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  1. 83 SunRader

    My 83 Sunrader

  2. 83 SunRader

    RV insurance

    When I was looking at insurance for my RV 6 months ago I was disturbed to find out that your credit rating has more to do with how much your insurance rate is than your driving record or time spent with the company.
  3. 83 SunRader

    Best GPS for Toyhome?

    A good "paper" map is a travelers best friend.
  4. 83 SunRader

    Drinking water

    Zach - I'm full time and boondock quite a bit. I'm currently staying near the ocean and fresh water is definitely a problem when you don't have a trustworthy water source. Even using an RV hose and a filter at the campgrounds I find some disturbing debris floating around in my water. Therefore I have been using the reverse osmosis machines at the local grocery stores using 5 - one gallon jugs to get drinking/cooking water ($0.30 a gallon) and that lasts my dog and I about 3 days. This isn't the most efficient method so I'm interested to find out what you decide to do. I like and have thought about Maineah's idea of capturing rain water to use for washing/cleaning. Maineah can you elaborate on what your water collection system is like.
  5. 83 SunRader

    Making Fiberglass look better

    I have been thinking about the same questions. Does anyone have any before and after pictures?
  6. 83 SunRader

    Our first trip of the year YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not to rub it in, but it's sunny and in the 70's here in Florida today. I'm in my rig with the windows wide open at the at the St. Johns County Pier (150 yards from the ocean).
  7. 83 SunRader

    1980 rader/ vader for parts

    I would also like to know if you have a parts list of what you are selling, and the prices? Thanks
  8. In North Florida (East Coast) you can stay at Anastasia State Park very close to St. Augustine for $28 a night. Half price for veterans, over 65 or disabled. I believe you need to be a Florida resident for the last two. Call first, they are very crowded in the winter, even with 80 RV sites. This is a GREAT place to stay.
  9. 83 SunRader

    Why a Toy vs. others?

    I purchased my Toy because of I can work on the common fixes (both in the home and mechanical), the fiberglass, MPG, it was in my price range, reliability, and I like cool unique things.
  10. Timmy, I have to give you a lot of credit for living in your Toy, in Alaska during the winter. I'm in north Florida and it was in the mid 30's last night and since my furnace is having issues it was chilly in my Toy last night.
  11. 83 SunRader

    Looking for a GOOD low price generator

    Thanks everyone for your input! Since I needed something with at least 2500w (to run AC I'm in Fl.) and money unfortunately is an issue I ended up getting the Champion 4000w (really a 3500w). I have run it for over 30 hours now and haven't had a problem. Well actually I did have a problem trying to change the oil. The drain plug is right above a support beam and when you try to drain the oil it hits the beam and runs EVERYWHERE! You can either get a shallow pan to collect the oil since the capacity is only about 1/2 quart, but that is a pain and can still be messy. I called their customer service and they promptly sent me (for free) a hose to attach to the drain hole. No problem now. Yes it is noisy, but I'm going to enclose it and that should make it about as loud as a Honda. I'll keep you posted on how it works out and maybe even get some pictures once I build the enclosure.
  12. 83 SunRader

    Average age of Toy owners?

    Hi everyone, Add me to the list - 46 yo with dog companion in 21' Sunrader.
  13. 83 SunRader

    Unlimited Internet and TV while traveling in RV?

    Thank you all for your replys! Very helpful.
  14. 83 SunRader

    Toyhome fulltimers club

    karincorbin - Thanks for the info! Lots of good ideas.