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Found 5 results

  1. So right now I'm a long-haul trucker. I live in the state of Missouri and my rig (Damon escaper 1984 22R carbureted).I need to do a lot of upgrades but I do not have a shop. I need to even do an engine swap or upgrade the motor .a lot of suspension work. And some upgrades to the interior (none of the water works right ,I don't know if the propane system works, and fixing replacing some water damage)I would love to do all the upgrades myself but at the current moment I cannot. Anybody recommend a shops that I can take it to within a few states.
  2. Hello All, I have owned my 87 Dolphin for a whopping 3 weeks! Very excited and want to do right by The Beast. I need to get an initial tune up done and go over the automotive systems with a mechanic who knows the 22RE well, and has an appropriate lift. I am in Southern California in the Oxnard area. Can anyone steer me to an excellent fellow/gal who doesn't mind (and is able to) converse about what s/he finds? I am a basic shade tree mechanic going back to my original vehicle of choice in the 80-something little pick up truck genre. The gender divide is tedious and I'd love to
  3. I just bought a '75 Toyota Chinook, and I'm about to embark on a cross-country trip, taking it from San Francisco back home to Maryland. I'm looking to connect with others who can give advice and practical tips for my journey! And..... recommendations for awesome Toyota mechanics along my trip in case anything goes down. The truck is in great condition, with lots of work to the engine over the last 2 drivers (and records for past 10 years). I have some super basic maintenance skills. Knowing that this is a 40year-old truck, and knowing that I haven't owned it that long, I'm predicting I'm
  4. Need a turbo installed in my 1986 toy home. Mine went bad. 22ret. Any recommendations out there for a mechanic in the Vancouver/Squamish area? thanks!
  5. In the next month or six weeks I'm going to need to get my brakes done on my 18 foot, 1984 Sunrader. I have no place to do the work myself other than a very dusty driveway. I live about 30 miles north of Klamath Falls, Oregon, so would hope to get it done in the general area. Klamath Falls would be my 1st choice, Medford (80 miles away) #2, Bend (110 miles) #3. Any recommendations of shops/mechanics would be appreciated! What is a fair price to pay for a good, complete job? Thanks, Steve
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