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  1. Yea, if no one snags it, It'll be in my driveway in a week. Snatch it up!
  2. Over in Kansas, $800 Nissan, guess its an 83 shell on an 84 truck body....
  3. Well, I've been delaying the cutting of the cruiser because I don't know where to cut it yet. I'm thinking of cutting the floor out of the sunrader and then creating a fiberglass/wood floor that will mold to the floor of the cruiser and then cut the quarters out leaving the floors in... but them I'm thinking of removing the body all together and fabbing a flat platform that the Sunrader body will set on. Just depends on if I keep the existing seats/seat belts in the cruiser config or go to a complete RV type..... lots of thoughts here.
  4. Or, you could upgrade the bike and tow your motorhome around?
  5. that is very true, no backing up... and #5.... probably shouldn't be on that site because it doesn't take much to wreck your bike backing up.... drive it like a big rig. Pull through parking spaces. I would never back up using that. I flat tow a Land Cruiser behind my big rig and you just have to plan, you'd have to plan less as your setup is smaller, not 65'. I think in my travels I've had to detach my rig and back up the coach 5 times so far. Another negative is tire wear but thats all I can see.
  6. I'll add that if I towed it, this would be how. http://www.motorcycle-rack.com/MFWT.html Just to give you an idea of what I was saying... there are better designs out there. takes some of the bikes weight off the rig.
  7. I have a few Sunrader/Toyota parts for sale over at http://sunrader.com/sunrader-parts. Hoping to recoup some of the cost to have this Sunrader shipped to me. Many more truck parts will go up on ebay as well.
  8. I was able to pull the axle/swaybar/air bag setup off the frame today... also pulled the tank. Tomorrow, I'm heading back to the 100 year old barn so no real progress till that is tidied up. Happy thanksgiving.
  9. I took some pictures earlier today because I thought it was a huge tank too... Here you go Derek: This was definitely a Custom creation!
  10. Good to Know Linda, yea, I have the axle listed with the airbags and tires for $1,000. Derek: The tank is 34" x 13 1/2" x 14 1/2" OD which is 28 gallons. Also for sale. Learn new stuff every day.
  11. I was thinking the same thing. Does anyone know if this is a normal sized tank? Looks like a 25-30 gallon tank to me.
  12. Yes you can, but I would do just that, tow... not build a rack for it and weigh down the back of your camper. Look at motorcycle towing configurations they have. Another idea would be to put it on the front, I think they make bumper racks.... but I'd research more.... flat towing a motorcycle shouldn't be an issue.
  13. Yes, it has to sleep 6 and transport 6 and be fully self contained! It will be pretty challenging for sure!
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