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  1. yeah gypsy sign me up... i will buy some of that from you... the stuff thats been going around here sucks... whats that? oh you dont sell it? well i have a box of snickers bars a hacky sack and a couple grateful dead bootlegs i will trade you... hahahha just jokin man... i remember one time our basement flooded and there was yellow fungi that looked like slimy seaweed growing on everything... no matter what you got it could almost always be worse... least your tire didnt blow out and take out the entire wiring harness like that other poor guy here on the forum... frankly... i am more scared of driving my yoda after seeing and hearing these horror stories... it would be ironic if grass grew on the floor of my coach as mine is lined in astroturf... now you got me wondering if the grass isnt greener on the far side of the fridge... ?
  2. so i am thinking about getting a stage 2 because it seems to have WAY beefier specs (HP and holding power)for just a few dollars more than the stage one... would you guys still recommend the stage 1? if so why? most of these other clutches say they only fit vehicles made after 8/84 how do i find out if my 84 was made earlier than that? the stage 2 im looking at (eClutchMasters) allegedly fits an 81-88 toyota pickup... but it does not come with a flywheel so i will need to get mine resurfaced or cough up 80-100 bucks MORE for a new flywheel... the guy helping me has flipped over 150 cars in his spare time as a steel worker and he is only 36... I know he knows how to do the repair but he has no knowledge of these "yodahomes" and i want to show up with the right stuff fit to tow all that extra weight up and down some serious hills...when we get the new clutch on i expect it to be a drastic improvement from the prior one... thanks for your help guys without the forum i would be lost on this
  3. i have no idea how long the OEM clutch lasted... and i assume we are talking about OEM for a 1984 Toyota Pickup w 22R ??? I have no idea if that is the same orig equipment as is on a motorhome... i appreciate any and all responses... thanks for all of your help!
  4. ok so as you may recall... my clutch died... I finally worked up the money to replace the clutch and a trusted friend/mechanic is going to help me with the repair... I have looked at every clutch from OEM Toyota Kits that include the flywheel shipped for $160 http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...em=350183635878 To Racing clutches (some say they wear out faster because they are expected to be replaced more often?) http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...em=170314355655 To "Heavy Duty" Jegs and Zoom Clutches for $200.00 - 400.00 http://shop.advanceautoparts.com/webapp/wc...06_282213013___ I need some good advice fast guys My yodahome has been stuck on a street in another town for weeks and its got to go! if you find the one I should get please send me a link... oh yeah my total budget for the whole repair is 300.00 !!!!! S.O.S.
  5. its the bold sentence that scares me the most. but that post is VERY helpful... thank you i cant wait to get this repair going... its causing me too much undue stress sitting there broke down
  6. well im usually the guy that if that part is that hard to get to... then im going to put the best new one that i can get within reason in... i hope to get an upgrade... wish i knew how to search for the part... what to look for... ?
  7. better yet... what clutch from what vehicle do i need? any 22r clutch? i doubt its that easy.... look for one for an 84 toy truck?
  8. oh wow! its totalled... TOTALLY... BUT... sucker i am i will probably start saving and try my hardest to fix it... although thats REALLY AWFUL news... I sure appreciate your honesty... can you give me a rough estimate? what if i do the work? what will the parts cost?
  9. YES! thanks for the reply... was revving extra hard and i smelled "burning wire smell" and then all of the sudden.... no matter what gear i put it in there was NO movement.... i pulled the lid off the slave cyl and there was still some fluid in there so i dont know if it could be the slave or not but it was about 2/3 full when i popped the cap off...
  10. so i have an 84 dolphin with a hydraulic clutch... anyone have any idea how i should start with replacing my clutch? is there a particular clutch that i should upgrade to while im on it? is it possible its just the slave cylinder? how can i know? what does the job entail? do i have to seperate the bell housing? im scared guys i had spring plans for my rig and now im struggling for the money i need to fix it... any help would be greatly appreciated... I bet it would drive GREAT with a new clutch.
  11. good for you new kid! (erly) i like the chinooks... that lower profile makes it more versatile and easier to drive... more mobile! My 84 dolphin had to be towed today... clutch died out of nowhere... BUMMER! welcome to the greatest SMALL forum on the internet... very nice and helpful folk here... they think im weird but im not arguing that... good luck with the new ride..... SO MUCH FUN!
  12. its worth about 400.00... but I will give you 500.00 and we can call it a day... or if you like i have a ford pinto wagon with a short fuse that i could throw in to ignite the deal... but seriously... I would say that that rig is easily worth at least (198)9 x 1000 = $9,000.00 but being a late model sunrader... could be worth more... my knowledge of yodahome pricing is limited to pre-1985 models seems like it gets trickier putting a price on the newer ones... watch ebay/craigslist ... they do come up for sale in similar condition but so far no trades on my pinto wagon....
  13. wow i would beat somebody up to drive a sunrader that nice... u better hope i never find you at a campground! lol just joking thats a terrible joke... besides i might get beat up! but its really cool what you have done. looks fantastic. I would sell everything i owned and explore national forests if i had that rig.
  14. Hi Steve,... had zero experience with motorhome renovation and i jumped right in to tearing out water damage on a 83 dolphin i had... they are constructed very simply once you (CAREFULLY) tear out the damage it becomes evident that these are made of 1"x2" soft-wood ribbing with 1/8 paneling on top... wherever i found water damage i upgraded the ribbing with oak stock of the same dimensions... and even threw in some extra support bracing do you have experience with any kind of woodwork, construction? I personally just used these tools... 1. nice drill... i prefer corded. 2. tape measure... 3. pencil 4. miter box ( i used a 20 dollar hand-saw/miter box not a power saw) 5. screwdrivers 6. occasional wrenches, sockets 7. MUSIC Maestro! 8 RECRUITED FRIENDS TO WORK! (use the old tom sawyer tactic: convince them how much fun it is and they will actually take the brush and finish painting the fence for you... or repair your yodahome...) 9. USE A NOTEBOOK to sketch out the configurations of wiring paths and anything else you will need to remember, measurements etc... BEFORE you start CAREFULLY dismantling your interior... i have about 2% of the knowledge that some of the people on this forum have... im sure they will be willing to help you out... TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES. before, during and after... showing us pictures of the damage really helps people to give you the tips that you need to do your best. also.... the window seals on these things have been compared to boat repair... you must replace the (BUTYL TAPE) seals every 5 years or so... while the paneling is off is a great time to dismantle the windows and look at resealing them... never use silicon. only use butyl tape. available online or at rv supply shops... the same goes for your vents and escape hatch up top... man all of this is reminding me how much my yodahome needs this spring... have fun!
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