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  1. Did not add the extra leaf. On a whim i disassembled the original leaf springs, removed a leaf and put the extra leaf i ordered in its place. Measured the arch before and after. 6 before and 7.25 after. Just adding the extra leaf from arb to your original springs, combined with air bags could be a low cost diy fix to “saggy butt”
  2. Just did something similar on mine while i had the axle out. I simply cut the rod about 2 inches past the valve and zip tied the rod to the valve. Tossed the rest in the scrap bin. There, 4 pounds lighter, no holes or brackets to make.
  3. Update. They work great. It’s about an inch higher that what i guessed was the original ride height. As my axle was riding on the bump stops it’s just a best guess what the original height was. Initially it looked to raise it up to much, but after a couple of short trips around town with no air in the bags it has settled quite a bit. The ride is much smoother than before and a lot of the sway is gone back there. K
  4. Springs not installed yet. Pulled the entire rear axle out for a complete rebuild and gear change. Makes sense to do all of it while things are apart back there. Couple more weeks and it should be done.
  5. Thanks linda, looked at those and they are only 5 leaves vs the 6 leaf pack that appear to be the original. Will keep ya posted as the install continues.
  6. It appears some here are thinking that these springs will drastically raise the height of the vehicle. It will not. Look at the first photo where the old and new springs are side by side. The old springs had lost their arch and the axle was riding on the bump stops. If those old springs were new, the arch would be similar. I’m guessing that because they are springs designed for the 4x4 trucks you think it will lift it up in the air like a monster truck. It won’t. I’m simply trying to find an off the shelf spring that will restore the ride back to as close to original as possible on a limited budget. Was quoted 800$ plus shipping to re arch the old springs and was told they they would last 4-5 years tops before needing it done again. This set up cost me 250$.
  7. Just took some measurements to compare the distance of the arch in the springs. Ran a straight edge from eye to eye on each spring and used a T square to measure the distance from that line to the center of the spring. The old springs 6.5 inches. The new springs 9.5. The old ones are shot, have lost their original arch to the point that the rear axle was on the bump stops. It’s my hope that these new springs will restore things to their original ride height.
  8. On a 4x4 the spring is mounted on top of the axle, on our rigs it is mounted on the bottom. That is the height difference.
  9. Yes they are springs sold to the 4x4 crowd. They are the exact same dimensions as the stock springs in terms of length and width. They also have an additional 440 pounds per spring load rating. Fingers crossed that this will be a good replacement. Will be a couple weeks before all goes back in. Will update as things move along.
  10. New member with a new to me 1986 Winnebago. In the process of rebuilding the entire front and rear suspension. Have been lurking here for a few weeks reading old posts about leaf springs and the costs of having them re arched. Some late nights going down the google rabbit holes led me to find what I’m hoping is an off the shelf, readily available replacement that doesn’t break the budget. Here is what i have found: http://www.arbusa.com/uploads/PDF/accessorizeYourRig/toyotaPickup.pdf the cs010r model springs listed in the above chart arrived this week at a cost of 112$ each with free shipping plus the required bushings. They have 7 leaves vs the stock springs 6. They also have the option of adding an additional leaf which i ordered as well just in case. Don’t think they will be needed but waiting until after the install to see how they look and ride. Attaching some photos of new vs old springs side by side
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