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  1. You can get rear back-up cameras for under $100 now and they are worth there weight in gold! When it comes to parking, you can usually find two empty spaces at the end of the lot and pull straight through so you don't have to back up at all just have to walk a little further.
  2. wickerman

    90 mini winnie 321 rb

    On my 91 Warrior there are 2 ring pulls located under the couch on the drivers side to drain the tank. They are little hard to find the first time.
  3. wickerman

    chinook camper onto 4x4 truck help.

    No experience but here are a few links that may be of some interest: http://thesupercampe...0&max-results=9 http://toyotamotorho...p?showtopic=206
  4. wickerman

    What have I got myself into?

    The tv antenna will work fine. Any of the newer tvs have a built in digital converter, if you use an older tv you will need the digital converter box to pick up stations.
  5. wickerman

    1990 Sunrader Restoration

    Looks great. I like the that you have "trip reports" as well as projects.
  6. wickerman

    help finding a toyota odyssey on NADA

    National RV made the Dolphin. Leisure Odyssey made the Odyssey.
  7. wickerman

    help finding a toyota odyssey on NADA

    The NADA prices are pretty unrealistic anyway. I looked up my 1992 Warrior in NADA and it was valued at about half the amount I paid for it. Of course you can use the NADA as a tool to help get a little better price. If are looking to get a better idea of the real going prices I think your time would be better spent doing some internet research. Check ebay, craigstlist,yahoo toyota-campers,google ect. for Toys that are currently for sale as well as recently sold.
  8. wickerman

    House battery charging

    Sounds like it may be the battery isolator.
  9. wickerman

    Tires - Load Range C and D capabilities

    I would think that the ride stiffness would have more to do with the tire pressure than the extra plys in a D rated tire. I have seen a lot of discussion regarding the bet psi to run the d rated tires at for best ride and performance.
  10. wickerman

    Tires - Load Range C and D capabilities

    I guess they mean in dual use the load limit should be 1765 lb. per tire not 1850 lb. per tire.
  11. wickerman

    Tires - Load Range C and D capabilities

    I have the Yokohama Y356 tires D load rated. The tire reads single load 1850 lb. dual load 1765 lb. at 65 psi cold. Funny I would have thought dual would have carried more load than a single.
  12. wickerman

    Tire pressure

    When I went to look for tires no store in town had or could order any proper spec tires, although a few tried to sell me trailer tires which are not intended for passenger cars.I have heard of people that run trailer tires but I figured if was already forking out for a set why go cheap. I found Tirerack.com had them and was happy with their service. http://www.tirerack.com/tires/TireSearchResults.jsp?width=185%2F&ratio=80&diameter=14&x=10&y=3
  13. wickerman

    Tire pressure

    Check to make sure you have the proper D load rated tires first. I have the Yokohama Y356 tires and run 55 psi in the front and 65 psi in the rear.
  14. wickerman

    Fair Price?

    The nada prices are low. I looked up my 1992 Warrior and it showed $5,475-$6,643 for a value, but $8,000-$12,000 would be more accurate.
  15. wickerman

    Fair Price?

    Here is a link to the nada price guide for National built Toys: http://www.nadaguides.com/default.aspx?LI=1-25-38-5692-0-0-0&l=1&w=25&p=38&f=5694&gc=RV&gtc=MH&m=0258&y=1988&ml=N