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  5. 1986 Sunrader 4X4 In the heat of Bakersfield, CA
  6. Hi guys, Couldn't find the link where to buy the medal timing chain guides. I gotta get on replacing also. Thanks Ken 1986 Sunrader 4x4
  7. Looked for topic but couldn' find it. Where can I find vinyl off to take my old stripes off Sunrader? Thanks, Ken
  8. This inverter came with my 1986 Sunrader. Does anybody have any info. on them? I also have solar panels up top that power my two Marine batteries for the coach. I mentioned in a earlier post that my batteries seem to be dead and even when hooked up to a generator I heard clicking noises every 30 seconds. My buddy is coming to check out the situation. He said he also will put in a "rectifyer" if I didn't have one?? Not sure how everything works together between engine battery, coach batteries, inverter, solar, and a possible recifyer. Anybody out there have the patients to try and explain? I'm going to attach a few pics of this inverter if I can get them to attach! I guess pics are to big?? It's a heart inverter. Thanks, Ken
  9. Thanks guys. Was told by RVDoc George in Sacto. that if I turn on thermostat and fan isn't kicking on it's a power issue. Haven't checked it out yet. Mucho rain in CA. We need it though! Taking off for Pismo Beach this Tues. and will play with it a little. When I came home my wife actually painted the inside and ordered new shades. Cleaning up. Now if I can get the body work done and same size 15" wheels and of course repainted all will be close. Please send $. Lots! Ken 1986 Sunrader 4x4
  10. Thanks guys for the suggestions. I did turn the thermostat to on. Going to Pismo for a couple of nights and will try with full hookup. I've been told to check a cylinoid but not sure where it is. How do you spell the dang thing!? Ken
  11. I have a 1986 Sunrader with a Hydroflame model 8516. Trying to find fuses, where the cylinoid is located. Won't ignite or fan not working. I've never started one of these. I turned on gas, set themostat to on, but nothing happened. Looks clean in there. Cheny cked wire connections and they look ok. Going to try and include some pics on this. Thanks for any suggestions, Ken
  12. OK, even though I can't afford it, I need to put a tranny cooler on. I have 109K on mine. Can I get suggestions on what kind / size of cooler, where to mount it, and what type of trans. temp gage to get. I'm no mechanic and need "directions for dummys" suggestions please. Can you give me a cost that you think I'll have to pay. Yes, someone else will be putting it in. Ken 1986 Toyota Sunrader 4X4
  13. fire362

    1986 Sunrader 4x4

    Fixing up little by little. Send $$. :)
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