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  1. Galvanized Knight

    4WD Chinook for WAY less then $14,000

    4x4 chinook 1981 4x4 http://www.ebay.com/itm/1981-Toyota-4x4-Chinook-Camper-/151132449887?pt=Motors_RV_Trailer_Camper_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2330322c5f&vxp=mtr
  2. Galvanized Knight

    1992 Toyota Chinook 4x4 Build. Step by Step. LOCAM GK

    Mock up of the 4x4 Chinook Sits fairly well but the doors are quite close to the Chinook The rear axle needs to move back about 4" Donor Chinook 4x4 1980 Chinook & 4x4 1992 Chinook together at the shop
  3. Galvanized Knight

    1992 Toyota Chinook 4x4 Build. Step by Step. LOCAM GK

    This video shows gutting and mounting the Chinook shell to the 1992 Toyota 4x4
  4. Galvanized Knight

    1992 Toyota Chinook 4x4 Build. Step by Step. LOCAM GK

    This video is about taking apart the old Chinook and loading the shell on a trailer in Montana.
  5. Well another day, another 4x4 Chinook. I'll be posting step by step as I do a Chinook 4x4 swap and then finish up the interior from scratch. I'll try to get as many photo and video as possible so you guys can see how I am doing this. Donor Pickup : A mint 1992 4x4 Toyota Pickup regular cab longbed Donor Chinook : 1st generation 1974 Toyota Chinook "round tripper?" This project will be a total build from the fiberglass skin to a finished project. I am taking a few weeks off work to complete this so hopeful this will all fall in place by the end of October. If you have any ideas, questions or input, please post your thoughts! Lance Here are some links to my other two topics on 4x4 Chinooks. http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=3658&hl= 4x4 Chinook http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=4576&hl= 4x4 Newport ( Future Project )
  6. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1981-Dodge-D50-Royale-Chinook-toyota-chinook-/221243125105?forcev4exp=true#ht_500wt_1022 That is an interesting set up. GK
  7. Galvanized Knight

    Need ideas for pickups that can handle 17-18 footer...

    I bought the rear section for 800$ its a 73-74. the bonus is that those years came with no appliances or propane holding cavity, so no huge holes to repair in the fiberglass. downfall is there is no steel frame but i'll make my own out of 1/2 x 2 tube stock. I stripped the Chinook off that truck right there in that field (picture above). would have been faster to do at my shop but that was too far away. 4 of them eh... building a Chinook limo? it would be rad to make one into a toy trailer for the Chinook. Chinook towing a Chinook.
  8. Galvanized Knight

    Need ideas for pickups that can handle 17-18 footer...

    I am not sure where your located but maybe use a truck from a Chinook post 1974' . Here is an article quote "The newly enhanced Toyota-Chinook sported an upgraded chassis built specifically for RV use; the truck’s 101.7-inch wheelbase was stretched to 110 inches and equipped with an 8” ring and pinion third member (AKA heavy duty) and stouter tires, compared to the standard 7.5” rear gear on the earlier models. The larger platform took care of weight and handling issues and the Chinook team took care of the rest." likely pick one up for super cheap. the 20R is underpowered but in my experience it is easy to fix and parts are cheap. I know a guy in Montana with one that I strip the chinook from a few weeks ago. I think he still has it ? if your interest I can PM you his email. http://s1161.photobucket.com/user/galvanizedknight/media/IMG_5724_zps82a08d6d.jpg.html'> http://s1161.photobucket.com/user/galvanizedknight/media/IMG_5725_zpsaa2d094f.jpg.html'> http://s1161.photobucket.com/user/galvanizedknight/media/IMG_5728_zpsa6d793ae.jpg.html'>
  9. Galvanized Knight

    Need ideas for pickups that can handle 17-18 footer...

    here is a link to that kit http://frontrangeoffroadfab.com/nfoscomm/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=142&osCsid=6750938cf0d7ae9efd757bf3ee515b52 1600 bones and its all yours.
  10. Galvanized Knight

    1975 Chinook + 1992 SR5 4x4 XtraCab?

    Just saw a 4x4 xcab for sale on my way to lunch . I stopped and took a few measurements . Wheelbase 122" +/- rear of cab to center of rear axle 34.5" +/- . Definitely a shortbed. looks like you have about 10" 's to make up. How much are you going to pay for the 1975'?
  11. Galvanized Knight

    1975 Chinook + 1992 SR5 4x4 XtraCab?

    I can only assume that he has a short bed. The Newport does have a frame that extends out the rear to support the drop floor,bumper and the extra 6" in length over the pop top model. 73-74 pop top's had no rear extension bracket. the bumpers (split bumper) was just mounted to the under side of the rear of the couch. 75-78 pop top's have a frame under the rear section off the truck frame but its sole purpose is to mount the bumper too. I believe Jeff will need to increase his wheelbase to fit the Chinook properly. This would mean cutting and extending the frame between the rear axle and the cab. If he does have a long bed he'll have way less to do and it'll look like a 4x4 version of the picture above. I hope he doesn't have to cut anything. As far as Chinook way being Mickey Mouse, I don't think so. They were trying to build and sell the most inexpensive RV in history. I think the pop top were in a sub 5000$ class. They did what they could with there budget targets. 73-74 didn't even have a steel frame in the fiberglass shell! Not sure what the Newport/omegas sold for?? Jeff what is the dimension from the back of your cab to the center of your rear axle?
  12. Galvanized Knight

    1975 Chinook + 1992 SR5 4x4 XtraCab?

    1. Do you know of anyone who has mated a Chinook to a '92 4x4 SR5 XtraCab ? This is an Xcab longbed 2wd. In July I 'am starting a 1991 regular cab 4x4 longbed V6 Chinook conversion for a friend. 2. What is the distance from the rear of the cab to the centre of the rear axle? 44" Chinook's had a 110" wheel base 3. How many bolts to mount the coach to the frame? 6 into the frame 1 in the center rear of the cab. On My 1980 I deleted the cab bolt and added 2 mounts on the frame as close to the cab as possible. 4. What springs are recommended for the rear? Will I need to upgrade the rear axle? For the 1991 project I'll be having custom 1 maybe 1.25 ton springs made for it. I'll add air bags as well. I tried adding leafs in the past it kind of works but having a beefier main top leaf is key. A Chinook fill with gear and a passenger weighs 830kg (1830lbs) on the front axle and 1400kg (3090lbs) on the rear axle. 5. Anything else I should know? Planning and measuring is key. Extending the frame can be a huge job; it includes; brake lines, fuel lines, gas tank mounts, e brake cables, wiring, drive shaft and the frame itself. I will be posting my July build on here, I plan on documenting it very thoroughly. maybe there will be some helpful things for you on there? Thanks Lance
  13. Galvanized Knight

    2013 Toyota Chinook Newport Kootenay Edition

    Which part of Montana do you hail from? With all the Chinook-ers Between Kalispell and Spokane we should try to have a rally around this area sometime.
  14. Galvanized Knight

    2013 Toyota Chinook Newport Kootenay Edition

    Here is some of the loading up pictures. I had some video too but my camera was shooting in some compact mode so they were pretty low resolution(120p). At first I was very worried about the trip home, but after Kalispell I realized it was towing nice and really stable. http://s1161.photobucket.com/user/galvanizedknight/media/LoadingToyotaChinookNewport4x4projectbuild1_zpsd206fd2e.jpg.html'> Hitching up the Newport on a skidoo trailer to the front receiver of Kevin's diesel. http://s1161.photobucket.com/user/galvanizedknight/media/LoadingToyotaChinookNewport4x4projectbuild2_zps9771f22a.jpg.html'> Loaded but too much angle to release the 2"ball. http://s1161.photobucket.com/user/galvanizedknight/media/LoadingToyotaChinookNewport4x4projectbuild3_zps596c7854.jpg.html'> Now to ramp up the truck to level out the hitch so we can release the 2" ball. http://s1161.photobucket.com/user/galvanizedknight/media/LoadingToyotaChinookNewport4x4projectbuild4_zpsa74db70f.jpg.html'> Chinook on a trailer, on a trailer... http://s1161.photobucket.com/user/galvanizedknight/media/LoadingToyotaChinookNewport4x4projectbuild5_zpse9042896.jpg.html'> Only 11'5" tall http://s1161.photobucket.com/user/galvanizedknight/media/LoadingToyotaChinookNewport4x4projectbuild7_zps9e00a522.jpg.html'> Kevin passing the torch and I am passing on some Kokanee s.
  15. Galvanized Knight

    2013 Toyota Chinook Newport Kootenay Edition

    The Chinook Newport was picked up Whitefish MT The Chinook pop-top was picked up in Kalispell MT I drove them both home to Creston BC on Saturday night. Made it to the boarder at ten to eleven (closing time) The heightest point on my trailer was 11'5" tall .The Newport had all of it's glass removed so there wasn't much wind resistance. The more I think of this project the more I think it's going to need a slide and a full opening rear hatch (like some sunraders) GK