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  1. Mine is the rear door one. I've heard things that made it seem as though it was included and also that it wasn't. Will running my VIN clear this up? It doesnt have holding tanks under the bathroom. I'm heading to a weigh station tomorrow. Regardless of weight i'm going to start looking for some 15's.
  2. OK, sorry for the redundant question but, is there a way to avoid swapping for a one ton axle?
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. I was just pondering where the closest place to get weighed would be. So if im over 3700 lbs i'll need to get 15 inch wheels, does that mean i'll need 15 inchers for the front too?
  4. Hi, i was reading a thread about putting new axles from www.marlincrawler.com on an 18ft Sunrader and switching to single tires in the rear. I just bought a minty 78 Sunrader and am trying to figure out if i have to take the plunge on the 6 lug swap or if i could just buy heavy duty axles.
  5. Awesome thread, i'm in the process of trying to set up a solar panel in my 78 Sunrader.
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