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  1. You can get rear back-up cameras for under $100 now and they are worth there weight in gold! When it comes to parking, you can usually find two empty spaces at the end of the lot and pull straight through so you don't have to back up at all just have to walk a little further.
  2. wickerman

    Battery Charging

    Thanks everybody! I just wanted to double check as I was not 100% sure would hate to hear a loud (aka expensive) bang,
  3. wickerman

    Battery Charging

    I have a 1991 Toyota Warrior and want to know if I can hook the "truck" battery to a charger while the coach is hooked to 110 shore power?
  4. I would like to see a picture of that.
  5. wickerman

    New Larger vs. 2nd Tank

    Where did you get the second fuel tank? Was it a retrofit from another vehicle or was it custom made to fit the space. I would love to have the ability to have to extra range when I wanted it.
  6. wickerman

    Winslow, AZ to Yellowstone National Park

    Sounds like a nice trip.I really like reading trip reports it makes a nice brake from all of the tech posts.
  7. wickerman

    Oshgosh Air Show

    I guess the Toyhome hasn't reached the cult level of the VW bus yet. When I had my bus I had people wave me down just to tell me they had one 20 years ago.
  8. wickerman

    90 mini winnie 321 rb

    On my 91 Warrior there are 2 ring pulls located under the couch on the drivers side to drain the tank. They are little hard to find the first time.
  9. wickerman

    Solar panels

    http://www.affordable-solar.com/admin/product_doc/Doc_KD135GX-LP_20080207162002.pdf http://hackingfamily.com/cruise_info/Equipment/SolarPanels.htm http://www.solarpanelsplus.com/solar-panels/large-insolation-map.html
  10. wickerman

    Watching TV while boondocking

    Just wanted to let everyone know of another option if you have a laptop and wifi. I get Netflix for $8.99 a month which gets me 1 dvd out at a time by mail, but also gives me full unlimited access to their streaming content. While this does not include the newest releases it does have thousands of movies in all categories.
  11. wickerman

    chinook camper onto 4x4 truck help.

    No experience but here are a few links that may be of some interest: http://thesupercampe...0&max-results=9 http://toyotamotorho...p?showtopic=206
  12. wickerman

    What have I got myself into?

    The tv antenna will work fine. Any of the newer tvs have a built in digital converter, if you use an older tv you will need the digital converter box to pick up stations.
  13. wickerman

    Outer Banks NC

    Never been there but here are links to order free guides by mail: http://www.outerbankschamber.com/request.cfm http://www.outerbanks.org/ http://www.visitob.com/outer_banks/tostay/campgrounds.htm
  14. wickerman

    Tail Light Conversion

    Turtle I have noticed that you have allot of great info and pictures on many different projects and upgrades.I was wondering if you had an index or main page for them as toymike.com only has one link on it.