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  1. Tires are Gtradial LT 235/75 R15 104/101S M+S 1,985 LB Load rate for single Tire Wheels are steel 10 wides Bilsteins are the Yellow and Blue ones. Forgetting the number offhand. Thinking about upgrading to the silvers.
  2. Hey y’all, so I did the single wheel conversion to my 18’ Sunrader at the advice of a local Toyota (and all things suspension) expert. We used quality heavy load MT tires. We also upgraded to constant load old man EMU springs with 2.5” lift over stock, (which brought it about 4” higher than it was) and new Bilsteins all around. It drives great and feels way better. However, I still get harassed online by just about every Jerry who thinks they know everything and wants to make people feel inadequate. I think the real question is, is it worth it just to get people to shut up? But seriously, is it SAFE? Should this continue to be accepted as an option or should the only acceptable option be a heavier 6 Lug axel? Best regards, Sam
  3. Ok great thank you Linda and Maineah. I have used interstate DC in my previous rigs. That WalMart battery looks like a similar piece.
  4. Does anyone have a current recommendation for a coach battery replacement?
  5. Linda, do you happen to know if there is a replacement door out there that fits an '83 SR? Ideally a slick fiberglass one. If anyone has one for sale, I am interested. Mine is extremely worked and was badly rebuilt by someone already.
  6. Could you please provide a link or part number? That looks excellent!! Way better then rusty screws!
  7. For replacing the shag around the door and walls, does anyone have a spray on adhesive that they like? There are many out there and I have found them to be hit or miss in the past. Are there any other methods used to get that stuff to stick? I'm afraid to rip it out until I have a better idea of what I'm going to replace it with.
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