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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 8 results

  1. I found this dolphin for sale and it is in great condition, however it is listed for pretty cheap. After doing some research I found some things about recalls on the axles of 1984 and prior and some of the 1985’s. This one is a 1985 and I was wondering if anyone could tell from the looks of it if it’s a recall or not. If so, would it be a bad decision to buy and is there any way it could be fixed?
  2. Last month I bought my first rv, a 1985 Toyota dolphin. i managed to get a really great price on a account that it has the 5 lug axle. For the past month I have been searching for a 6 lug in north California area. I have found a ff one ton close by from a Nissan Uhaul truck, the owner has two dolphins himself and tells me it will fit. I was wondering if any one can confirm if it will be a straight bolt in fit with no mods ? I’m not a mechanic but I’m considering taking on the job myself. Any advice or links to info about doing the work would also be appreciate. ?
  3. Hi All! My first post and it'll probably be a doozy! I've been reading this forum for years but only as a lurker. So, let me get down to business. I own a 1988 rear bath Dolphin which has developed a problem which I've searched for the answer to and cannot find, so hopefully someone knows the answer. Both of the corners on the front of the house have popped out from the moulding. They're out about an inch. These are the uprights behind the cab doors I'm talking about. Looking at the passenger's side I can see what I think I need to do which is this: remove the house door, replace anything that's rotten, reseat. Correct? As to the driver's side, I'm not sure how to proceed as it isn't as accessible. Also, poking around with a knife in the separation, what is exposed doesn't appear to be rotten. Doesn't mean it isn't, I realize. When I got this there was a small gap at the top of the driver's side moulding which I've kept caulked but it got larger in a very short period of time. Prior to my getting the Dolphin, it had been stored inside for many years and the area around the overhead bed appears to be solid. Since this happened, I've kept it out of the weather. Anybody have any idea what I'm up against? Has anyone experienced this? Thanks for your input! It's really appreciated.
  4. restoring my 86' dolphin i run into these wheel trims as im gonna clean my tires and wheels. I was wondering if there was any additional purpose to these besides cosmetic. Thanks for answering all my random questions. OH and if somebody is interested in the bike rack in the picture you can have it for free since i have no use for it It's pretty beat up but with a good cleaning and some 50 cent foam padding it can look new again.
  5. Hi all, I'm full timing it in my van for several years now. I've gotten used to living with no running water and electric. My rig is basically just a bed and place to store my things. Simple. But not very comfortable. On the upside I don't have water tanks or appliances to worry about. I push my travels so there are occasional freezing night temps. I go to the gym or use couchsurfing to shower. I winter in warm areas and head north in summer. I have a 1992 Dodge Ram B250. It's well maintained. But needs it's second rebuilt transmission. With 121,000 I'm thinking this may be time to upgrade to a new rig. A friend turned me onto the Toyota Dolphin. I'm also learning about some other popular models: Winnebago, Sunrader, Itasca, etc. Everyone seems to have a favorite floorplan. I was unaware of the debate over fiberglass vs. aluminum body. It seems to be mostly about leaks and noise. I'd prefer a V4 for the better gas mileage, but a V6 would be OK. Though I am concerned with statements here that the V6 is less reliable?? Well maintained, how many miles can I expect from a Toyota V6 engine? I was originally considering mid 1980s models around $5k. But I've looked at some well maintained 1990s models around $10k. I'd like your opinions on a V6 1992 Dolphin with 102k miles on it. Owner asking $10k, but would probably take $8k. Well maintained mechanically with lots of extras. No leaks that I can tell. But high mileage concerns me. I put on about 15k miles a year. Would I be lucky to get another 10 years of use? What would my maintenance costs be? Would like to hear any and all thoughts. Thanks.
  6. I'm looking for a way to boost my Verizon mifi's reception using the roof antenna. i found one way which is using a Pringles can but it seems like this boosts the wifi on my laptop not the Verizon mifi. any ideas.... Thanks
  7. 1st question: there's a lever on the driver side in between the door and seat. its some type of off and on gas lever. seems to lead to the sink in the kitchen and the other side leads to the radiator... i'm guessing its a way of using hot water without the heater.. is this custom? and how do i work it?? 2nd question: i have a over the stove extractor that was removed from my toyota by previous owner and well now it seems unlikely that he took it off from where it belongs. see there's 2 white cables over where the extractor goes ( i know it goes there because that where the vent is and it fits perfectly in the vent hole) but on the top of the extractor those cables are black and white. ground and live wire i think. please help me determine how to plug in i tried plugging it in every way possible and the extractor wont turn on. sorry if i didn't explain too well..
  8. just getting an idea of how much propane gas i will be buying. i plan on going full time in a few months. i will probable use it for a total of 2hrs a day. and i think its a 5 gallon tank. thanks
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