm refrigerator.
  6. Why did you decide to stay at so many RV parks? I've done the trip twice, and we park at Pemex stations. We ask permission and they always say "Sí" We discovered that much of Mexico is basically a large dirt parking lot. (Except for the big cities of course).
  7. Solar barely runs refrigerator

    Hello I bought my Toy with an awesome solar power set up. I have one solar strip of panels on the roof, a huge Duracell deep-cycle battery, and 2300 watt inverter. When there is sun, the solar panels charge up the battery to 13 volts, no problem. But, when the sun goes down, with the refrigerator on, the battery dips to 11.1 volts. I pretty much can't run anything else at that point. If I want to run anything else, I have turn the refrigerator off first. Questions (please): Should I get a smaller refrigerator (cube), another solar panel, a smaller inverter, another battery, or maybe a lithium battery, or all of the above? Obviously, cost is my number one concern. Thanks.
  8. Water tank leaking at exit sight

    Hi. Can I replace the entire holding tank? Is this a standard part? Can I find it?
  9. Hello all, My water tank(s) is leaking right where they exit for evacuation. The place where the two tanks come together and make sort of a U shape. Here is the video. Can I get by just by taking it apart and resealing it? Thank you!!
  10. Where's your TV?

    Hello all, I really want to install a TV in my 1986 20' mini cruiser. I don't want to just take it out of the closet when I feel like watching it. HOWEVER I don't have room for it above the refrigerator because that's where the microwave lives. I assume I'll want some arm or support from HD etc. Where is yours? Any suggestions? A pic would be great. Thankz...
  11. Ok. So I don't need to replace the whole.assembly just the actual mirror?
  12. Hello all. 1986 mini cruiser. 20 ft. The nuts on the side mirrors are nearly completely rusted. No way to adjust my mirrors. Driver's side is worse. Duct tape lasts about 20 minutes at 55 mph. Where can I get some replacements? Cheap.
  13. I think I like this one better. I'll install it using a large pipe clamp. The lip is flared at the top. https://m.dollartree.com/h5/r/product/catalog/product.jsp?productId=369298&green=3764C851-C90A-540A-AD2B-4F8B8908C7F2