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  1. Help I sprang a leak!

    I just had a leak appear and it is in a most unfortunate spot. I have an 83' Sunrader 21' (kitchen/bathroom in back) and the leak is at the junction under the refrigerator (cold water line) where one hose goes to the toilet and the other goes to the rear. There is a hatch under the refrigerator but the line is attached to the wall and the space is VERY TIGHT this access isn't going to work. Then there is the refrigerator access from the outside, but I would need to move/remove the refrigerator. Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Do I need to remove the refrigerator? Thanks!
  2. So do you know what amount of wattage your using? My laptop is using an average of about 30-40 watts.
  3. So please do tell, what are some of the "other" ways to play DVD's more efficiently.
  4. My 83 Sunrader

  5. Sorry I made a mistake when I said "ground wire to the converter/charger" (I meant negative battery cable). I'm using an inverter, although I will have to look into the DC to DC converter, that makes sense. Your also correct about the lap top power usage. I'm averaging 30 - 35 because I use the DVD player a lot in the evening and I have dimmed the screen already (good point). I have a 25 amp converter. I will have to check to see what the wire gauge is.
  6. A question about running the batteries in parallel. I have my batteries set up like the image, but the image only shows one ground. My current set up is a ground wire to the converter/charger and a truck body ground. I assume that the ground needs to run to my converter/charger so should I disconnect the ground wire from the truck body or leave the truck body ground wire?
  7. I found this website and it offers some pretty good battery info. http://www.batteriesnorthwest.com/batteryschool.cfm
  8. jdemaris - Thanks for your input! I went with the 2 - Everstart Maxx 24's and I have them paralleled. Now I'm in the process of trying to figure out how to read my batteries voltage. Currently my biggest draw is my laptop and when I use it the battery voltage sometimes drops to 12.2 or less, but eventually goes back up to around 12.4 (75%) this is after using it for just 3 hours. Is this normal? I'm just trying to be careful since these are brand new batteries and I don't want to ruin them by taking them down below the 50% mark. From what I have been reading, if I was just using my lap top, I should be able to run it for 6 hours a day for 3 days (30 amp hours approximately) before I drain the batteries to 12.2 (50%). Maybe I'm taking the readings to soon and I need to let the batteries "settle down" a bit before I take the readings.
  9. RV insurance

    When I was looking at insurance for my RV 6 months ago I was disturbed to find out that your credit rating has more to do with how much your insurance rate is than your driving record or time spent with the company.
  10. So I'm considering these 4 batteries. Which 2 would be the best for my situation? Please keep in mind that both my batteries are linked together and I'm trying to get the most amp hours out of the combo. Starting - http://www.walmart.com/ip/Everstart-Maxx-24S-Automotive-Battery/16795233 Starting hybrid - http://www.walmart.com/ip/EverStart-24MS-6-Marine-Battery/16782694 Starting hybrid - http://www.walmart.com/ip/EverStart-Maxx-Group-Size-24-Marine-Battery/20531538 House deep cycle - http://www.walmart.com/ip/EverStart-Group-Size-24DC-Marine-Battery/20531540
  11. Best GPS for Toyhome?

    A good "paper" map is a travelers best friend.
  12. Drinking water

    Zach - I'm full time and boondock quite a bit. I'm currently staying near the ocean and fresh water is definitely a problem when you don't have a trustworthy water source. Even using an RV hose and a filter at the campgrounds I find some disturbing debris floating around in my water. Therefore I have been using the reverse osmosis machines at the local grocery stores using 5 - one gallon jugs to get drinking/cooking water ($0.30 a gallon) and that lasts my dog and I about 3 days. This isn't the most efficient method so I'm interested to find out what you decide to do. I like and have thought about Maineah's idea of capturing rain water to use for washing/cleaning. Maineah can you elaborate on what your water collection system is like.
  13. For starters both my batteries are located in the front engine compartment of my truck. The batteries I currently have are an Everstart Maxx-24S (Date 8/08) and an Exide HD-M-24 (8/04). I have seen quite a few posts about type 27's, 29's and 31's, but no 24's. I guess the smaller batteries that I have just don't offer the amp hours as the larger ones, am I correct to assume so? The previous owner also has them paralleled via a large cable connected to the positive terminals. Is this OK, besides the fact that I'm running both batteries down when using my 12V systems.
  14. I would like to replace the vacuum hoses on my 1983 toyo truck. I looked for a size on the tubing but all I can find are an * and a #. Does anyone know the sizes? The guy at the auto parts store said they were metric sizes and all they carried were standard.
  15. Making Fiberglass look better

    I have been thinking about the same questions. Does anyone have any before and after pictures?