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  1. evereste

    Just bought a 76 Chinook Pop top

    Damn.. Thank you Linda....U could not find one for less than $116..I owe you a few beverages and lunches.
  2. evereste

    Just bought a 76 Chinook Pop top

    Lights all work..just no Blink ..I really need a manual for the 76...
  3. evereste

    Just bought a 76 Chinook Pop top

    Still no luck with 'flasher' tho' we did get the HORN to work... I'm also still struggling to get the cabin lights to work.. two mechanics and a buddy are flummoxed too..I did manage to fix the roof tho', replacing the rods did the trick...
  4. evereste

    Just bought a 76 Chinook Pop top

    Oh. I will keep them and when the day comes...will include them in the sale...That will be a long way off tho' as I've wanted a Chinook for years after a trip in our Dolphin in Utah.. I saw one and fell in love...
  5. evereste

    Just bought a 76 Chinook Pop top

    Wow..Thank you ALL for the info...You rule!
  6. evereste

    Just bought a 76 Chinook Pop top

    The fibreglass is great..just the roof and I found a friend to help me out...so, hoping it won't be too big a job. We just flushed the engine and put a new oil filter on.. and it seems to run quite well.. I'm thinking of taking out the bunk beds, they really are a pain to set up... The interior is in good shape for its age...I do have to put a new lock on, and hoping to make a decent bed for it... I'm pretty stoked..I don't know much about engines..It has 5 speed 20 R engine, hoping that's a positive thing for power and MPG..No blinkers nor heating tho...so, a few things to try to figure out...I'm pretty stoked tho...I cannot find the blinker 'flasher' switch tho'..and I've torn the whole dash apart..why would a previous owner dismantle such a thing? Hmnn oh well..I need a manual...
  7. It needs work.. but, for $900 seems it might be worth the effort... There's a big gash in roof...the driver side body has taken a hit..but, it all seems to be working and it's pretty much factory...I'll upload pics and ask questions...I'M back!
  8. I switched on the generator on my 83 Dolphin, it makes so much noise, I mean intolerable, is this typical? I can't imagine anyone enduring this no matter the circumstance... It maybe needs a service?
  9. removing fridge in dolphin?

    1. 90toydolphin


      take it out through the front passenger door. remove seat, 4 bolts, it's a tight fit but will come out. i had to remove the steps to the upper bunk as well. even had to put the sun visor against the window, but it will come out :o)

    2. evereste


      Thank you very much, I did that and it was a lot easier than I anticipated... I'm now going to try to remove stove, trying to lessen the weight as I have a 8,000 mile trip planned in August. I took off the ac on the roof (It didn't work anyway) I'm removing cabinets as well. I figured a two grill burner will be plenty.

      It looks and feels so much better already. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks again.

  10. evereste

    1 year on and a newbie pops in

    Oh and we leave for Zion natl pk on Monday... Thanks to everyone here for helping me make a great decision and ALL the brilliant tips and advice.
  11. We've had our Dolphin about a year... It's been the best purchase our growing family (almost 5 kids) and Jack Russel has ever made. Trips to Squim in Washington, mammoth Lakes in Nth Cal, New years eve at the grand canyon!An acoustic tour with just me and muy guitar friend. Cal. Az, Tx and Washington.. It's been used as a dressing room on many local band dates, I've slept in it after a few too many beers after shows. And when it gets too hot at home. I take off to cool down... We use it all summer at the beach, cooking abd kicking back. We've just taken off and exited at random exits, ended up driving way off the beaten track on railroad and farm roads. in the middle of nowhere with just us and the stars... just thought I'd drop in.-)
  12. evereste

    HELP!! Driving through Northen California

    Wise... and very true.
  13. evereste

    HELP!! Driving through Northen California

    We struggled over the Grapevine (Pyramid lake?) going to Los Angeles, like 15-20 mph, mind you it is a VERY long climb that runs for miles. I doubt going to Denver from LA on that very steep mountain ( can't recall the area) to 11,000 feet. would see us do any better. It's Dolphin, stick, 4cyl... I may have my mountain stats wrong but... Oh my older VW vanagon camper went 11mph up the Colorado mountain... my latest one did it at 45mph, it;s a stick too,,,
  14. evereste


    Found the foam thread, thanks for the great tips guys.
  15. evereste

    84 Dolphin Restoration

    Anyone have a source for foam, our local place wanted $500!!! Is this what foam costs?? I may just watch CL for sikea sofas that get thrown out, I know they use foam...