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  1. evereste

    Just bought a 76 Chinook Pop top

    Damn.. Thank you Linda....U could not find one for less than $116..I owe you a few beverages and lunches.
  2. evereste

    Just bought a 76 Chinook Pop top

    Lights all work..just no Blink ..I really need a manual for the 76...
  3. evereste

    Just bought a 76 Chinook Pop top

    Still no luck with 'flasher' tho' we did get the HORN to work... I'm also still struggling to get the cabin lights to work.. two mechanics and a buddy are flummoxed too..I did manage to fix the roof tho', replacing the rods did the trick...
  4. evereste

    Just bought a 76 Chinook Pop top

    Oh. I will keep them and when the day comes...will include them in the sale...That will be a long way off tho' as I've wanted a Chinook for years after a trip in our Dolphin in Utah.. I saw one and fell in love...
  5. evereste

    Just bought a 76 Chinook Pop top

    Wow..Thank you ALL for the info...You rule!
  6. evereste

    Just bought a 76 Chinook Pop top

    The fibreglass is great..just the roof and I found a friend to help me out...so, hoping it won't be too big a job. We just flushed the engine and put a new oil filter on.. and it seems to run quite well.. I'm thinking of taking out the bunk beds, they really are a pain to set up... The interior is in good shape for its age...I do have to put a new lock on, and hoping to make a decent bed for it... I'm pretty stoked..I don't know much about engines..It has 5 speed 20 R engine, hoping that's a positive thing for power and MPG..No blinkers nor heating tho...so, a few things to try to figure out...I'm pretty stoked tho...I cannot find the blinker 'flasher' switch tho'..and I've torn the whole dash apart..why would a previous owner dismantle such a thing? Hmnn oh well..I need a manual...
  7. It needs work.. but, for $900 seems it might be worth the effort... There's a big gash in roof...the driver side body has taken a hit..but, it all seems to be working and it's pretty much factory...I'll upload pics and ask questions...I'M back!
  8. thought about this..they aren't tall enough..do need about two foot ideally and of course those ramps would be pricey and difficult to move...wood seems to be the answer
  9. hmmn..I read the 84 toy was 3,500 lIb's... I did remove ac and fridge... I did just try railway sleepers and 2X4's and seems pretty solid, it rolled forward, up the slope (so to speak), maybe that's the way to go? The rear would be elevated ideally...but I can switch it round too... my concern is that, there might be too much burden on some area..
  10. I intend to move it about once a week...I can reverse into driveway or drive in frontwards (which I usually do)..I just measured and about a foot anf half would work too...I'm guessing the rear of the toy is the lightest?
  11. My driveway is concrete and is at an angle, I'd like to build a ramp to get the dolphin level so, I can use as a small office...any recommendations or advice would be appreciated..Thanks
  12. well, keep in mind, i've removed the heavier stuff, carry no water and in my tests average 17 mpg.... 20 mpg LA to San Fran, the 5, so not much climbing I'll confess... I'll test again this weekend, have a 120 mile round trip... will use the empty tank.. put 5 gallons in and post results...