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  1. Hello, I hope I'm not bothering you ; I just picked up a 1990 6cyl. Toyota RV , and I need to be ''educated'' on it. I live in Qualicum bch, and I hope to find other toy. owners near me that can school me on all the systems , and maybe show me some ways to improve my unit, I would be grateful for any help , or advice. Thank you  Joe

    1. cruisecontrol


      Hi, I’m also the owner of a 1990 v6 slumber queen, still ironing out its various issues. Do you happen to know the height of yours, including the a/c unit if you have one?

      thanks, and I hope you are enjoying yours in this hot summer we are having!

      I’m in Vancouver !

  2. Ron 'n Sue

    Sliding Windows

    Anybody know the best way to clean the tracks for the sliding windows? They are pretty sticky. The galley one even has some moss on it?
  3. Ron 'n Sue

    My mechanic burned my RV to the ground today

    What do you mean your own gas station on board! The posted pics show the front of the r.v. Burning first. Nothing burning at the back bumper area. What really started this fire? Ask the fire dept. to investigate, because something just doesn't, add up when you look at the pics. And the insurance companies will look at those pics. Good luck to you.
  4. Ron 'n Sue

    Average age of Toy owners?

    We might be older than anybody! 77 and 74. We bought our rig in 2010. Last summer we did a nine week trip from Vancouver Island to Ontario and back with no unpleasant incidents. Thought we should do it before we got too old. Did the Walmart thing many nights, then camped out in relatives' driveways and yards. Wonderful trip up through Jasper, then down to Edmonton for Canada Day. Total round trip was 12,000 kms
  5. Ron 'n Sue

    Roof Leak

    When we first got our '92 Winnebago Warrior, in July 2010, we called Winnebago to ask about the roof. a: aluminum Then how to treat it? The answer was apply a good coat of wax. Do not wrap it over the off season. We're not sure what was used to caulk the edges, but whatever it is seems to be holding up. X-ing our fingers that it lasts. Ron 'n Sue in Toy-Rig
  6. Ron 'n Sue

    Another funny Forum question.

    Our Winnebago Warrier is named Toy-Rig. Originally thought of Tuareg - a nomadic tribe in N. Africa, but then decided Toy-Rig was more appropriate. Ron & Suzanne
  7. OMG! Don't tell me this! Same situation exists with the 1994 Plymouth Voyager! Never heard that problem exists on the Warrior - ours is '92.

  8. Ron 'n Sue

    Vancouver Island Toy-In

    Great time had by all who attended the Toy-In at Living Forest on Vancouver Island - June 23, 24, 25 & 26.
  9. Toy-in June 24,25,26 on Vancouver Island, British Columbia at Living Forest Campground near Nanaimo. You take the Duke Point ferry from Tswassan.

  10. Where is the rally?

  11. Where is the rally?

  12. Consider using two six volt batteries wire to produce 12 volts. Need measurements for battery box, and I use Trojan Batteries.

  13. Consider using two six volt batteries wire to produce 12 volts. Need measurements for battery box, and I use Trojan Batteries.

  14. We have a '92 Warrior (or '91 depending on where you look). One question we haven't been able to resolve is whether the coach battery charges the house battery when you are driving. Don't think so, as the manual seems to indicate no connection. Anybody know for sure? And how to find out.

  15. Ron 'n Sue


    Thanks everybody for the ideas. The problem is solved, for the moment. The new city water fixture is coming and we'll see what happens when we try to install it. All the answers have been good ones, and it just goes to show how we can help each other out in this community. Ron 'n Sue in our Winnebago, Tuareg.